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Xilfee Homestay Host Families
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Xilfee is a small business offering a visually interesting database of language tutors, host families for foreign students and language schools throughout the world to clients throughout the world. The company can be found online, but was originally established in 2002 and has grown from being a small, local business with just a few students, to specialising solely in introducing a host family or language school to students. The business has many years of experience of TEFL teaching, organising foreign language and exchange students, host families and language holidays.
The organisation provides a database of host families, language schools and language tutors to enable easy contact from students who are learning a foreign language. Anyone can search to find someone with their individual criteria and has a wide choice of profiles to choose from. The website allows individuals to also make requests to other profile members to see if they are interested. The service is intended to reduce the cost of a language course by going directly to the host family or language school rather than through an agent and enables students to choose their perfect host or tutor every time.

The company is managed by a team of like minded individuals who have been focusing on the language holidays sector for many years. Having previously worked for a range of companies, the management team are keen to bring the best ideas and innovations to take the company forward by providing a great service to their customers.

The business offers a wide range of homestay host families and international foreign language students, in an easy to use database. Homestay host families can contact foreign students through the interactive site.

Potential families may upload a profile free of charge for a limited period. Once students have contacted a host family through the site, further action can be taken to allow a student to book a tailored language course designed for the particular student.

All nationalities can register online. There is a Google translation available on each page for help with foreign languages.

The website is international and can be used 24 hours a day to register and connect.

Xilfee is a small, friendly website which prides itself on quality rather than quantity.

Xilfee employ on a part time basis around 15 creative people with a variety of skills, most of whom are women.

There is a wide range of people involved in homestay host families, from individuals who work full time in the business tutoring students, to mums who want to work from home and earn while looking after their children as they are either at home or at school.

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