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XYZ Insurance Services Ltd
Suite C Grover House, Grover Walk
SS17 7LS
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With 25 years experience in the Insurance Brokers industry, XYZ Insurance Services Ltd provides insurance services to customers throughout the UK. Established in 2008, the business is based in Corringham (Stanford-le-hope).
The firm provides their client's with a professional broking service and has a web address xyz. Insurancecouk. The expert staff ensure clients have piece of mind at a competative premium. The service is intended to be cost effective whilst not scrimping on service every time.

10 customer reviews

North Shields
20 May 2014
I cancelled my policy nearly month and half ago and still waiting on refund after numerous phone calls, just for them to say in hands of our finance department. They are quick enough to demand and received payment from myself. I would never deal with these crooks ever again.. Oh yes I was on policy for 2 months to then be charged 300 pound for that period absolute rip off.
Company response : Dear Mr Little. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. As explained to you over the telephone; Insurers refund us on a monthly statement due to high transaction numbers not individually. You cancelled your policy in April, we will receive your funds from the Insurer the following month on account and refund you immediately. We are not responsible for the amount of 'Time on Risk' charged by your insurers but you were provided with these details prior to incepting a policy. You have called twice and we have explained this to you twice. This hardly makes us crooks. But thank you for your opinion.
12 Apr 2014
Disgusted !! Time waster!! Awful!! Went for an taxi insurance with them. Told them all my details over the phone and negotiate a good price with them if I buy the policy now. Which I agreed. They told me they call me back next day to finalize the deal. Waited for call back but didn't, ended me calling them. When finally got through, they up the original quote. Saying that they got me down as was married and a home owner!! I would never say that had original recording of conversation!! Beware!! Read More
Company response : Dear Mr Van, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Your online quotation came through as you being married and a homeowner for which Insurers sometimes discount the rate. We check details before placing people on cover. If the quotation form comes through with different information to that confirmed over the phone unfortunately the rate is likely to change. We discovered this before you went on cover due to our diligence and therefore preventing you from losing ANY money.
14 Nov 2013
I had to use their approved glass replacement company which could not find my policy details, i tried talking to xyz whom where unable to help as apparantly it had nothing to do with them. XYZ will not call the window specialist nor provide me with the insurance number just to comfirm I have apolicy with them.

It has been nearly two weeks since my claim and my van is still sitting with broken glass.

I am seriously considering repairing it my self and cancelling my policy even though I will lose out I will know im insured.

Please avoid this company as they just want to take your money and forget about you.
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Company response : Dear Mr Nadeem. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review.
XYZ are an intermediary not an Insurer and as such we do not have an approved repairer or arbitrate claims. This is handled by the Insurance Company. When you contacted us regarding a claim; we did explain this and gave you the telephone number for your Insurer to initiate a claim.
Its not that we do not want to help you, we believed we had by provding you with the phone number and information you needed to contact your Insurer. It is your Insurer that provides the actualy cover and deals with all claims. We are very happy to assist where possible at all times. We can speak to your Insurer to find out why there is a delay and i have arranged for an operator to call you to discuss this in more detail. Unfortunately we can not instruct third parties on behalf of your insurer as we do not have the authority to do so.
Thank you
15 Apr 2013
I have been taking out minibus insurance for almost 2 decades and this is the worst company I have ever had the miss fortune to use. After taking out insurance and confirming my business name v5 docs, mot, both licences and 9 years no claims bonus earned on my minibus in my name for business use. Long story sort, after I got my documents threw I noticed my no claims bonus was for a private car, I called them straight away and informed them of there mistake but then received a call saying they would not accept my no claims bonus as it was in my name not my business name (T/A company) and the wanted to put a extra charge on or they would cancel the policy and charge me a third of the policy over £300 to cancel it for less than a months cover. STAY WELL CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY. Thank you for your response, but it was you that put me down as a private car no claims bonus not me and the no claims was used on my business vehicle in my name as i am the main driver as explained to you several times. Call recording has been offered and asked to be sent to us to pass to the ombudsman but still waiting on it. We are just lucky we can pass this to our legal team and the ombudsman and get insurance else where other wise this could have cost our company money having the bus off the road. I look forward to getting all information from you so we can highlight your practices to the relevant bodies to make sure you are acting within insurance guidelines. Read More
Company response : Dear Mr Stewart, Thank you for your review. As explained over the telephone you cannot use private car no claim bonus in an individual's name on a commercial policy in a company name. Unfortunately this decision is made by the Insurer not XYZ Insurance (the intermediary). Although we understand your frustration this information was supplied to you in advance of taking out the policy and the call recording has been offered to you. Thank you.
The City
13 Mar 2013
I've had private hire minibus insurance with this mob since 2009. None of us like parting with our hard earned cash for insurance but as firms go this lot are ok. They always fax my cover note over to the pco on time and polite friendly staff.
Company response : Dear Mr Mayo
Thank you for your review it is appreciated.
12 Mar 2013
Thanks for the previous reviews which made me wary of the this company. Although their quote was cheaper and I was prepared to commit my self with them they would not send me a copy of the proposal or policy document. They expected me to give my credit card details first then they will discuss the policy in detail. When I tried to tell them that they can't expect people to make a decision to buy a policy for which they only have their word to go on, the response I got was we are doing more business by using this method?? Really is there some people dumb enough to take out a policy without knowing what they are comitting themselves to? VERY VERY DOGGY PRACTICE!! Please be aware you are better spending a little more money with a company that is willing to provide you all the information in black and white before taking any money! G. Nabi.

In response to your reply i did ask for a qoutation and policy summary to be emailed to me to me but i wa told by your rep that this is against company policy as people use this information to carry out price matches and is a waste of time and money as people choose the other company's. The other excuse i was given for not providing a quote in writing is that rates change daily and cannot be guaranteed as they were working on old rates, i was trying to buy an insurance policy not stocks and shares. I have worked in the insurance broker business so i am aware of how this business works. If i could give a lesser rating than 1 i would have done!!
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Company response : Dear Mr Nabi
Thank you for submitting a review. A proposal form and cover note are 'point of sale' documents. These documents are not produced until the point of sale and therefore cannot be provided in advance.
The documentation that can be provided in advance are our 'Terms of Business' (clearly visible on our website) and the Insurers Policy Summary which was offered.
We are sorry to hear you are unhappy with these facts as we would have welcomed your custom.
Kind Regards
XYZ Insurance
25 Aug 2011
Be very careful before you part with any money as they then add on charges afterwards supposedly admin cost have reported trading standards i wish someone had warned me so writing this to help others stay well away very rude once you complain polite and helpful until you pay then beware.
Company response : Dear Mr Sinclair, Thank you for your review. You may recall prior to placing your on cover a complaince speech was reitterated confirming additional charges may apply in the event of non disclosed material facts. If all facts are correct and disclosed at point of sale the rate will not increase. In such cases where facts are withheld the rate may increase and there isnt anything XYZ Insurance can do to prevent this. The onus is on the client to disclose correct facts prior to taking out cover.
4 Mar 2010
Very polite staff and excellent value for money. Policy included free breakdown recovery and european cover. The best minibus insurance company I spoke to after 2 days of ringing around.
5 Feb 2010
Cheap and well versed on minibus cover. Helpful staff and quick documents
22 Dec 2009
Asked these people for a quote and when i placed the business the price went up over 15%. I was warned this would happen by another broker. Placed the business with them instead. Wasted nearly half a day with XYZ Insurance Services LTD. Save yourself some time
Last Updated : 7 Sep 2010