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Glasgow Tattoo Removal
Clinc 21, 21 Rutland Place
G51 1TA

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Clinic 21 is conveniently located near Paisley Road Toll, with free parking. Glasgow Tattoo Removal provides laser tattoo removal to clients throughout Glasgow. Set up in 2006 the company has many years of experience in the Health and Beauty business.
Glasgow Tattoo Removal uses a Q switched ND Yag laser for black and red tattoos, and also the Alexandrite Trivantage by Candela, which is the only one of it's kind in Scotland, and is excellent for removing green and blue tattoos.
With fully qualified staff, the company provides a complete professional Laser Tattoo Removal service to customers who would like their tattoos removed or just faded enough for a cover - up tattoo.

The service is designed to be less expenisive than what people might think, with prices starting from only 40 pounds per treatment, depending on size, enabling customers to get on with their life without reminders of past mistakes.

How many treatments required is based on many factors. Whether the tattoo is amateur or professional, colours used, how old and how much ink is used etc.

Call today for a Free consulation, no obligation appointment.

Please note - skin must not be tanned or sunburnt, so keep covered or apply high sun factor.

Glasgow Tattoo Removal has an expanding group of customers, from Glasgow and the surrounding area, including working together with Tattoo Studios who refer customers to have tattoos faded and vice versa for a cover-up tattoos.
Last Updated : 2 Aug 2013