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Dorset Dragons Cheerleaders
QE Leisure Centre, Blandford Road
BH21 4DS

Mon - Sat: Closed   Sun: 10:30-17:30   

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The Dragons are based at QE Leisure Centre in Wimborne, Dorset, and now have 4 squads for ages 5yrs through to adult, beginner to advanced. Cheerleading is a lot of fun and keeps you fit. You'll make lots of friends and learn exciting new skills both as a team and individually.
Dragons coaches recommend that anyone who is interested in joining the programme should come along to watch a training session first, to meet everyone and see first hand what Allstar cheerleading is all about. No previous experience is neccessary as full training will be provided in a safe, structured way by experienced coaches.

Honestly, new members don't need to be flexible or able to tumble to join the Dragons programme. There is a place for everyone and all members receive lots of support and encouragement, starting from the beginning.

Head coach Emma Ward's profile:

- Cheerleading Coach since 1999:
- Founder and Head Coach of the Ashton Angels squad in Bristol.
- Founder and Head Coach of the Leeds Ladybirds squad in West Yorkshire.
- Founder and Head Coach of the Dorset Dragons squad, South Coast.
- USASF cheerleading coach Levels 1-5.
- IDTA Associate level freestyle dance teacher.
- Competitive championship freestyle dancer from ages 9 years to 22 years.
- YMCA Exercise to music instructor.
- YMCA Gym instructor.

12 customer reviews

6 Apr 2013
My daughter has been with Dorset Dragons Cheerleaders since 2010. She has competed with the Dragons Nationally since 2011.
When she started she was very shy and lacking in confidence. What a difference this program has made. Her confidence now has grown and she is no longer shy in coming forward.Emma and the other coaches are fantastic and patient. My daughter loves the family atmosphere and has made many friends. She has acheived so much here. It is fun and keeps you fit at the same time.
I would highly recommend the Dorset Dragons. Try it once and you will be hooked.
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15 Dec 2011
The dragons programme is exceptional i have been cheering for 5 years now and been with different squads. Emma is a true professional in what she does, she makes sure everyone is aware of what is happening before it happens. Safety is paramount in cheer leading and emma does an awesome job of making sure every precaution is taken. Everyone should come and check it out
5 Sep 2009
My nine year old daughter joined the squad in
June after attending some taster sessions at
Ashdown Leisure centre that Emma was
running. She loves the Monday training
session where she has learnt new skills, and is
the first out of bed on Sundays for squad
training! I feel long term being part of the
DRAGONS squad will do so much for my
daughter's confidence and self esteem.
Emma is extremely motivated and passionate
about the squad and is fantastic at
communicating with everyone through various
methods. As a family we are all looking
forward to attending the DRAGONS first
competition in November!
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5 Sep 2009
Awesome. I've learned so much since I started.
15 Jun 2009
Emma came to Ashdown Technology College to do some Cheer leading Taster workshops and the students loved it. She was very professional and provided an exciting and fun workshop and ensured all students were taking part safely. She is an excellent leader and i would recommend the sessions she takes as she knows her stuff! Big thank you for the workshops.
4 Jun 2009
I've been in the Dorset Dragon's senior team for about 10 weeks now and i feel very much part of the Dragons family. Being a part time gymnast and trampolinist its what i really enjoy! Everyone is so welcoming and the working atmosphere is just right. Emma is really kind and understanding and i cant fault anything to do with the Dragons! I would definitely suggest it for any gymnasts or dancers or even people who have no previous experience. :) D.R.A.G.O.N.S!! Read More
4 Jun 2009
They are always professional as well as being well organized. My daughter always comes out of every training session with a big smile on her face and always has fun which is what its all about
4 Jun 2009
I am part of the competition squad, skills night and display squad and I find them all really fun! The environment is great and the people involved are so friendly. Emma the coach is amazing, she makes us all feel good and keeps us motivated! Since I have started I have gained a lot more confidence. When I started i had no cheer experience but since I have been part of Dorset Dragons, I have learnt lots about team work and all the stunts! I am very grateful for Emma for starting such an awesome cheer squad. Read More
18 Mar 2009
I am a member of the Dorset Dragons, and
can honestly say its great!!
Emma makes it very enjoyable, as well as
being totally safe.
The hall in which we train, is well equipped
for a cheerleading squad, with high ceilings
a sprung floor!
Emma knows alot about cheerleading, which
helps when teaching others to be great
cheerleaders, which im sure, in time, we will
all be!
Cheerleading with the Dragons isnt just fun,
we take every session seriously, with high
hopes for the future competitions!!
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18 Mar 2009
This is amazing i thought i would ever do a thing like this in my life but i really do enjoy it and we really do need some more males so come on guys join and try it please because its such an amazing sport!!.
18 Mar 2009
I have now been in all 3 All Star Cheerleading Squads in the Dorset area, and this is by far the best. Poole Dolphins was dreadful in many aspects, Bournemouth Twisters Cheer Academy was good, but Dorset Dragons will be by far the best in many ways. I love the teaching methods-we make progress really quickly and I am learning so much. Coach Emma is friendly, motivating and dedicated. I am looking forward to finally getting to compete in a Cheer division with a soon to be fantastic squad! Read More
17 Mar 2009
I am a member of Dorset Dragons Allstars and am in the senior team. I would reccommend joining the squad to anyone who is interested in dance, gymnastics or stunting. No experience is nessisary to join as full training can be given by our highly experienced and dedicated coach. All that is asked for people wishing to join the competition squads is that people are commited and enthusiastic. The training sessions are great fun, and are a great way to keep fit and flexible. We train in a well equipped gymnastics hall with sprung floor which is good to prepare us for the sprung floor at competitions. We are currently working towards our first competition in November this year which i am really excited about. (Having been to cheerleading competitions with my previous cheer squad, i know what an amazing feeling it is to be out on the floor dancing infront of thousands of people and the adrenelie rush you get) Dorset Dragons are expanding and progressing so quickly and i'm really proud to be part of such a professional and friendly organisation. Read More
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