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Kent Dog Behaviour Training - Home Visit Services
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Professional dog trainer and behvaiour specialist, dog training services for all of Kent, Sussex, and South East England. Private 1-1 training and support in your home, garden or during your dog walk. Kent Dog Behaviour Training are a family run dog training company that specialises in all areas of dog and puppy ownership, working with dogs natural behaviours to resolve all dog behaviour problems and issues.
With a client list that has helped thousands of dogs and owners over the years, they have a vast experience in dog behaviour (not just dog training) working with all breeds of dogs, rescue and re homed dogs, working and family dogs as well as helping dog and owners have a much become a much happier contented dog.

Kent Dog Behaviour Training are passionate about dogs and pride themselves on offering 1-1 home visit dog training and dog behaviour training that is affordable with no hidden extras. Their prices are kept low at 25 pounds for daytime appointments for anywhere in Kent.

Using only kind, positive training methods that dogs enjoy and respond to Kent Dog Behaviour Training provide a friendly and professional service helping owners with all issues including: Excessive barking Obsessive behaviour Nervousness House training Lack of obedience Frightened of loud noises Scared of dogs or people Pulling on the lead Off lead control Recall Aggression Fouling or wetting indoors Separation anxiety Destruction in the home Growling Biting Snapping Unsociable Jumping up Traveling problems Hyperactivity Dominant issues Or any other problem.

Owned and run by highly respected professional dog trainers and behaviour specialists Tracey and Jason Rayfield, dog owners can access expert dog behaviour training services and help that isn't available elsewhere.

Tracey and Jason support owners and their dogs by resolving all problems and issues, everything from unwanted habits to serious dog behaviour problems and everything in between. Professional Dog Behaviorist and Trainer, Veterinary Referred and Insured.

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90 customer reviews

NEW3 days ago
Photo uploaded by Paul and Margaret SmithWe have a 19 month old male Cockapoo called Billy. He was very excitable, especially when we had visitors. He was also very nervous of other dogs and his walking wasn't as good as it could have been. Right from the start of his training with Tracey, he showed signs of improvement. Tracey not only trained Billy but also trained us in a very friendly and helpful way. We would not hesitate to recommend her as she is very experienced and very pleasant to work with.
Billy is much more calm now with visitors. He walks well and his problem of being nervous with other dogs is gradually improving. All this was achieved in just three sessions. We can't thank you enough Tracey. Your knowledge and approach to helping us with this problem was exceptional. Thank you again! Paul, Margaret and Billy. Deal, Kent.
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NEW6 days ago
stamford is just over 7yrs and had become quite destructive and full of nervous energy, mainly caused by loud bangs or blasts from shewburyness! we contacted Tracey for help, as we knew we couldn't do anything about the noises but could hopefully do something to help stamford. We weren't wrong! a couple of days of meeting with Tracey, we could see Stamford was relaxing more, calmer and less anxious, we also had to change our behaviour towards him, which was difficult at first (treated him like our baby, as you do!) but so beneficial to both him and us. Stamford has experienced fireworks since with no concerns. Tracey is so nice and knows her stuff, we're so glad we contacted her, Thank you so much. Read More
4 Sep 2014
Bought a puggle, which is a stubborn dog to train, but with lots of help from tracey, buster is now a well behaved dog (most of the time). We then got another puggle, who is a challenge and a half, but I can see with traceys help one day he will be like his brother. Thank you tracey for all your much needed help and advise.
Tunbridge Wells
26 Aug 2014
My dog Barkley had a behavioral problem and was quite aggressive when out on a walk, but after a few tips from Tracy and some herbal medicine treatment Barkley has become much more friendly and accepts other dogs and their owners in a more friendly way. He is still quite territorial which is to be expected I suppose but I am aware of that so that is not an issue. Well done to Tracy and thank you for your services. Read More
11 Aug 2014
My little boy was so nervous I thought it would take years to calm him down but in just 2 sessions Tracey helped him see that the would was not such a scary place and that people just want to love and cuddle him. I would highly recommend Tracey to anyone looking for a trainer she is very friendly and professional. Thank you Tracey from Alfie and Family.
18 Jul 2014
I can only say I wish I had done it months ago! My Miniature Schnauzer was very highly strung and suffered with some real separation anxiety along with a tendency to demand attention. After the first session I followed the instructions and advice carefully and am absolutely thrilled at the turn around. Tracey is an extremely personable and clearly knows her stuff. Things are so much more relaxed at home now we have the behaviour sorted out. There will always be a little bit of barking to contend with but that comes with the breed and it is now controllable. Given the issues were sorted in just a couple of sessions, it has been a well worthwhile and affordable route to happiness for me and my puppy. Read More
20 Jun 2014
Photo uploaded by Margaret RouncefieldI have a 5 1/2yr old Siberian Huskie. I contacted Tracy for help with his overexcitababilty. Visitors, walks anything out of the ordinary would get him very excited. I found Tracy's calm quiet attitude to handling him exceptional! Her advice knowledgable and best of all WORKS!! I now know what WE must do as owners her advice on feeding made all the difference. She is our own 'Cesar Millan' - if you need help she will give it without pressure or clock watching. Highly recommend. Read More
19 Jun 2014
Tracey has been fantastic at getting results with our dog and I finally feel like we have a clear plan of action to work through with him. She has been so quick at finding solutions where other trainers haven't. Very clever lady who I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. The only regret I have is that we didn't have her out sooner so that some of the issues never started in the first place!
14 Jun 2014
Kent Dog Behaviour Training was recommended to me by someone when I mentioned that I was having some problems with our rescue dog 'Elmo'. I contacted them via email and Tracey came to see us and began working with us straight away on how to begin understanding and then modifying his behaviour. She gave us some great advice on his diet, chanelling his energy, managing his more problematic behaviour and also recommended some very good resources. Elmo is now more relaxed and Tracey has definitely put us on the right pathway and given us more confidence. It's also great to know that we can go back to her for help at any time. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services to anyone who has a dog with challenging behaviour or issues and their prices are very reasonable too. Read More
6 Jun 2014
Excellent cannot praise Tracey enough, we have implemented most of her suggestions and we have noticed a vast improvement in our lovely 6 month puppy Ruby. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tracey.
3 Jun 2014
Its been a great experience seeing the change in our working cocker spaniel, she seems so much more happier now.
23 May 2014
Photo uploaded by Joanna ClarkVery professional and helpful training session. We asked for help with our 12 weeks old puppy as her jumping and play biting was hard to cope with. We know what to do now, feel more confident and already see improvement. Also if we need reassurance we can always ask for help again. If you are planning to get new puppy or having one don't hesitate to ask for guidance as it will really benefit you and your dog in the future. Read More
21 May 2014
She was brilliant I was in two minds have her put down or get a trainer glad I got the trainer.
20 May 2014
Jason and Tracey have been a game changer for us, remarkable how quickly our German Shepherd's hatred of other dogs has improved.
Tunbridge Wells
15 May 2014
Tracey worked well with Charlie our Chocolate Labrador improving his walking skills and general boisterousness. He is a lot calmer, thankyou.
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