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The Home Brew Shop
Unit 2, Blackwater Trading Estate, Blackwater Way
GU12 4DJ

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Based in Aldershot, The Home Brew Shop supplies home brew to clients throughout the UK. Set-up in 1969 the company has yman years of experience in the beer and home brewing craft.
The company can supply a range of home brewing equipment by mail order and from the website. Having one of the largest home brew ranges around, the product range includes wine, beer, cider kits and equipment. The products are available on the website.

The company is managed by Adrian Green who has been involved in the beer and home brewing trade for many years. Adrian Green is experienced enough to run the company, having previously worked for a large blue chip company.

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2 customer reviews

Maiden Newton
27 Dec 2012
This very professional company have been perfect. All my orders turn up in seemingly an impossible short time and once, when they did not have what I ordered they called and sent me the next size up at no extra charge.
21 Jan 2012
My order contained some heavy malt tin cans , sugar and some sterilizer cleaner. Unfortunately, The packing was very poor and the box turned up almost destroyed. All the tins where dinted but the big problem was that the weight of the malt tins hitting the VWP cleaner meant that the rest of my order was covered in irritant VWP.

I cleaned my order up and phoned the customer services, who where NOT very apologetic about the mess and time it had taken to clean my order. They did , to their credit, say they'd resend another tub or VWP to replace the one that had been emptied over my order.

Please note that this is the 'The Home Brew Shop' in Aldershot Nr Guilford as other companies exist with similar names
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Company response : Hello, Very sorry about your split damaged sterliser, this does happen from time to time with the carriers.
Which is why we have sent you a replacment.
Sorry the sterliser covered the rest of your goods.
Your goods will be fine, just rinse them under running water

we always try and pack the parcels the best we can.
We cant pack 1 beer kit in a box as that be too expensive your box was not too heavy approx 12kgs. Again once a parcel leaves us, its in the hands of the carriers
we have no control how they handle the parcels. 95% of the time we use double walled boxes

We have found one of our carriers damages more parcels then the other, so we are leaving them, and moving to a new carrier next week, which i hope will help with the damaged items

Adrian Green
Last Updated : 30 Jun 2014