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Brighton Implant Clinic
12 Church Road

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Brighton Implant Clinic provide affordable dental implants and cosmetic dentistry utilising the most advanced technology and expertise. Brighton Implant Clinic has been designed specifically to provide dental implants to patients at an affordable price. Brighton Implant Clinic provides dental implants to many patients every year in Brighton and Hove and throughout the South East.
Dental treatments available include preventative and aesthetic dentistry, porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, cosmetic bonding and tooth whitening, dental implant surgery, 'Same Day Dentures' and 'All-on-4' fixed teeth.

Brighton Implant Clinic's specialist expertise and cutting edge techniques help create perfect smiles in the least amount of time, and at the lowest cost.

The surgeries also provide Intravenous Sedation to help customers to relax during surgery, especially helpful to those with a common dental phobia. Sedation dentistry is a safe and anxiety-free experience.

Brighton Implant Clinic has a growing customer base, located throughout the UK, including some international clients as well.

The company is managed by Dr Bruno Silva who has worked within the dental implant treatments industry since 2003. Dr bruno silva is experienced to manage the both simple and complex dental implant treatments, having previously studied at Kings College, London. Dr Silva completed the MClinDent masters degree from Kings College in London.

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202 customer reviews

26 Jun 2014
I had done a lot of research before going to the Brighton Implant Clinic, including the brand of implants used, volume of implants done, qualifications of staff etc. My only concern was that being cheap, it would be a "conveyor belt" service and there would be a "hard sell" to try to get you to have as much work done as possible, but I found this not to be the case. I was impressed with Dr Bruno and felt I was in good hands as he has done so many implants. The aftercare I received has been good and I think you would struggle to find a better place to have implants unless you spend a lot more (a local dentist charges £4,500!). Read More
24 May 2014
Two years on and I forget that I have two molar implants. No problems with them at all and have recommended the Brighton Implant Clinic to lots of friends in this part of the country.
23 May 2014
I have had my Implants since 2010 and have never never had a problem.
With them from completion in 2010 and I was 79 years old at the time.
Forand now almost 84 and still the best teeth in my head. At the time the work was carried out I had no pain although the noise when drilling.
Into the jaw bone could be disturbing to some patients but it is harmless.
Thank you to a team that also give a folow up to see all is well and keep records for future referance. Mr John R Allen MBE. Read More
15 May 2014
When I first started checking to see about the possibility of having an implant I was shocked at the high prices and wondered if I could afford it.
I then came across the Brighton Implant clinic with such competitive prices. I decided to make an appointment to discuss and see for myself.
Immediately I saw the clinic was new with the most up to date equipment.
Mr Silva spent time explaining the process and filled me with confidence due to his kind and professional manner.
I have had two implants and my wife has had one.
The process was painless and the results excellent.
To bring this procedure within the reach of ordinary folk is commendable.
I don't hesitate to recommend Mr Silva to my friends and wish him every success for the future. Mr C. Betts.
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West Wickham
11 May 2014
I had two gaps in my top row of teeth which I used to wear a metal plate to fill. Owing to having some new crowns made either side the plate no longer fitted. I went to see Dr Silva for a consultation. How glad am I that I did! I now have two implants which look and feel as though they are completely natural. Dr Silva and his team put me completely at ease through out the whole procedure from beginning to end. Any questions I had were answered fully and satisfactorily. No longer do I have to go through the discomfort I felt from eating with a plate. I can't thank Dr Silva enough, and can't recommend him highly enough! My only regret is that I didn't go to him sooner. Read More
7 May 2014
Brighton Implant Clinic removed my last 2 teeth (the rest were on a denture). Bruno did a "teeth on 4" on the 11th May 2013. I was put into a hazy like sleep and didnt feel a thing when he was doing the 4 implants. When Bruno was finished l went to a local hotel to recover to await my "teeth on 4".
A few hours later I was called back and Bruno put in my temporary new teeth. They were wonderful, I kept them for 6 months but had to go and get the "Real Deal"
The Teeth on 4 have been in 6 months now, I can eat anything. I cant feel them, they dont move or need anything to keep them from slipping. Absolutely the right thing for me.
Thankyou Bruno and not forgetting the team of others.
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3 Apr 2014
I came to the clinic needing all my lower teeth removed and implants on a bridge. This is usually done with 4 implants but because my bones werent good, one had to be removed and in the end I had 8, Bruno took a lot of time, patience and care over an l8 mth period and i'm pleased to say that I am very happy with the outcome, which is a full set of sturdy teeth, so thank you to Bruno and all the ladies who assisted.

Jaques Alston - Hastings.
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19 Mar 2014
My appointment to have a front incisor replaced was at 08:00hrs yesterday. I met Dr. Hernandez and her team at 08:30 and by 09:20 the implant, aside from temporary and permanent tooth was complete.
I have to say that I have NEVER felt so relaxed, secure and certain that things were going to go to plan as to my time with Diana and her team and while a procedure like this is more than likely going to result in positive reviews and feelings from patients, I cannot recommend this practise highly enough.
(Plus its not everyday you get someone with the grace and charm as Penelope Cruz to perform a brilliant surgical procedure on you every day)!
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27 Feb 2014
I would unreservedly recommend Brighton Implant Clinic for your dental needs. The service I received far exceeded my expectations throughout the year I attended the Clinic for my Implant. Genuinely amazed that the whole experience was pain free!
7 Jan 2014
My old tooth bridge broke and there was no way to put the new one. I had to face a decision of having implants or partial denture. My gums got very sensitive and infected. I was appointed to see Dr. Federico Brunner in BIC Hailsham clinic. I was very lucky to have such a talented doctor to help me in this situation. After discussing my treatment plan we decided to put 4 implants – three in the place of the broken bridge and one in the upper jaw. The treatment took some time as wounds had to heal and I had to have some bone augmentation too on my upper jaw. All procedures were performed with great skills and very gently. I have these 4 implants already for about a year now and I can’t say how pleased I am. There is no difference between my own teeth and the new ones. I would think the new one ones are even better. I can’t feel them in my mouth. All feels so natural.
This month I am going for a routine check up. My mouth feels well and healthy. I want to thank Dr Brunner and his dental nurse Maria who were so professional during all treatment time.
I would like to encourage anyone who has problematic teeth to visit BIC Hailsham dental clinic for advice and treatment.
Thank you very much Dr. Brunner and all staff.
Daiva Judges, Bexhill-on-Sea.
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12 Dec 2013
I had a single implant, front top incisor, fitted by Dr. Federico Brunner this year, and I cannot speak highly enough of the whole experience. The Hailsham staff were friendly and helpful throughout. Dr. Brunner was faultless - he works to the highest standard and the finished product is perfect.
I had had a crown for 40 years prior, but I was always aware of it. The implant is so good, (without that telltale dark edge that my old crown had), and feels just like a real tooth that most of the time I forget that its there! Even friends and family who knew that I was having the procedure forget to ask because the final product looks so natural. Read More
27 Nov 2013
For everyone who wants (or needs) to have dental implant surgery - please look no further! Dr. Brunner, Maria and the team at Hailsham Branch of the Brighton Implant Centre have demonstrated just how a potentially anxious procedure can actually become a pleasent experience! Right from the first consultation I was treated with respect and compassion. Dr. Brunner explained all the possible complications and showed pictures of similar procedures to help me understand the process. Unlike previous consultations with other dentists, Dr. Brunner printed out a comprehensive and very detailed treatment pack so that each stage of the treament was outlined wih the pricing structure. I never felt under pressure to chose the Brighton Implant Centre, but the decision was easy!
I felt no pain during the procedure as every care was taken to ensure that pain was avoided. There was enevitably some discomfort for a few days after the initial surgery, but then I had several visits for check ups and treatment. Dr. Brunner is a perfectionist and he is very passionate about his job so he wanted to ensure that my gum line and smile was perfect! The treatment room was spotless with sterile procedures and hygeine always adhered to. Today I had my new crowns fitted and Dr. Brunner may not realise just what an impact this has had on my life.... I can smile with pride and eating is no longer uncomfortable.
Some people may think that it is an expensive procedure but.... When you realise all the equipment, time, materials, technician time.... etc. That goes with the whole procedure then actually I believe it was excellent value for money.
I cannot speak more highly of Dr. Brunner, Maria, the reception staff, the technicians and all those who were involved in my treatment.
Thank you all so much..... I really have new teeth for Christmas!!!! :).
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24 Nov 2013
From first phone call to completed treatment. The service and treatment was excellent Theywere able to carry out a complicated bridge implant that four other dentists I visited previously were unable to do without year long treatment with braces first and at horrendous cost. I think it is worth travelling down from Windsor for all my treatment.
20 Nov 2013
I had incredible service at the Brighton Implant Clinic. All of the team from reception, dental nurses and dentists, were so kind and attentive. I have just finished treatment for one implant, the whole procedure was absolutely painless and the implant looks brilliant. My thanks to Dr Valentim Candeias for being so kind and patient.
Newport Pagnell
18 Nov 2013
I have just completed my treatment at BIC which was the removal of 5 tooth bridge and three teeth being replaced by 3 implants and a 5 tooth bridge. I cannot praise Dr Valentim and his staff enough. They were all totally professional from start to finish including the receptionist Jo. I would have no hesitation to recommending the BIC for all dental work as they are caring and give great value for money. Steve Milton Keynes. Read More
Last Updated : 19 Sep 2013