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Her-therapy 4 health
599a Hitchin Road, Stopsley

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Based at the luton therapy rooms in Stopsley, Her Therapy 4 Health provides Advanced Massage therapies for women. The company has many years' experience in the massage therapy sector and has recently expanded to provide a hub for other specialist independent therapists offering many more mind and body therapies. The luton therapy rooms is a Complementary Centre home to five Independent Therapists - three of which are Apprentice Master level NO HANDS therapists Therapies include:
NO HANDS Treatments - Full Body / Sports / Spinal Release / Transformational Treatment / Colon Treatment.
Acupressure and Trigger Point.
Maternity Massage.
Oncology Massage.
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatment.
Neal's Yard Organic Facials.
Hypnotherapy and Coaching.
Hot Stone Massage.
Cupping Therapy.
Thai Herbal Compress Indian Head Massage Reflexology.
Nutritional Therapy.
Reiki Treatment, Training, Courses, Reiki Card Reading and Crystal Healing.
Beauty Therapies.
CND Shellac long wear gel manicures and pedicures PhD SafeWax System Pamper Parties and Spa Days.
As an experiened events manager and on-site therapist, small / large scale corporate wellbeing days, workshops and seminars can be organised. The luton therapy rooms NO HANDS therapist host a ten pound intro offer to new clients (T and C's apply) and a priority client scheme providing extremely competitive monthly rates.

Her Therapy 4 Health is one of the therapy companies based at the Luton Therapy Rooms and has an ever expanding female client list. Clients include stressed executives, young dancers, sportswomen, teachers, local government workers and mums-to-be.

Advanced Massage therapy may help if painful PC shoulders, dull pain in the hips or aches in the lower back are a problem or if clients are just in need of a de-stress massage due to the pressures of day-to-day life. Let Her Therapy 4 Health help with the temporary but ever changing effects of pregnancy which challenge daily activities, relaxed in the knowledge that your maternity massage is in safe and qualified hands.

Giving hundreds of massages, Her Therapy 4 Health sessions are tailored to the individual client needs at each and every session. At the start of each session clients are asked questions to discover what style of massage they would like, specific to how they feel at that point in time. No hands massage uses the biodynamics of the therapist's body to pour weight onto the client that is not only deep but soft - the "gentle giant" of massage.

Massage may free chronic patterns of tension which is both corrective and therapeutic. It may also release mental anxiety and stress and best of all it just makes the client feel fantastic. No hands is difficult to describe. The only advice is to come for a session with any of the trained therapists and feel the massage for yourself.

Her Therapy 4 Health makes it easy to give loved ones presents on the prices page of the website.

For more information on all the services provided at the centre contact Her Therapy 4 Health. Details can be found on the main website.

Save carrying cash. Payment for sessions is available online or gift vouchers make card payments easy through PayPal on the website prices page.

Know of a therapist looking for cost effective room hire at extrememly competivie daily rates? Want to join the independent team of therapists at the luton therapy rooms? Contact Lynda at Her Therapy 4 Health.


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27 customer reviews

9 Dec 2013
As a physiotherapist I can be quite particular with any massages I have, but I was totally impressed (and fully relaxed!) with my maternity massage. The service was super, professional and she really listened to my needs. I would highly recommend to anyone, in fact I think it should be compulsory in pregnancy! Thanks.
4 Nov 2013
Photo uploaded by Annie GhanmiI had really bad back problems when I returned to work after my maternity leave several years ago, something weird had happened to my posture having to cope with the extra weight I suppose. I had just been putting up with it until I decided to try one of HT4H's special offers. I had four session in quick succession (weekly I think). I must admit I found the sessions a bit painful, but the results were fantastic. I could stand up straight for the first time since my pregnancy, my knee which had been so painful sometimes I had to climb the stairs on all fours felt almost completely better. All sorts of other aches and pains mysteriously disappeared too. I must admit I knew Lynda already, so I probably would have used her anyway, but her pricing is so competitive and her customer service so good I would highly recommend her even if she were a stranger. She always sends a reminder text before each appointment, she makes you feel very comfortable and at ease and is very respectful of your privacy. I have paid £75 an hour before in a posh spa and not had the quality of service that Lynda offers. I have started on the Priority Client scheme now, so that I can guarantee a slot every month. If I don't book ages in advance I just end up getting too busy, so its very convenient for me to have all my slots sorted at the beginning of the year.
I guess the moral of this story is, don't put up with aches and pains when you could try this and feel so much better. I know many people see massage as a luxury for yummy mummies, but If you are uncomfortable or in pain, how effective are you really being in your every day life?
Go on, book a session.... You know you want to....
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St. Albans
18 Oct 2013
I would recommend No Hands massage, but particularly practised by Lynda, to everyone. I have been a regular client, attending a 2 hr session once a month for several years and can feel the benefits instantly and then throughout the time until my next session. Each session is different, dependent on what I feel I need; Lynda is a brilliant interpretor of what you're asking for. She totally 'gets' you and has an innate understanding and natural intuitiveness that makes her treatment completely different to other massages I've had. Whether I've got a tight muscle or just need to clear my busy brain I know I can trust Lynda to give me the exact massage I need. Read More
3 Oct 2013
what a fantastic hour of relaxation. Lynda was caring and informative, taking into account my individual pregnancy prior to starting, leaving me feeling confident that I was in good hands. I found this massage extremely beneficial, it was the first time this pregnancy I was able to truly relax, safe in the knowledge that it wasn't costing me a fortune. I will definitely be booking more sessions as part of the priority club. Lynda's experience shines through and the surroundings add to the experience perfectly. Read More
25 Sep 2013
Linda was extremely professional and put me at ease straight away, explaining how the treatment (No Hands Massage) would work. She also took the time to understand what I would like to achieve from the massage too. I enjoyed the treatment enormously, so much so that I have signed up to the Priority Club!!
Letchworth Garden City
11 Sep 2013
This was my first experience of having a no-hands massage, Lynda worked on my back and I felt the movements deeper than a normal massage. I felt relaxed through the the whole treatment. I will be recommending this new experience to all of my friends.
10 Sep 2013
My back had been been giving me quite a bit of discomfort for several months, however, after a couple of massage treatments from Lynda, my back feels so much better and I am much more relaxed. I have experienced lots of massage treatments before but I have to say these were the best. Lynda is a very professional lady and really does ensure that she provides the best care for her clients. Everything is discussed beforehand and Lynda is very caring and mindful of her clients needs and wellbeing. I would definitely highly recommend Her-therapy 4 Health and will be returning again shortly. Read More
20 May 2012
I have been coming to Lynda for some time now and really look forward to my monthly massage. Lynda is a lovely lady who makes you feel really comfortable, explains what she is doing and the standard of massage is in my view unbeatable. She offers a range of treatments and every one I have tried has been done to the same high standard. I would have no doubts whatsoever in recommending her.
15 May 2012
Just amazing! from begining to end. Lynda is absolutely lovely and makes you feel at ease and the room was so relaxing and warm. I had a massage and facial. Highly recommend having the 2 treatments one after the other, it put me to sleep :) and my skin felt amazing afterwards. Definately going back!
St. Albans
15 Apr 2012
Lynda is an inspiration - the best massage ever.
31 Mar 2012
I am very impressed with my visits to Lynda at hertherapy4health. I go once a month and Lynda is so friendly, she manages to remember conversations we have had on previous visits. Although I don't have a specific back problem, it aches most of the time just through daily life and after an hour of "No Hands" I feel refreshed and supple. The massages are as deep as you like and Lynda keeps you informed all the time so you feel completely in control.
I've also tried the colon massage which is great if your feeling a bit sluggish. Definitely gets things moving!
Overall I find the whole experience calming and thoroughly relaxing and if you want a little bit of "you" time I recommend it.
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30 Mar 2012
I went to have my back treated after suffering for almost 4 weeks. I was made to feel safe, cared for and had amazing no hands massage and work on trigger points. By the next day my back felt 'free' and I have hardly any pain at all now. I cannot rate Linda highly enough, and we managed to have a laugh throughout too! Honestly ladies If you are in pain, don't hesitate. Also the appointmentI went to have my back treated after suffering for almost 4 weeks. I was made to feel safe, cared for and had amazing no hands massage and work on trigger points. By the next day my back felt 'free' and I have hardly any pain at all now. I cannot rate Linda highly enough, and we managed to have a laugh throughout too! Honestly ladies... If you are in pain, don't hesitate. Also the appointment lasted at least the full hour. Very different from my previous experiences at other practices in the past. Very, very good value for money. Thank you Linda. Read More
22 Feb 2010
Lynda Allan offers a wonderful No Hands massage, Colon massage and detox treatment which i have taken part in and have had experienced remarkable changes to my body and life.
I have always had problems with my back due to my work. I had an intense 5 week course with Lynda and now have a fortnightly massage which enables me to be so much more. I am now able to do normal things e.g. decorate, go on long car journeys, long walks all things that i struggled with as i was always in pain.
I have taken part in the colon and detox treatment and although i havent had problems with my bowels this course of treatments have made an amazing difference. More bowel movements, more energy and I feel my colon is working the way it should and i have definatley re thought about what i am eating and putting into my body and the evidence is shown on the scales.
I would definately recommend any of the treatments that Lynda offers.
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6 Feb 2010
Before I went to Lynda Allen at Her Therapy 4 Health I suffered with exceptionally bad back pain even visiting the chiropractor did not get rid of the pain now the pain is gone and I was also shown how to manage my pain at home. I have also tried some of the other treatments on offer they are all of an extremly high standard and fantastic value for money.
26 Jan 2010
I visited hertherapy4health for a special offer which I felt was excellent value for money. I found the massage to be very relaxing and I felt very comfortable in the hands of my therapist who offered an individual massage depending on the way I was feeling and where my aches and pains were! I have a massage on a regular basis as I find there are a number of health benefits including a better nights sleep, stress relief and the relief of constant muscle tension. The price is excellent, the therapist is at the top of her game and can answer any questions I have about the massage and importantly, the whole experience is very relaxing and I feel completely at ease with her. Read More
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