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Speedwell are one of the country's leading companies in automated data entry. Their survey and exam software is used by some of the top names in insurance, medical services and education to automate many of their otherwise time consuming processes.
Speedwell focus on two core offerings - their KeyPoint Survey software and their MultiQuest Exam software. While the first makes designing and creating surveys easy and gathering results painless, the second makes multiple choice exams simple, giving examiners the time to think about assessing candidates not paperwork.

With KeyPoint survey software, it is easy to create questionnaires and surveys. Because Speedwell also offer KeyPoint Scanning, even collecting the data is easy. OMR technology means that all of these processes can be automated, and the accuracy and proficiency of Speedwell's software is why many of the country's top institutions are automating their systems.

MultiQuest exam software makes creating MCQ exams simple - and with Question Bank it is even possible to create a repository of examination questions. Fully detailed reports can be produced in short spaces of time. For those writing OSCEs, CliniQuest provides a faster, simpler route than manually checking each and every question. Sophisticated OMR software makes reporting on and managing OSCEs easy.

Speedwell has an established network of clients. Although most are UK based, their software has been recognised as industry-leading by institutions around the world.

Institutions using KeyPoint survey software include JP Morgan, The University of Birmingham and Companies house, while their MultiQuest and CliniQuest software is employed by the Metropolitan Police, Trinity College Dublin, Imperial College London and many others.

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Last Updated : 20 Aug 2010