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Islington Electricians
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Islington Electricians provides NICEIC approved electricians to clients in Islington and East London. The company, which is located in Islington (London), was set up in 1994 and has many years of experience in the electrical trade. Islington Electricians take pride in being honest and competitive and with a 'no fix - no fee' guarantee, clients can't go wrong. Islington Electricians have an emergency team available, never further than a phone call away.
With an extensive stock on board and electricians that are fully qualified, the company is able to offer a professional electricial service to residential and businesses clients. The service is intended to give an expert, honest service, enabling clients to have peace of mind at an affordable price.

The company supplies reliable electrical accessories that are tailored to requirements and are hard wearing. The electrical products used are all compliant with the IEE, appropriate for both residential and commercial premises, and are available as required.

66 customer reviews

23 Jul 2014
Photo uploaded by John AAbsolutely excellent service. Great communication. And very quick.

Graeme has been here twice in 3 weeks:

Removed 2 light fittings.
Installed 2 ceiling fans with lights.
Replaced 8 ceiling spot ligts.
Installed a USB double socket where there was no socket beofre - very tricky job as had to run wires from socket in hallway to supply new socket in bedroom - this involved fishing in the wall cavity to bring wires through to other end of wall.

We are delighted with the service and will be getting Islington Electricians back for another socket I want installed.

Thanks very much.

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8 Jan 2014
I found Graham to be extremely rude and unhelpful. At one point he told me I was coming across dense because I didn't understand what he was trying to explain. I asked if he could walk me through because I am not an electrician and he said it was like talking to his six year old daughter. I do not recommend using him.
Company response : Im very sorry kim, i did try to help. Just to make it clear to everyone we never worked for kimberley, just a phone call. And can i just say stop watching forrest gump its rubbing off on you.
6 Jan 2014
The lights in two bedrooms and the living room stopped working in my flat. I went on the internet to find an electrician. I originally went with Pimlico Plumbers, who were far from being the cheapest but I thought they would be good quality. They attended for 2 hours on a Saturday and charged a premium weekend rate of £140 per hour plus VAT (total charge of £336) and did not solve the problem. They told me I needed a partial rewire and was given a quote of £630 plus VAT (total £756) for the works.

I didn't fancy that so I went on line and found Islington Electricians who offered to come round the same day, but I was unavailable so they attended the following day, which was a Saturday but he did not charge a premium rate. Graham found a loose connection and fixed the problem within about half an hour. He also changed a light fitting for me within the one hour slot. A job well done and great value for money. I would definitely recommend.
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Stoke Newington
30 Dec 2013
Very pleased to have met Graeme. Needed a couple of small jobs and fault diagnosis, and he came round quickly, was a lovely bloke, bang on time, and explained everything as we went through the jobs, and offered extra advice. Decent price too, cheaper than another quote I'd been offered. Will see you again Graeme in the new year for the shower fitting!
9 Dec 2013
Really pleased. Graeme arrived on time, worked quickly and methodically through all the jobs I had for him, was efficient, highly competent, friendly and very reasonably priced. He fixed perfectly a botched job that a previous electrician had left behind. Delighted, recommend highly and will definitely use him again.
5 Dec 2013
I have used Graham for a number of jobs. His service is always efficient and he has an extensive knowledge. The standard of his work is high, he is proffessional and personable. Be it for a big job or small, I would recommend his electrical service to anyone. Paul.
4 Dec 2013
Graeme rewired some kitchen lights that hadn't worked for years. All very quick, friendly, and hassle free. Would have no hesitation in using him again. David.
3 Dec 2013
Graeme came out today to sort out an electric radiator at my son's flat. He recognised immediately what needed to be done and completed the job rapidly and well. I will certainly make use of him in the future. Simon
28 Nov 2013
Prompt efficient polite service. We were totally off electricity. Graham came out quickly and rapidly got to the route of a problem (which could have been quite dangerous for us). Would diffinitely recommend.
The City
28 Nov 2013
Okay where do I start with this guy, just called him up as when we last spoke he asked me to email him a brief of what was needed. In this email I took photos of what was needed and outlined a simple plan. After receiving no response for 3 days I called him up again.

He said he had not received the email as they are easy to miss as he get about 12 a day. Wow! 12 a day I get a 100 a day and they all get answered.

Anyway he then went on to say that they are to busy to read jobs that have associated emails so would not be able to do the job. The reason I did the email is because he bloody asked me to because he could not be bothered to come round and view the job.

One word... Muppet!

If you want a professional response don't bother with this guy.
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Company response : M. Mahon.
We did not receive an email and although we do get compared with Mr Mahon a minute amount of emails per day, we are not an administration company, we are electricians and work on the road responding as quickly as possible to scheduled jobs, if we spent all day dealing with emails we would not be very productive with peoples actual electrical work. Mr Mahon stated in his phone call of today that before any work could be carried out we would need to write to his management company, which I explained to him we were not in a position to do, we are a small
company that likes to respond to phone calls for not emails. Mr Mahon originally wanted to send pictures and drawings as he was unhappy with the hourly rate (stated on our website) and again to him in person on the phone and he hoped by showing his pictures & drawings he would get a cheaper price. Our work load is such that today, as a for instance, my day started at 7am and I am writing this at 10.30pm so do not have time during the working day to respond to emails. To end, if you insist on calling me a muppet can I please be Kermit and not Miss Piggy.
21 Nov 2013
Graham is a friendly guy but perfectly happy to charge me £69 for something he could have told me in 10 seconds over the phone.

When all the sockets in my flat stopped working (which included my heating), I checked the rcd. All of the appliance switches were still on, but the rcd switch itself was in the middle, and would not go up and stay up. I therefore unplugged absolutely everything in my apartment and tried again. It still wouldn't stay up.

Little did I know that the answer was to pull the switch down before putting it up, which allows the rcd to stay on. It really was that simple.

And to cap it all, I very nearly bought a new kettle since Graham informed me that this was the offending item responsible for the trip. Thankfully, I put the purchase off long enough to discover the real cause, a 4-in-line in my bedroom which I'd accidentally spilt water on a week earlier, which when plugged back in tripped the whole thing again. Thank goodness for my procrastination or I would have wasted even more money replacing a perfectly safe kettle.

Oh, and he was quarter of an hour late.
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Company response : Client Eleanor Hazlewood, Flat 8-56 Bemerton St, N1 0BN.
It is not good practice to advise un-qualified people over the phone to carry out what could be potentially dangerous electrical work. We are fully qualified electricians not physics teachers and as such need to inspect faults in person. We do not ever charge if we do not fix the problem. With regard to the leaking kettle, we stand by our advice, any device that holds water that is leaking onto an electrical out put is dangerous and should always be replaced.
19 Sep 2013
Prompt and professional - fixed and fitted pendant light and repaired bathroom lighting in shower. Claude de Zitter Interior Designer. Highbury Islington.
6 Sep 2013
Arrived spot on time and had all the necessary equipment with him. Worked very quickly and left everything very clean and tidy when he completed the work. Would definitely use the firm again.
29 Aug 2013
I needed a light fitting fitted. When I booked I ask if Friday before Noon was possible. He booked me in for 10am and then told me he was moving and had to be out of his flat by Noon that day. I suggested Monday instead but he insisted Friday was fine.
Of course Friday he was a no-show and had not even called to say he would be late.
He had asked me to text my address when I booked so at Noon I sent him a text asking if he was going to show up later that day (I felt calling was not my responsibility). No response. At 1pm I sent a text saying that I was disappointed he hadn't even called me. Still no response.
(He is not dead, I called today before leaving the review to avoid a horrible faux pas and he picked up his phone and said 'Graeme').
I am incredibly disappointed with the frankly rude service. At least have the guts to call and apologise. I would not recommend Islington Electricians to anyone.
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Company response : Firstly please accept our apologies for any inconvenience you were caused. We pride ourselves on a very good service as evidenced by our good reviews. We have checked our diary for 23/8/13 and cannot understand how this mix up happened, and we definitely were not moving and had 2 jobs in the morning. With regard to you sending a text, in hindsight had you rang this incident would not have happened, we get numerous texts a day and if we are busy there are times when we just cannot deal with them, a phone call however gets dealt with immediately. On that day we had a big job cancel so had we spoken to you on the phone we could have most definitely done your job. Once again apologies for the crossed wires.
26 Jul 2013
Rapid response and great quality work. Would recommend!
Last Updated : 24 Mar 2014