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Ride Right Motorcycle Training
Normanby Road
DN15 8QZ

Mon - Sat: 09:00-18:00   Sun: 09:00-17:00
94 Reviews

Ranked 1st out of 43 UK Motorbike Training Schools

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Ride Right Motorcycle Training is Scunthorpe's premier motorcycle training provider.
Their team of fully qualified male and female instructors work hard to make the training safe and enjoyable and their 90% first time pass rate speaks for itself.

During training, the learner will progress from the smaller, less powerful, machines up to the 600cc machines for those taking the direct access route.
On-road training is done at a maximum of 2 to 1 with full radio links and normal lessons can last up to two hours.
On passing the test it is possible to take additional lessons to brush up on such things as night riding and motorways.

CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) comprises a mix of off-road exercises to gain knowledge of the machine, controls and their uses, training room discussions on topics such as safety and legal requirements and on road training, a minimum of 2 hours, to put the knowledge and skills gained into practice.

The 125 Super Course is designed for those aged 17-19 who are looking to lose their 'L' plates and wish to carry a pillion.

500cc A2 Course is designed for those aged 19-24 years old who will progress through the 125cc machines onto the more powerful 500cc machines. Current EU laws state that if you take the A2 licence you are restricted to 47bhp unless you decide to progress to Direct Access.

Direct Access Course is done on the 600cc bikes progressing through the 125c and 500cc machines to gain confidence and good bike control. The Direct Access Course is for people over 24 (or 21 if previously held an A2 licence for atleast 2 years) and will give you your full unrestricted licence.

Residential intensive courses are now available. The package includes CBT, module 1 training and test, module 2 training and test, bike hire throughout and insurance. Quality hotel close to local amenities and continental breakfast is also included. Contact us today for more details.


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94 customer reviews

27 Mar 2014
I got in contact with Ken at ride right after failing my Mod 1 with another company. Ken and his team made me feel extremely welcome. RIde right built my skill set and confidence to a standard above and beyond what I had previously received. Their price list is extremely competitive with the added bonus of having the test site within 10 minutes of their location.

I would not hesitate to recommend this company to any of my friends and family. - Read More
18 Mar 2014
Big thank you to Ken and Alix for a pleasurable trainning experience. Passing both mod1 and 2 direct access first time with them is a testament to there professional attitude , relaxed atmosphere and continual progression through every lesson, as I am not local to Scunthorpe I don't know the area very well but thanks to there knowledge and consideration put me at ease. I have used a different motorcycle training company to do my CBT but I personally would recommend Ride Right. Thanks for making a 10 yr long dream come true. - Read More
11 Mar 2014
I had never ridden before going to Ride Right for my CBT and have now passed Module 1 and Module 2 first time.
I cannot praise Ken and Alix enough for their patience (I was a problem pupil).
The experience is relaxed and fun, and the teaching excellent from CBT to test - like being taught by your best friends. I thoroughly recommend Ride Right to anyone.
29 Jan 2014
I've thoroughly enjoyed learning to ride a motorbike with Ride Right! I'd never ridden before but that didn't matter at all as the whole team are really friendly at put me at ease. I passed both module 1 and 2 first time thanks to Ken and Alix's patience and hard work.

If you're thinking of learning to ride and you live anywhere near Scunthorpe then I cannot recommend Ride Right enough, they're excellent! - Read More
27 Jan 2014
Thinking about getting your first bike, all I can say is do it, do it now!!!! you wont regret it, I passed my CBT, Mod 1 and Mod 2 within a few short months, the training was top notch and done in a way that increased my confidence without me even knowing it, the training that Ken, Alix, Pete and John will put you through will not only allow you to pass your test, but also ride to a standard far above what the DVLA require, and all for the same price other schools charge you to pass at a lower standard (in my personal opinion), surely that's value for money right ?. I recommend Ride Right 100%. - Read More
19 Jan 2014
firstly id like to thank ken and alix for helping me achieve my dream of riding a big bike, I did my cbt with a different company who was not to keen on getting me riding the big bike due to me been a very very short lass but I did go on to pass my mod 1 and mod 2 in few months on a 600 with all the support and help from the team at ride right thankyou highly recommended to anyone wanting to learn to ride a bike. Teann gravel doncaster. - Read More
Kirton Lindsey
21 Dec 2013
I have just recently passed both my Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests first time with Ride Right and have found Ken to be an excellent instructor and very patient, his on road cometary and riding tips along with his excellent instruction most certainly ensured that I was fully prepared for both tests, I would highly recommend Ride Right for all aspects of bike training.
19 Dec 2013
I have been riding 6 years now, and have only just got round to passing my test.
I did my first CBT with another school in Scunthorpe, but was not impressed..
So for the second one I decided to give Ride Right a go, and was so impressed that I went back to do my third with them.
When I finaly got round to looking at doing my test this year there was no question who I wasI have been riding 6 years now, and have only just got round to passing my test....
I did my first CBT with another school in Scunthorpe, but was not impressed..
So for the second one I decided to give Ride Right a go, and was so impressed that I went back to do my third with them.
When I finaly got round to looking at doing my test this year there was no question who I was going to use.
Unfortunately due to the new rules I could only do my restricted license, but I started my lessons in October and passed my test on December 18th.
I had as many lessons per week as my shift pattern would allow, with both Alix and Ken, and have to say that I can not fault either of them. Both of them helped me a lot especially in the odd moments when I felt that I was struggling.
Overall very impressed with Ride Right and would recommend them to anyone, as long as you are willing to put the effort in, they will get you through!!
I will be returning to do my full unrestricted license in the future!!
A huge thank you to everyone at Ride Right!!
- Read More
3 Dec 2013
I haven't rode a bike in 20 years so when I decided to take my CBT with a view to taking my full test on a 600 I was a bit nervous to say the least and very unstable. I'd taken my time to choose a training school viewing quite a few web sites and checking reviews and had settled on Ride Right so I'm glad I took the time to find the right school because Ken's team is second to none.
I took a small break after my CBT to take my theory test so I had that sorted and out of the way so I could concentrate on MOD1 and MOD2 without distraction. I was very testing at times as big red stop signs are hard to see ;-) but Ken kept me on track and has a great way of teaching riders to keep safe and get through their Mods. One of the best bits of advise given was " No matter what goes wrong on your test, keep riding as if you're going to pass " Got me through my Mod2.
I definitely recommend Ride Right and will always do so. Great team, great school and they keep it fun. Thanks Ken, Alex and the rest of the team for getting me through my Mod2. Ian M.
- Read More
30 Nov 2013
I first met Ken at the test centre having just failed my mod 2 abysmally on my 125cc due to inadequate not to mention expensive training from a school local to me. I started some training with Ken earlier in the year on my bike it was apparent that I was nowhere near ready to have taken a test, I had now missed the deadline to take my test going down the two year restricted route as the laws had changed so I left it for a while. I then decided to return to Ken this autumn and take the challenge of training to obtain a full licence. Ken was able to offer me block lessons that were very good value for money as this suited my lifestyle, the training I received was of an excellent standard I first started on a 500cc machine and then soon made the transition to a 600cc. Ken taught me the essential skills required for handling the bike and how to read the road using excellent observation and anticipation skills I had to work really hard at this and at my lowest points Ken and Alix would always lift my spirits and give me the confidence and self belief I needed. I now at the age of 45 hold a full licence and am eternally grateful to Ken for all his patience I would recommend Ride right to anybody. Sandy. - Read More
20 Nov 2013
First I would like to thank Ken and his Team of Ride Right for their patience, full professionalism and friendly atmosphere, actually for everything they have done to make my riding skills good enough from 'ground zero' through CBT till Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests passed at first time!!

My instructor was Ken, I can say he is though but very fair and he has great sense of humour. I can assure you that he will train you up properly and eliminate every mistake you do on the bike- Eagle Eye Man :).

Yes, they are busy but this only proves how good they are! Direct Access package is not very cheap but trust me, you will get miles more than you would get anywhere else or pay for each lesson. There is an option for paying for package in instalments so everybody can manage that cost, I think.
When it comes to book your lessons they are flexible and will try to suit your needs. You will get as many lessons as needed to make you not only ready for test but start being a good biker as well. They have got their own and very best in my opinion way of training people up. Great value for money!
I have not found anything that I can complaint about and it been a pleasure.
Basically I could not be happier.
I give the Ride Right 100% my recommendation to anybody.
If you decided to get a Bike Licence or just get a CBT do not look anywhere else just go straight to them.
Big Massive HUGE Thank You Ken.

I am sorry for any spelling or any other mistakes above- I am not an English.
- Read More
15 Nov 2013
I have just passed my mod2 and can now enjoy riding my CBR 600.
With out the expert tuition of the Ride right team and especially Ken , I'm certain I wouldn't have made it.
When I was ready to give in Ken wasn't he just kept taking me out sometimes all day till I got it.
For my packaged price I got as much riding as I wanted and more whenever I may be free and the best coaching in town, I think you'll find. - Read More
7 Oct 2013
Value: I went on the Direct Access course. It wasn't cheap, there were companies in Hull that were offering to do it for £100 less. However, there's a limit to how long they will spend with you, whereas Ken will keep going until you are ready for the tests. You can put in as many lessons a week as you are able, but at least two are recommended if you are not a natural biker. I was not. I had never ridden a bike until I did my CBT with them.
Quality: There are different instructors at Ride Right and they all have slightly different styles. Pete was fantastic for just giving me the confidence to get through the CBT and the MOD 1 test centre training. Ken has arms of steel and an eagle eye for every mistake. He's tough, but fair. He also knows how to subtly change the training from general riding, to Mod 2 test riding so you don't get bored doing the same thing. You will get most out of training with Ken if you are willing to learn, to ask questions to examine why you are doing certain things and how you can do them better. Ken's knowledge and experience are encyclopaedic. He also has incredible patience for those trying to work out the rough edges and overcome poor technique.
Anyone turning up and riding like it's some kind of game will, quite rightly, be given short thrift by all the instructors at Ride Right.
Recommendation: So here's the thing. I was 49 when I started the DA course. It was hard. Really hard. There were some weeks when I thought I would never be good enough. There were some manouevres (obstacle avoidance hello) that I shook my head at and thought were just impossible. But... With the teams' perseverence and practice, the impossible becomes manageable and then, if not easy, at least routine. Despite nerves, I passed both Mod 1 and Mod 2 first time and at 50, I now have a Yamaha Dragstar 650 to ride around on. None of this would be possible without the absolute willingness and dedication of the team to keep going with me through every bad lesson and every mistake until finally, I was good enough. So thank you Ken, Pete and Alix for getting me over the finishing line. Only your expertise and patience made it possible.
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28 Sep 2013
I would personally like to thank Ken and his team for the professional help in getting me through my mid life crisis.
It was an absolute pleasure being trained by such a professional , to get me through my Bike test. Ken did not only teach you how to pass but also teach you how to ride the bike safely. Having a training session on the actual Mod 1 test course at the test center really paid of for me , it got me used to what was going to happen on the day of the mod 1 test. I would recommend Ride Right every time.
Ken's professional and devoted teaching methods made it so much easier and I would like to thank him for that. So what ever sex you are ride right is the perfect choice as they have female instructors to , so if your looking for training in the Scunthorpe area choose Ride Right it was good value for Money . Thanks again Ken and your Team.
Rob Grimoldby.
- Read More
20 Aug 2013
Big thank you to all the Team at Ride Right.
They are a really down to earth and extremely friendly.
Their motorcycling knowledge and skill is really 1st class. They really do offer value for money and their service was exceptional. They're always willing to answer questions and talk road traffic situations through. My whole riding experience was brilliant.
Last Updated : 7 Oct 2013