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Halfmoon house, Seaforth place

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International Smiles provide a complete range of removable dentures in Fife, Scotland, including conventional, immediate, implant-retained, vanity (spare) and partial dentures. Exclusive providers of Same-Day Smiles technology, which allows delivery of high-quality, complete dentures in a fraction of the time it normally takes to deliver conventional dentures.
A range of orthodontic procedures are also provided, including the Invisalign® system - a virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth without braces. Also offering custom-made anti-snoring devices to help patients get a better rest and feel more refreshed when they awake.

National Smiles bring together world-class clinical and laboratory skills of some of the top experts in the UK.

The expert team includes licensed dentists and lab technicians along with other high-performing dental care professionals with a united vision of providing outstanding dental treatment in a caring environment.

Using the latest developments in dentistry, providing a complete range of removable dentures, including conventional, immediate, implant-retained, vanity (spare) and partial dentures.

Ease Your Snoring with a Custom Solution. Snoring occurs when the soft tissue at the back of the throat vibrates, usually due to the tongue falling back whilst sleeping.

Snoring can cause considerable social difficulties for patients and others. It can also disturb your own rest and well-being the next day.

A mandibular repositioning appliance (MRA) is a custom made medical appliance fashioned after moulds of your teeth are taken. It fits your mouth exactly, is worn during sleep and works by bringing your lower jaw forward slightly so bringing your tongue out of your throat and clearing the air passage.

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8 customer reviews

14 Mar 2014
Alan and Graeme managed to do what my own dentist could not. Since gums have receded over the years Alan did a great job on new dentures. I had 2 implants on bottom gum which has been amazing. I can now eat in restaurants without being an embarrassment. I would thoroughly recommend Alan and team 100%.
15 Oct 2013
Professional and friendly team. I am very pleased with the end result.
17 Sep 2013
Put quite simply this treatment for me was life changing, literally. It meant eating had become like second nature again and eating became a pleasure once more. I have had two implants on the lower jaw which retain my lower denture and it just never moves. The staff were really friendly and provided the personal touch that made the dentist visit less daunting.
16 Sep 2013
I don't usually write reviews, but having recently received my new dentures and being so happy with them, I felt that this company deserves the feedback.

The staff, from the initial consultation through to the final fitting were wonderful and couldn't have have been more professional, helpful and friendly if they tried.

I have had nothing but compliments from family and friends and would recommend them to anyone.

You won't be disappointed.

Mrs HF, Fife.
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4 Sep 2013
I would like to thank the team at Burntisland for the fantastic treatment I have just had My Denntures are fitting so well I don't realise I have them and they look like real teeth. I have confidence when I smile now as it is so natural. Alan and Magda couldn't have been more helpful and Marion is so pleasant also. Thanks again to you all. Rita Ballantyne.
7 Jul 2011
After years of putting up with ill fitting dentures i am happy to say those days are over because i went to International Smiles,and thanks to their care and attention i now have the most natural looking dentures ever and whats more i don't even feel i am wearing dentures at all.If you feel like i did please give them a call it may be the best call you ever made.
12 Apr 2011
I am so glad I found International Smiles. I have over the years had problems with my dentures and am now glad to say that these days are over. I now have confidence to go out to a restaurant and have a meal. I can't thank all the staff enough for the wonderful treatment I got from them.
20 Sep 2010
International Smiles puts the S into smile the attention to detail is fantastic and the finished product supreme I now have a set of dentures that are second to none great fitting & no pain Bob Fairlie Burntisland
Last Updated : 3 Jun 2010