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Sam after passing his test first time!.
A well deserved pass for Courtney
A great pass for Anna
Great first time pass Tim
Wonderful drive well done Sophie
Well done ashley!.
Well done nicole great first time pass!!.
Good pass well done lesley.
Well done lauren.
well done emily great first time pass after only 30 hours!! Nice start to the new year
great pass courtney
Well done tiffany fab pass 13/06/14.
wel done Abbie
fantastic pass Amelia
Well done ashley great first time pass.
Great job rio.
Well done jo fantastic first time pass with zero faults!.
Also well done to kris jos bf also had a great first time pass with zero faults
well done to Ben great first time pass on 3/06/14
Well done lilly another great first time pass on 5/06/14.

Kellys Driving School

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Formed in 2010, Kellys Driving School has 4 years of experience in the driving instructors trade, and provides driving lessons to clients throughout the region. The company is based in Hull.
I am a sole trader and do not or have not had any other driving instructors working for me.
Kellys Driving School has a steady group of customers, situated around Hull Beverley and surrounding areas, including many students.

With just one fully qualified instructor, Kellys Driving School has a young but knowledgeable, fun and laid back instructor that will teach all pupils everything that is needed to know to become a safe driver for life.

I charge a competitive twenty pound per hour for students or still a good rate of twenty two pound per hour for non students. I also offer block booking discounts of one hundred and eighty five pound for ten hours for students or ten hours for two hundred pound for non students.

Many students come to me after already taking lessons else where and I quite often find the pupil is not confident with manoeuvres I have a very simple and successful method for all 4 manoeuvres which pupils are always shocked how simple they can be even the more tricky reverse around a corner.

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36 customer reviews

5 Sep 2014
Kelly is a fantastic instructor, I learnt more in my first hour with her than I did in 5 lessons with my previous instructor. She is patient and explains everything really well, she eve answered my stupid questions without getting annoyed (unlike my previous instructor who enjoyed shouting alot). Would highly recommend :-) thank you.
31 Jul 2014
I just want to start by saying that Kelly is the best driving instructor any one could ask for. I passed first time with her after 8 months of lessons. I was quite a nervous driver to begin with and after an unfortunate incident during a lesson I became a nervous wreck for months. Kelly kept calm and collected throughout all my lessons. Gave basic simple and easy to understand instructions and taught at a pace that I was comfortable with. In the end I ended up been a very confident driver and I would say gained a friend. I would recommend Kelly to anyone wanting to do driving lessons, as even though she is very professional you can still have a laugh with her which in my opinion made me feel a lot more relaxed. Thank you Kelly for everything! Read More
29 Jul 2014
Kelly was absolutely brilliant. I was not a very confident driver and when driving with kelly I never felt judged at all and she made sure we took.
Everything at a pace that suited myself. Kelly was patient and understanding and made sure I understood everything correctly. What Kelly does really well as an instructor is gain the correct balance between teaching and actually being someone you can also chat with. I first came to kelly because the instructor I had was not reliable.
At all, Kelly was the complete opposite was always on time for our lessons and never let me down or cancelled All in all kelly was a brilliant instructor and could not thank her enough for all her brilliant work. Would recommend her to anyone looking for Reliable, non judgmental, experienced and reasonably priced instructor.
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20 Mar 2014
Photo uploaded by Kris ToferMy names Kris from East Hull.
With Kelly's driving school I:
- Passed my theory test first time
- Passed my driving test first time
- Received ZERO faults on my driving test

These figures should speak for them self.

I had taken two lessons before with another instructor but I found that it was like siting next to a annoying SAT NAV, which is the complete opposite with Kelly she's friendly easy to talk and always on time.

I do recommend Kelly's driving school so if you are looking at changing instructors or starting your first lessons I honestly know of no one better.
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18 Feb 2014
I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Kelly. She is always very calm and patient, managing to explain things in a simple manner. Lessons are fun and relaxed, yet she still teaches you excellent driving discipline. I would definitely recommend her!
26 Nov 2013
Kelly is a brilliant driving instructor! I felt really comfortable during all my lessons. Her advice was brilliant and she managed to get me a first time pass, even though I didn't believe in myself. I would recommend Kelly to anybody as she is kind and very good to talk to and understand!
2 Sep 2013
Omg where do I start, Kelly is an amazing instructor, friendly, very very patient, I had 2 instructors before Kelly and found them to be on a totally different level. Kelly explains things in simple terms, and if you get it wrong she doesn't raise her voice unlike a previous instructor I had. I felt at ease from day 1 and have had many of fun lessons with Kelly, the only regret I have is I should have gone with Kelly from day 1! Read More
27 Jun 2013
Kelly is a brilliant driving instructor. She made me feel very comfortable in the car during all of my lessons by giving me the best advice possible. I always felt relaxed throughout my lessons, I also enjoyed every lesson I had and was always looking forward to my next one. I would recommend Kelly too everyone as I couldn't of asked for a better instructor. Cheers Kelly!
25 Jun 2013
Hi my name is alison, Kelly is a fantastic driving instructor she is a nice friendly women always made sure you felt comfortable and relaxed when you got in her car she was very patience and I dint get a few things straight away even tho she explained it very clearly to me it took me awhile to get it and even if you didn't get it 1st, 2nd, 3rd time she still very patience with you. She explained everything to me very clearly. I would recommend her to any as she is great and just want to say thank you Kelly for helping me learn to drive and preparing me for my test. Read More
South Cave
23 May 2013
Hi, my name is Julie and I am an American. Kelly was absolutely great. I was extremely nervous although I had been driving for about 20 years in the states. Kelly was so easy going, she gave you a relaxed feeling right away, and was very helpful throughout the entire lessons. Kelly was a great instructor very patient with me.

I highly recommend taking lessons with Kelly, as she will help you feel comfortable and I felt like she showed me exactly what I needed to pass the test.

Thank you Kelly for all the help you are amazing! :).
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8 May 2013
amazing driving instuctor, kelly assures that you get everything right and makes the lessons enjoyable so that you want to learn. I would recommend her to anyone!! fantastic instructor and I couldnt have done it without her!!
2 May 2013
Kelly is superb! I had bad experiences with previous instructors and didn't want to drive no more. But a friend recommended Kelly, so my mum set up a lesson and from sitting in the car with Kelly I knew I had made the right choice in starting lessons again, I hadn't had a lesson for a few months so was a little shaky but Kelly's relaxed, patient and easy to talk to attitude really put me at ease! - I asked Kelly to join me on my test and glad I did. She helped me relax knowing she was there and helped my confidence grow! I passed first time with Kelly after 2 previous tests with another instructor which I was defiantly not ready for! Thank you so much Kelly, you have really made driving a pleasurable experience for me. I will be recommending you left right and center for as long as your in the profession! Read More
30 Apr 2013
Photo uploaded by Bethan MullinsHaving never driven before, I was scared to even step foot in a driving seat of a car! Yet from my first lesson, I was learning how to become a confident, stable and comfortable driver. Unlike many instructors that I’ve heard of, Kelly has you driving straight away, considering I didn’t know what gears were, I was impressed with how much I learnt just in my first two hours of lessons! As the lessons progressed I felt myself getting better and better, with much help and encouragement from Kelly. If I made a mistake, she would tell me what I did wrong, explain how to fix it and moved the topic of conversation onto something much more cheerful. This approach really worked for me, as I wasn’t dwelling on the mistakes that I had made.
Kelly is very easy to get along with, and genuinely cares about her students and their progress. She was very patient if I was struggling, not pushing me into booking my test which I wasn’t prepared for.
Her lessons are fun, enjoyable, and I actually miss them! A fantastic driving instructor!
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27 Mar 2013
I had a bad experience with a previous instructor so I changed to Kelly and she was the best instructor you could wish for. She made everything so simple to understand and created a relaxed atmosphere. I ended up passing my test first time! Thank you Kelly, you have made my driving experience the best it could be. Hannah. :) x.
25 Mar 2013
was really nervous getting in kellys car for the first time but she put me at ease instantly couldnt believe I was driving a car on my first lesson when things went wrong she never made me feel embarassed about it she would just explain what to do for next time. I always looked forward to my lessons, will miss not driving with kelly would highly recommend kelly to anyone learning to drive Thank you kelly for all your help will miss our monday mornings. Read More
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