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The new Muddy Matches homepage.
Not Just a Web-Based Company - we are one of the few dating sites that actually has a proper office and where you can get a real person on the phone
Muddy Matches at the Countryside Alliance Awards - from left to right (in height order!) Jo, Emma and Lucy
Our Ferocious Guard Dog Morven
The Muddy Matches Motorhome - look out for us on the road!
Packed Audience for the Muddy Matches Dating Show at the CLA Game Fair
MM's Lucy and Heather at the WiRE conference
Muddy Matches in the snow
Morven - The Muddy Matches mascot
The view from Muddy Matches
The Muddy Matches team get into the Christmas spirit. From L-R Emma, Lucy, Steve, Jo and Heather.
The Mud Lovers Ball 2012
Laser clay shooting at the Mud Lovers Ball

Muddy Matches
Paddock View, Grange Farm
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With many years of experience in the rural online dating industry, Muddy Matches provides countryside online dating and rural social events to country singles across the UK and Ireland. Founded in 2006, this online business is based on a farm in the small hamlet of Farndish, near Wellingborough.
Muddy Matches is the brainchild of country-loving sisters Emma and Lucy Reeves who felt there was a hole in the market for a light-hearted website aimed at introducing people who share a love of the countryside and the country way of life. There are, they admit, many types of country people, be that farmers, equestrians, gamekeepers, walkers or even city dwellers who dream of escaping to the countryside. However, there is one thing that unites all these people: they are not afraid of a bit of mud, and hence the term 'muddy' was coined.

Helping country people to make friends and find love 365 days a year, Muddy Matches provides rural singles with a professional online dating service. With a friendly team and a great website, the service is designed to help all country people make friends, arrange dates and hopefully find love in the countryside.

As well as providing a countryside online dating service, Muddy Matches also organises countryside social events aimed at meeting new people, such as the popular Mud Lovers Ball. The website also links to other events providers offering outdoors or country-focused social events to provide Muddy Matches members with every opportunity to meet like-minded people in their area.

12 customer reviews

5 Aug 2014
Muddy matches is a lovely dating site, I received only nice polite messages of people wanting the same. I was/ am very lucky to have met someone and I am dating. :-) Thank you muddy matches a great site.
1 May 2014
Only tried this dating website, turns out it was the only one I needed. Met a couple of people on-line and am now in a very happy relationship. Honest site, with no worries about intentions. A great site for those wanting to safely dip their toe into online dating and you may be as surprised as me to find not only friendship but a real relationship with a straightforward person.
Gerrards Cross
17 Apr 2014
I've tried Muddy Matches twice and, sadly, have had a fairly negative experience both times round. I'm pretty much the target audience - country loving, country dwelling, equine-owning etc. I'm normal - nothing strange or odd going on, I would simply like to meet a nice man with a sense of humour and some intelligence, who has similar interests to me.

The website itself I really like; it's very simple to navigate, profile's and pictures have to be verified, which is reassuring for weeding out the fakes, and the profile content makes for informative, interesting but not overly intrusive reading. It feels very personal and friendly, unlike many of the major generic sites (please stand up Match. Com).

For context, the website is free to join and use, including checking profiles and adding ‘favourites’. The membership kicks in if you want to read/send messages. I used different profile content and pictures in my first and second attempts, which were about a year apart.

Both times I found the following frustrating:

1. The ‘favourite’ concept. During both subscriptions I was favourited by dozens of men who seemed to opt for this above actual conversation, to the point where messages I sent to them initiating written contact were read but never replied to (normal content, nothing that could be construed as mad, I hasten to add). Not very logical.
2. Both times round I was very popular with the older gent – I’m early 30’s and was receiving propositions from men in their 60’s. I would have appreciated the option to block who could view me, rather than having to block individuals as they came along, thus wasting my time (another bug-bear is that the blockee can pretty much tell if they have been blocked, which isn’t particularly kind).
3. I sent quite a lot of message which remained unopened, I assume because the recipient was not a paid member. It’s rather frustrating to waste time and money contacting people only to be slapped with the reality that they can’t be arsed to pay to read your message. Suddenly £18 starts to feel like a lot of money.
4. Some messages were opened, but no replies received. Again, normal hello messages, nothing that would look at home in the Fatal Attraction script. Having used other dating websites, Muddy Matches is by far the worst for unanswered messages; perhaps country-loving men are simply less courteous?
5. So many of the men I engaged in conversation turned out to be substantially different from their profiles, from the chap who claimed, in his profile, to have a sense of humour but rescinded this in a message, to the one who was so painfully shy that he couldn’t think of anything to say, and the one who had a decent profile but used a dead sheep as the topic of conversation in his first message (yes, seriously). Most were far happier talking about themselves than demonstrating any interest in me.
6. Be prepared to see a lot of pictures of tractors and dogs – most profiles have 4-8 pics and, on average, at least half will be a dog or a tractor, without the profile owner in the pic. Whilst I understand that this is the lifestyle, is it really necessary? I love my horse but the pictures I post of him at least feature me too…
7. Secondly, be prepared to read the phrase ‘I like to work hard and play hard’. A LOT.

Both times I joined I did meet someone. Both of these people turned out to be far from nice and interested only in a casual relationship, despite both profile, messages and non-website communication being to the contrary. The first guy actually tried to dive on me 2 hours into our ‘date’, sulked for an hour when I said no and, when we went in a great hand-made chocolate shop, was so rude to the staff that I actually apologised for him.

In conclusion, I really like everything about Muddy Matches.... Except the men on it. Perhaps I’m a terrible judge of character or simply doomed to failure where seeking a country-loving gent is concerned, but I haven’t met anyone who comes across as a combination of intelligent, humorous and nice, and might just be this in the flesh as well. I have spoken to a couple of men who were decent (though not my type – late 50’s, a long way away etc). Interestingly they have independently drawn the same conclusion, and at least two have said they intend to delete their profile, as I will, when their subscription ends. I now feel a wider approach to finding Mr Right is the way forward, so I shall be joining Guardian Soulmates, which has proven successful for two of my friends.
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18 Dec 2013
I gave Muddy Matches full marks because the site is so very easy to use, has a cosy friendly feel about it and in my case, worked with the first person I dated!
18 Jul 2013
I have been a memeber of others but honestly this is the best I have seen, Its not a window shopping for a partner and its not 'the science bit' gone mad Its honest (no autocharging to work out how to switch off!!). You have to do some work - well thats a good thing! so lazy winking is out. The result I met one person and stopped just there (very happy). Like minded people will find thisI have been a memeber of others but honestly this is the best I have seen, Its not a window shopping for a partner and its not 'the science bit' gone mad... Its honest (no autocharging to work out how to switch off!!). You have to do some work - well thats a good thing! so lazy winking is out. The result... I met one person and stopped just there (very happy). Like minded people will find this site a real pleasure to belong to. Read More
3 Apr 2013
I signed up for just 1 month to see what happened, and I met someone just as that month was coming to an end, he is totally perfect for me (which was a big ask!) and hopefully the one.... Compared to other sites, I couldn't find anyone who had similar genuine 'muddy' interests!
1 Feb 2013
I've met some wonderful people through the site. There is no comparing Muddy Matches to other dating websites - they are in a league of their own. No lecherous idiots just lovely, genuine people looking for love and friendship.
21 Sep 2012
With encouragement and help from my daughter and friends, I plucked up the courage and joined Muddy Matches for one month. I had lots of lovely messages and conversations and met two chaps-the first was nice but no spark, but the second was WOW! We sparked immediately and have been dating ever since. Neither of us had believed in 'Love at first sight';until the day we met. I would encourage anyone who is single to join this site, to never just settle for second best.Everyone deserves the chance to meet that special someone and MM assists in that process! There is no stigma in internet dating;for me as a full time working single mum, it really was the most convenient and practical way. Am so happy and I hope others will be as fortunate and find their true match. Read More
7 Sep 2012
Muddy Matches doesn't ask you to rate yourself on scales as I understand to be the norm on other dating websites. The profiles give a good initial summary and I found that to be enough. I liked being able to enter search criteria and read profiles without paying a subscription because this was my first time on a dating website and I wasn't sure that it would be for me. As it turns out, I did meet somebody lovely after 18 days on the site! Read More
Bury St. Edmunds
20 Aug 2012
I found the site to be very much geared to country people that want to meet someone special and for us (myself and my guy) this worked perfectly. I also spoke to and met some lovely people that keep in touch as I felt that although looking for that special person, it also has the added advantage of putting like minded people in touch.
28 Mar 2012
I was with Muddy Matches for 6 months, during which time I found their service a refreshing change. It was down to earth, up front and well worth it. I haven't renewed because I don't need to!
24 Feb 2012
On 28th April 2012 I will be getting married to my 'Muddy Match' Duncan, after we met on the site back when it was launched, and we both agree that we found the site friendly, accessible, and great fun to use! Setting up and managing our accounts was really easy, and I've heard fantastic reviews from people who have been on the holidays and pub nights too. I was doubtful at first that a townie like me would find anyone who I had anything in common with on the site, but my '80% muddy match' Duncan proved me wrong, and I couldn't be happier about that! Read More
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