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The Old Post Office, in the centre of Warwick, the historical building now housing The Chiropractic Network

CORE Physiatry
The Old Post Office, first floor, 4 Old Square
CV34 4RA

Mon: 07:00-20:00   Tue: 07:00-20:00   Wed: 09:30-17:00   Thu: 07:00-20:00   Fri: 07:00-13:30   Sat / Sun: -   

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With many years' experience in the clinical healthcare industry, Core Physiatry offers unparalleled results and service backed by the unique money back guarantee to back pain sufferers throughout the UK. Founded in 2007, the clinic is based in the Old Post Office, in the centre of Warwick and a specialist branch in Central London.
With thousands of patients treated Stefaan Vossen, the lead spinal physiatrist with Oliver Hobkirk-Smith and Marie Vossen, both chiropractors at this splendid clinic in the centre of Warwick, work with some of the UK's leading athletes and athletic clubs.

The clinic specialises in the long-term relief of chronic back pain and back-related conditions. Stefaan Vossen is the pioneer behind the Medical Assure guarantee scheme which saw him become the first back pain specialist able to guarantee results.

With state of the art computerised facilities and fully trained and qualified staff, the clinic is able to offer highly professional treatment and management for back pain sufferers of the Warwickshire and surrounding area. The service is specifically designed to offer cost effective and efficient care, enabling clients to live better, pain free lives.

The services at this clinic are of the highest standard and the team is confident that your goals will be achieved.

By identifying exactly what is the underlying cause of your muscle spasm, arthritis, facet sprain, disc bulge etc. It can be treated effectively and stopped from happening again. The clinic is equipped at the highest level and offers a unique money back guarantee so there is no waste of any more money or time.

The clinic is managed by Stefaan Vossen and Christine Heap. He has dedicated most of his professional career to the chiropractic profession after training as a physiotherapist and specialising in neurological rehabilitation. In the pursuit of advancing standards he has now retired from chiropractic practice and works as a spinal physiatrist with specialist intrest in complex, long-term conditions. Stefaan Vossen has built up a unique clinic with a focus on spinal rehabilitation and the recovery from back pain and neck pain. With over 150 years of clinical expertise in the family he is uniquely placed to run this beautiful clinic and build on the results he has achieved so far. He is a frequent lecturer and is involved in research across the UK. He is covered by some healthcare insurers and receives referrals from local GP's, hospital consultants and other healthcare professionals.

62 customer reviews

Chipping Campden
7 Jun 2014
This is truly a unique clinic. I went with some scepticism with a very back back - an operation has been recommended and I was trying to avoid this. The Reception staff are friendly,efficient and professional, Stefaan is outstanding both in his attitude to his work and his clinic and in his professionalism. Very sadly he was not able to help me but then, amazingly,the money back guarantee cut in and a few days later I received a cheque. I highly recommend Stefaan and the Core clinic. Read More
Leamington Spa
5 Nov 2013
I have been a patient of Marie’s now for about 6 months. I came to her with a slipped disc in my neck from a fall about 10 years ago, and a worsening back problem, which stopped me sleeping at times unless I had my knees up in my mouth!
I started getting treatment on my neck after the fall, first with the Hospital physiotherapy, then private chiropractors, yet after a while the pain was getting no better and I was simply throwing my money away.
Since meeting Marie, she started by completing a full assessment and asking questions that had never been asked previously. I saw her once a week for the first couple of months and even after the very first treatment I started to feel better.
The difference with Marie is that the treatment she is giving to me is increasing the time I go without pain and also increasing the number of activities I can do without hitting the pain barrier again.
I am now seeing her once every 3 weeks and as I write this, 5 days away from my next visit, I have no pain in either neck or back.
It has enabled me to start running (returned 2 hours ago and feel great) which I would never have done before this treatment, the jarring of the neck would have put me out of action and onto strong painkillers within a hour Great service, I’m so pleased I met Marie, and a very professional business, run by a friendly and efficient team.
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17 May 2013
I never cease to be amazed by Stefaan's constant drive to provide exceptional and revolutionary services for everyone at an accessible price. I have been a patient at Core Physiarty for a number of years now and will continue to be for years to come! I do not believe you could find better value for money for this exceptional service anywhere else.
7 May 2013
I went to Core Physiatry initially with some scepticism in relation to my back problems which I have had for many years. I was very pleasantly surprised and after a few visits, things started to improve and I now don't even think about it any more.
Middleton Cheney
28 Apr 2013
Stefan was recommended to me by a fellow polo player with a long back and similar lower back complaints. Stefan got to the bottom of my problems immediately - one leg longer than the other, pelvis tilted, neck not in alignment, poor posture etc. I continue to see him regularly as not only do I immediately notice a difference to my body and pain, but also, when I don't go to see him, my body shuts down very quickly and is then ten times worse to repair than had I kept going. Read More
26 Apr 2013
i have been a patient at CORE Physiatry for atleast 5 years, actually it was a different name when I joined but due to a condition a have developed or had maybe for more years than I agreed to I can't remember the name.
I have allways been welcomed with very friendly and happy receptionists, my treatment has been very good and enouraged me to continue doing the things I love like going to the jim and bike riding this might sound much but to me it is great to know that I will not be causing myself any more damage.

I truely believe that if it was not for Steffan I would not be in as good health phisically and mentaly as I am to day. I allso would have no understanding
of my condition as every time I visit poor Steffan has to try and explain to me what is going on and he does listen to my complaining and confusions.
It doesnt seem to matter what condition my back neck and shoulders are in I allways come out feeeling much better, a bit like another apointment I keep each week.
To sum this up steffan has helped to put my phisical body back together so I can cope with it, allso my understanding of pain and the confusion of another condition I have.
I will be greatful to him allso to the rest off the team for a long time to come.
I could say more but I havent any more time and it would probably take to much space.
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Leamington Spa
21 Apr 2013
Stefaan has worked on my lower back and also adjusted my 16 year old son. Both with excellent results. Stefaan is the ultimate professional -one has complete trust in him. And he succeeds in making the entire experience a pleasant and enjoyable one. Christine, Lin and Lisa in reception are also excellent -efficient and friendly!
19 Apr 2013
I've been attending for over a year now having used a voucher to cover the cost of the first 3 sessions - and I've kept coming back for more. I won't lie, it has completely changed my life.
18 Apr 2013
I was in a lot of pain with my back, when I came to see you, I am now 90 percent better and still having treatment. The treatment you gave me stopped me having to have an operation, which I didn't want, I am very grateful to you, Lynn whiteley.
17 Apr 2013
I've been in the hands, so to speak, of Stefaan for getting on for 3 years now and I've undergone a steady transformation. From waking up in pain, bent over and generally feeling low, I rarely have any lower back problems, I do more sport and even finished a half marathon last month. I certainly feel in capable hands.
16 Apr 2013
Stefaan keeps three generations of our family on their feet. His practice represents exceptional value for money as our only source of health insurance. I am at the duller end of his clientele, needing an occasional back health overhaul to substitute for my lack of core exercise. His ministrations have kept me up and active through two pregnancies and beyond. Stefaan and his team at Warwick are always unfailingly professional and courteous. The warmth of all the staff puts people at their ease. I have been intrigued to watch him work on our oldest child (from 4-6 years old)to correct an imbalance which would have caused more problems if left. He was always able to accurately predict the effect of his work. We are well looked after. Stefaan deserves his success. Thankyou. Read More
Leamington Spa
16 Apr 2013
I have visited several chiropractioners over the years. Core Physiatry is the first place I have used where they have really taken the time to talk to me and do a full and detailed assesment of my back problems. The time taken to put together a treatment programme and talk it through with me was invaluable. My expectations were clearly set at the start of the treatment and I have always felt that I am getting the best treatment available. All the staff at the Warwick practice are professional but also very friendly and welcoming. It's a five star service without the five star price tag.
Best and most important of all, I am now pain free!
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16 Apr 2013
Fantastic, has really improved the quality of. My lifestyle. Has reduced lower back pain a lot.
16 Apr 2013
For the last six months I have been visiting Dr. Oliver Hobkirk-Smith at Core Physiatry. Neck pain from an injury sustained during a road traffic accident 24 years ago has completely disappeared - as has my lower back pain. My general well being has improved and symptoms of Fibromyalgia are far more manageable. I would highly recommend the clinic in general and Oliver in particular. The positive outcomes for my health have been invaluable. Read More
Leamington Spa
16 Apr 2013
Stefaan has done a great job in getting me back active again and able to actually lift things. The experience has been very good and enjoyable. I think that at times Chris and Lin are over worked (and under paid !) and as a result, sometimes liaising with third parties is not as good as Core would hope.
Last Updated : 7 May 2014