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Go Skippy is a fresh and independent insurance broker that offers car insurance at competitive prices. They endeavour to offer their clients the very best deal from their dedicated in-house team, as well as searching other available insurers. They also offer exclusive benefits such as Home Start Breakdown Recovery and 90 day European Driving cover.
With financial strength and fully qualified staff, the company offers affordable car insurance policies to the whole of the UK. The service is designed to ensure that customers pays as little as possible, whilst still receiving a top class insurance policy.

The firm offers comprehensive car insurance that is affordable and specifically designed for their clients' particular needs. The insurance policies include a wide range of other ancillary products. The policies are customisable and available to all.

Go Skippy is authorised by the Financial Services Authority.

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3 customer reviews

19 Aug 2014
Avoid… Took insurance out with Go Skippy as they were the cheapest. There's a reason why they are cheap. I'm a sales professional and follow the basics. 3 options, 1 - fast. 2 - cheap. 3 - good service. Now pick 2 BUT with Go Skippy, I'm not finding one of the above!
19 Jul 2014
We had a policy with them since October 2013, as it was the cheapest policy that we could find. Problems started to
Occur when we needed to alter the details on the policy when we moved the house and when my wife passed her driving
Test. Very straight forward change requests, you may think. However, we had to spend hours on phone, speak to five
Operators and neither of the requests are fully resolved even now.

The only way to contact them is via premium rate phone number and every time you do, you always need to listen to
Automated message containing a lot of irrelevant information before you are even placed in the queue. Our average
Waiting time in the queue was around 15 minutes and I have rapidly ran out of my mobile phone credit when I called them
For the first time (I had £5). Every single operator that we have spoken to would place us on hold in the middle of
Conversation for an average time of around 5 minutes without any good reason. The outcome of every conversation would
Be exactly the same; they would just tell you that they can't change anything on the policy, as they would have to
Submit request to their underwriter for approval. Our assumption is that the primary function of their call centre is
To generate revenue rather than provide support for their customers.

There is, off-course, an email address that you can use to avoid premium phone charges. After all, this is what they
Use to send you all the policy document and this is what you are supposed to use to send them scanned copies of your
Document. However, they can't process any change request via email, saying that they would be breaching data protection
Act if they would do so. So, when you send actual legal documents via email, that is absolutely fine, but when you ask
Them to change licence category for one of the drivers, it's not. I have read the data protection act and found nothing
For them to justify it; therefore my conclusion is that it is a shameless lie that they make to make you phone them on
Their premium-rate number.

With regards to my wife's change of driving licence, we have informed them straight away, as she passed her test on
Wednesday. The operator said that the details should be changed by the next day. As no one got back to us the next day,
We called them again and the operator said that we should allow 48 hours. We have then waited until Saturday and called
Them again. This operator has told us that the process should take a couple of working days. So my wife cannot legally
Drive our car, what she was really looking forward to. Prior to this, a similar story has happened when we moved
Address. If the company can't process such simple change requests, I don't even want to imagine how terrible they would
Be in processing claims. So I'm changing the company now.

For those who are not aware, Go Skippy is insurance broker and not the actual insurer, so all it does is acts as a
Middleman between the insurer and the customer. It is always best to buy a policy from insurers directly if you can. By
The way, many people have been complaining about difficulty getting refund from Go Skippy when they cancel their
Policy. Therefore I believe that the best solution would be to write them official "letter before action" if the
Process takes longer than you intend. This is what is done before the matter is taken to small claims court and I would
Urge anyone to google it if they had such a problem.
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26 Sep 2013
Awful insurance company this. Avoid at all costs. They cancelled my policy regarding a speeding ticket I got two years ago and then hung up on me whilst on the phone. Shocking behaviour.
Last Updated : 7 May 2013