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For 30 years Jeannette DuPont has worked with the Tarot to provide spiritual insights and boasts hundreds of testimonials from people all around the world.
An accomplished Psychic Artist and Tarot specialist, Jeannette provides astonishingly accurate spirit drawings, readings with future predictions and confident spiritual advice for all her clients.

Receiving rave reviews for her work, she boasts personal clients in Dubai, New York, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, France, Spain, Norway, Belgium, China and South Africa who regularly seek her advice through private consultations over the telephone and in person.
She can now be seen on TV3 in Ireland providing live psychic readings.

To know more about her please visit her website and check out her testimonials.

A director and principal tutor of the School of Spiritual Studies, Jeannette offers circles, workshops, seminars and courses offering unique insights into the world of spiritual medium-ship.

Healer mentoring provided by Jeannette is very appropriate for anyone interested in beginning their training or finely tuning their spiritual healing knowledge and techniques.

Courses are available throughout the year and details can be found on Jeannette's website.

During public demonstrations, Jeannette DuPont works closely with her husband/business partner Julian Law who shares with the audiences his own special healing abilities.

Working with her spirit Guides, Caring Clairvoyant - Jeannette DuPont is happy to explore unknown factors that can influence life choices using her Tarot, Medium-ship, Clair-audience, Clair-cognizance and Clairvoyance.

Registered and insured (Westminster Indemnity Insurance).

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131 customer reviews

3 May 2014
I had a reading with Jeanette in May 2013.
Very professional service and a nice lady. Though predictions regarding my career and personal life did not come to pass at all. I know a person can't make things happen in my life, though I'd rather not be told all these great things would happen if they definitely won't happen. I built up so hope and got excited for nothing.
On the other hand she did accurately describe my daughters character and interests which I was impressed by. Read More
21 Mar 2014
Thank you for today's recorded reading Jeanette. You were totally on point about so many things happening in the present and I am very excited about my future. Your reading was worth the wait. God bless. Patrick.
5 Aug 2013
As it is now exactly eighteen months to the day (6th August 2014) since the reading was carried out, I've decided to completely rewrite the review. What follows is a comprehensive factual account of what has happened during those eighteen months, with emotion entirely removed. Be warned that this is an extremely long and boring review, but it is offered in the hope that it may shed some light on the extraordinary reading of 6th February 2013; although what happened on that date, and why it happened, will probably remain a mystery until I myself am back in the spirit world.

The first event which occurred during the reading was that a lady came through from spirit. I have no doubt that this was genuine, as the same lady has since appeared in other sittings. Originally, Mrs. Dupont thought it was my mother. Exactly who she is remains a mystery. She came through “on a motherly vibration.” On 14th November 2013, I had a sitting with a medium who I have also reviewed on this site (Roy Mackay), and this lady came through again.

During the February reading, Mrs. Dupont gave me the name “Emily”, and also said that she saw ships, and that this lady was connected around them. She also said that this lady had been in spirit for around 13 years.

I did have two uncles who were in the Royal Navy during World War II, and who were both killed on their 21st birthday in March 1945. I have managed to find evidence of an “Emily Wardle” who was married in Peterborough (where the family came from) in 1947, which would be consistent with a death date of 2000. Of course, none of this is any kind of proof, as it could be a different family altogether. In order to take my research any further, I would have needed to pay money which I can ill afford to lose.

These uncles were on my father's side of the family. Roy also referred to this lady as a “mother link/grandmother link”, yet he seemed to think she was on the mother's side of the family. He said “She is so close to you!” As someone who only perceives the world through five senses, I'm not even sure what “close” would mean in this context. Her being on the father's side is more likely, as my father had six brothers while my mother was an only child. Whatever the truth is, I will probably never know.

The reading of February 2013 then went into what are presumably called “fairy cards” or “faerie cards” - I'm not sure of the spelling as I only have an audio recording. The strongest theme of that section of the reading was that I would move home in the summer. It didn't happen, but this theme of moving keeps returning time and time again. During Roy's sitting, the “mother link/grandmother link” kept saying that moving was the most important factor, and I was told explicitly “You ARE going to move!”

Roy said he saw a move happening in June the following year (2014), but that hasn't happened either. During June, on the 12th, I had a short sitting with yet another medium (Jean Foster), who went straight to the issue of moving within the first five minutes. She said that I needed to move, but that emotional attachment to the current property was keeping me held there. I am not aware of any such attachment, but I have tried to perform “emotional release rituals” to get rid of anything which may remain. As I write this, in August 2014, my case has now gone to the Local Government Ombudsman. Whether I have any hope of getting a move, I have no idea. I have even less idea what I am going to do if I don't, as everything else in my life seems to be waiting for that to happen.

The main tarot reading was one of unbridled optimism, which has proven to be entirely false and entirely misplaced. It was predicted that things would be difficult for me until the end of May (2013), but then I would find a solution and everything would be good from then on. Mrs. Dupont's exact words were “I look at these cards, shows me you'll always have enough!”, and “every single card which has come out for you financially has been a positive one.”

Well, were are now long past May 2014, never mind May 2013, and there is no sign whatsoever of a solution, or any upturn in my fortunes. I am currently living on less income than dole claimants, and the situation is becoming more desperate every day. I have no idea why, I can only state the facts as they are. How I wish those facts were different.

There was one extraordinary prediction which was made during the reading of February 2013, and that was that I would become involved in a romantic relationship. This was explicitly stated, in such phrases as “Love is coming to you, my darling!” and “this year is about you developing relationships, finding love, and a committed shared partnership!” That prediction is extraordinary, because it is a physical impossibility. I have a disability which entirely precludes such activities, and I have lived a totally solitary life.

What was even more extraordinary was that Mrs. Dupont even described characteristics of the person who was supposed to be coming into my life. They were “very caring, very loving”, “had connections overseas”, and “were now back in this country.”

To add insult to injury, Roy Mackay in November also said he saw a lady coming into my life. He didn't, though, make any predictions of actual union. A friendship is obviously technically possible, if extremely unlikely.

Needless to say, as I write this in August 2014, no ladies have miraculously appeared in my life. I can offer no explanation for these grotesque predictions, I merely offer them here as part of this factual account because they were genuinely made.

What did happen in May 2013 was that the one platonic friend I had suddenly turned viciously against me for no apparent reason, and disappeared from my life for good. Why does the most beautiful, deeply loving, genuinely caring individual you could ever wish to meet suddenly start hating someone for no reason? I will never know, but the hole in my life will remain forever. Everything which happened to me was the exact opposite of what was predicted. The reading said things would be difficult for me until the end of May, and then they would get better. In reality, March, April and May 2013 were relatively calm and optimistic months, and then the hammer fell and my life went into meltdown right at the point where it was supposed to improve.

Why did this happen? I have absolutely no idea. At the exact time this happened, I got in touch with a negative energy specialist (Len Walker – not on this site but easily found through a search engine) to see if I was possessed by any kind of demon or negative spirit. Len found and removed a minor fragment, but nothing which could account for the kind of ongoing trouble I have encountered through my entire existence.

In June, when it became obvious that none of the predictions made in February had even the slightest chance of coming to fruition, I sought counsel from another experienced medium (not on this site). I wasn't unhappy with the result, although it didn't really tell me anything. However, two days later the medium refunded my money without even consulting me first, and sent an email saying that it was the worst reading they had given in thirty years, and that they couldn't keep my money. They said they continually felt blocked when they tried to reach me.

On to the 1st July, and I had a tarot reading from another reader on this site, who also offers therapy (Natalie Lewis). The tarot reading told me nothing, but halfway through the reading the reader stopped and said “I keep feeling you're blocking me, is there any way you can be more open?” Of course, I hadn't the faintest idea what they were talking about – I was just sitting there in a relaxed state trying to make it as easy as possible for the reader. At the end, they said that if I went to them for healing, they would not be able to do it because I was so energetically blocked it would have no chance of working.

At this point, I hadn't got a clue where to turn next. It was obvious that the rosy predictions of February were nothing more than a callous illusion, and that I had to pull off some kind of energetic miracle even to have a chance for any therapeutic treatment to work.

On 6th August 2013, exactly a year ago as I write these words, I came across a psychic practitioner of a totally different type, who I have also reviewed on this site (Lisa B. Magdalena). This person's range of therapeutic skills is nothing short of staggering, and they diagnosed the difficulty perfectly within the first twenty minutes over a Skype connection. Between 15th August 2013 and 2nd October 2013, I underwent some of the most intensive therapy imaginable, much of it focused around “rescuing” my Inner Child energy, which had become frozen in time during the extremely brutal and violent childhood I had suffered.

Following this, I went back to the practitioner who had told me that I was too energetically blocked to even be eligible for treatment, and this time they said that my energy felt completely different. I had four sessions of what they call Intuitive Core Healing therapy, ending on 13th December.

I do believe that a dramatic transformation did occur at an energetic level during the last five months of 2013, but that has not translated into even the slightest change in my outward circumstances. The tunnel remains as dark as ever, without the slightest sign of a light anywhere. I continue to work tirelessly every day on the exercises given, but nothing now appears to be moving.

In 2014, I have had just the one sitting with a medium, on 12th June, which I mentioned earlier. What came through then was that I was somehow holding myself to the property I need to move from, through emotional attachment. Needless to say, I've done everything possible to try to release that.

Those are the facts, make of them what you will. Obviously, the reading I had on 6th February 2013 with Mrs. Dupont was 100% inaccurate. Listening to it now, 18 months later, it feels like it must be someone else's reading. The question is, Why? Was it just a load of invented drivel from someone who fakes psychic readings? Possibly. I certainly have no evidence to prove it wasn't. In fairness to Mrs. Dupont, there are several pages of positive testimonials on this site, although I must admit to being concerned by the fact that all of them seem to have been written within a day or two of the reading being carried out. You cannot review a twelve month psychic reading after one day. That is not a review, it is a preview.

What are the other possibilities? Could the predictions have come from “potentials”, which would have been possible had I not been so energetically blocked? That is also possible, although absolutely nothing has changed in the eight months since the therapy to remove the blockages concluded. Could it be that I need to move home and into better energy domestically for any of the other benefits to occur? Maybe, but why are there so many predictions for moves which simply never happen? Anyway, if blockages have somehow prevented good things from occurring, why were those blockages not seen and pointed out during the reading?

One of Len Walker's theories is that negative energy forms or malevolent spirits can interfere with readers and force them give out inaccurate and dangerous information. That theory would appear to fit perfectly in this case, if you consider the February reading in isolation. Every single aspect of the reading was inaccurate, and some of the suggestions made by the “spirit guides” led me into situations where I sustained grievous losses. However, the fragment had been removed long before I had the sitting with Roy Mackay in November, and much of the same insanity also surfaced there.

Could the “mother link/grandmother link” herself be a malevolent spirit? It seems highly likely when you consider some of the insulting and meaningless drivel which came out in November, but Roy Mackay claims to have protections in place to stop malevolent spirits interfering.

Is it possible that a person's own spirit guides deliberately give them false information, to get them into nasty and extremely distressing situations just so emotional traumas which need to be dealt with come to the surface? That is honestly what seems to have happened in my case. The question is, where does it all go from here?

Mrs Dupont told me in June of 2013 that she wouldn't be able to try to help me make any sense of what had happened, because she was not giving readings at that time. I have no doubt that this was honest and above board, as there are hardly any reviews on this site from the past year.

I have another sitting booked with Roy Mackay for 4th September. What will come through is anybody's guess. I'll update my review of his service when I have enough information to be able to do so coherently.

Once again, I apologise for the long and boring review. I just felt it was necessary to try to give some kind of insight into possible reasons why my reading with Mrs Dupont went so tragically wrong. I don't have any answers, I only wish I did. If you can make one iota of sense out of what has happened to me in the last eighteen months, you are doing a lot better than I am, and I have lived through it all.

In all fairness, I do have to mention that Mrs Dupont did say during the reading that “I've not had many readings like this!” So, if you are thinking of having your own reading, it seems unlikely that you will suffer the same fate. Be aware of the possibility, though, that you may look back in eighteen months' time and wonder how such a woefully inaccurate reading could ever have been given for you. That is the position I find myself in on this very day.
Read More
Company response : Having read Andrews in depth review I can understand his anxiety and indeed it is strange to consider that none of the foretold events have come to be as of this date. However I know I only work in the light and do not have any malignant spiritual connections. I personally had a reading from a gentleman from Leeds many years ago - I had it recorded ( one of the reasons I always record my sessions) at the time it was absolutely ridiculous - there was nothing in the reading that bore any relation to my life - my sister and family listened to it and laughed out loud. I threw the recording into a draw more angry with myself for being taken in than anything else. 7 years later as I was moving home I found the tape and decided to listen to it as I packed my belongings 'for a laugh' I was amazed as every single thing that was said was 100% in tune with my life at that moment and it confirmed many things for me and helped me to feel confident in decisions I was making. There is no time with spirit - I ask that the readings I make are for the immediate period ahead however I cannot be 100% certain that events will transpire within that time frame. Anyone who knows me will realise that I am totally dedicated to helping people find peace and self understanding and I never wish to cause distress to anyone. Due to other commitments my spiritual work is now limited but I will always strive to help and advise when possible. I wish Andrew luck and though in my heart believe he will one day as I did, look back and realise the issue was timing and nothing more, but in the meantime I will send him healing energy to help build the strength he needs to deal with his problems.
12 Feb 2013
I have just had a reading today and l have to say Jeannette was very warm, welcoming, and put me a t some ease. She was quite accurate regarding my father and brother, and grandmother(in spirit). She picked up on my husbands(living) personality spot on. Also was very astute in the way my life and the way l was feeling at this time. Obviously some of the things she says that are going to happen are difficult to comment on, but l am hoping they are true. I have had many dealings with other readings from other people in the past and been left bitterly let down and dissapointed. Not so with Jeannette. Although £45 is quite expensive l would go again and can recommend her as good value, l got allot longer than the quoted time. Lovely, kind, bubbly lady. Thank you. And l hope you will be proved right. I will let you know. Sue (from Scarborough). Read More
Chester le Street
9 Feb 2013
I have had a reading with Jeanette this week and was really amazed at how she knew exactly what I was going through at this time and gave me hope for the future when I could see nothing positive ahead. Jeannette knew nothing about me except that I was female and yet she was so accurate. I felt so much better after the reading and am looking forward rather than back. Thankyou so much.
Company response : Thank you, it is lovely to know I have helped :)
5 Feb 2013
Jeannettes abilities amaze me each time I have had a reading with her. I recently had my 4th reading and it was as accurate as ever. I choose to return to Jeannette for further readings as they have always come about even the prediction of me having a daughter when I was booked in to be sterilised (as I already had 4 boys). Jeannettes manner is friendly and relaxed and instantly puts you at ease. I feel empowered to take charge of my life after a reading with Jeannette. Continue your amazing work Jeannette you are truly in tune with the universe. Read More
Company response : Thank you for this lovely recommendation of my work x
3 Dec 2012
Jeanette's reading responded to ALL of my concerns without any additional input from me, not even my date of birth or that of my husbands. The level of insight was remarkable. Of course only time will tell if the insights and predictions were accurate. I feel lighter and have adjusted my mind set already. I intend to keep the faith and hope and pray that the reading represents what's possible. I was nervous about the reading but Jeanette's warmth and humour made me feel safe. I am so glad that I did it and intend to book another one in the future. Thanks Jeanette. Read More
3 Dec 2012
I have been consulting with Jeannette over the past months and I must say that she has been absolutely spot on! Even before I say anything, she answers all of my questions! Jeannette is truly gifted and I always come out of the reading in a more peaceful state of mind...!
14 Nov 2012
Absolutely brilliant. Within minutes of talking she had been contacted by my beloved grandad and knew my situation without me saying anything! Thank you Jeannette!!
Company response : Thank you for this lovely review - so glad you found the experience beneficial x.
Abbots Langley
10 Oct 2012
Thank you so much Jeannette! You probably don't know how much you have helped me, I was feeling very lost and confused. Your honesty set me free, you told me what I needed to hear (not always what I wanted to hear. ) I am going to take everything on board that you said and make sure that I learn from the experience and become a better person. I wish you happiness in your life, thank you for sharing your gift with the world. You will be hearing from me again in a year's time. Read More
9 Oct 2012
I would just like to say how much I enjoyed my reading. I thought it was very accurate what you said about myself and the type of person I am and about my estranged husband and the troubles there. Im looking forward to the future and seeing what that brings and you have given me alot to think about. Many thanks again from Liz Ezehi.
Company response : It's always nice to know I've helped - thank you for your kind comments
15 Aug 2012
I've had my first phone reading with Jeannette this morning and I came out speechless Everything she described was absolutely spot on! I had no need to give her any information from my side as she described all the things that I have been keeping to myself for such a long time and yet she would describe them so accurately in only few minutes! I felt very warm and at times emotional as noI've had my first phone reading with Jeannette this morning and I came out speechless... Everything she described was absolutely spot on! I had no need to give her any information from my side as she described all the things that I have been keeping to myself for such a long time and yet she would describe them so accurately in only few minutes...! I felt very warm and at times emotional as no one would give me the confirmation on things that I needed and Jeannette kindly showed me the way out of my troubles... She was very kind and sensitive on how to put her words together to let me know about things that I may not have necessarily wanted to hear.. I feel that Jeannette has so much empathy towards people in general that she knows where you stand emotionally and knows how to convey the messages that are given by her cards. I'm very grateful to have found her and having this reading really put my mind at peace... Thank you so much Jeannette! Read More
Company response : Thank you for taking the time to submit this review. I am really pleased to have helped you find the peace you required. I wish you a very happy life Jeannette DuPont
29 Jul 2012
Brilliant would not hesitate to see jeanette again could have sat with her all day didnt want the reading to end.
28 Jul 2012
Excellent reading and a lovely lady who truly lives up to her "caring clairvoyant" name! Jeannette was spot on and really helped me. I wouldn't hesitate going to see her again or recommending her to any of my friends, which I have done already! Thankyou so much! x.
2 Jul 2012
I had a reading a few weeks ago, and to be honest I didn't know what to make of it. However, during that reading Jeanette was spot on when talking about my husband. She said to me that if I wanted a little girl that she was waiting for me - I have since found out this morning that I am pregnant! She also said that she saw the hydroplant with me alongside a baby (which refers to doctors). I assumed that this was for me, however I have a newborn newphew who is desperately sick and so I see a link with that too. She also gave me good advice on my future relocation plans, which she couldn't have known about. I have to say that I had readings with 3 clairvoyvants and Jeanette's has proved to be the most accurate. I only hope that the rest of my reading is as accurate. Thank you so much Jeannette xx. Read More
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