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With an office in Edinburgh, Georgina Holdsworth offers clairvoyant / tarot readings as well as various complementary therapies to clients throughout Edinburgh and beyond. Set-up in 2005 the company has many years' experience in the psychic mediums sector.
With a relaxed and inviting centre and friendly staff, the company delivers a professional complementary therapies service to individuals. The service is intended to be relaxing and enjoyable, helping clients to be positive with their life choices and direction. There are a variety of goods for sale including, angels, crystals, sage, incense etc. If it is not available in the shop then it can be ordered.

Georgina Holdsworth has a satisfied group of customers, situated in and around Edinburgh, including international and national clients.

The firm is able to offer unique products, including angels. Sourced from the UK, the products are particularly suitable for the home and can be a lovely gift. The range of products are available in the shop. Also available are other new age products including wands, crystals etc.

With a team that includes several experienced employees, Georgina Holdsworth has a professional team, qualified to a high standard.

The company is managed by Georgina Holdsworth who has been involved in the psychic mediums market for many years. Georgina Holdsworth is more than able to take good care of the company, having previously worked for many years in the psychic business.

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5 customer reviews

South Queensferry
20 Jul 2014
Had a reading from Georgina and she was spot on she gave me a pencil and paper to write things down. Everything she said was true or has happened since Really can't wait on another reading as I have since lost my mum and just building myself to arrange a meeting I am just hurting too much at the moment but if I won the prize draw then I would know my mum was calling me x.
16 Nov 2013
Had a reading with georgina in dec 2012 and most of her predictions have already happened. It's uncanny how spot on she was. Would definetly recommend having a reading and will definetly use georgina again. It was great getting an insight into what lies ahead.
6 Oct 2011
Please go and visit , if this is your type of thing, or even if not as she will honestly convert you trust me. She has now moved the address is as follows Shining light 246 Morrison street Edinburgh next to diane's pool hall upstairs thanks for reading ian .
19 Jul 2011
i have today had a reading by georgina. I made appointment as a bit of a sceptic and can only say I was blown away. Without exaggeration this visit will help me with so many things and I left a total convert. I have read so many bad reports about people simply making money out of clients - Georgina is NOT one. If you are considering a reading, a you would not have to look any further.
20 Aug 2010
this is probably the best reading I have ever had, she was so accurate and insightful. would recommend.
Last Updated : 15 Nov 2013