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Outside of Dewynters

WT Interiors Ltd
St Albans House, 11 St Albans Road

Mon - Sat: 9.00-5.30   Sun: Closed   
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Based in Sutton, WT Interiors Ltd is a highly experienced company offering a solution to all your commercial refurbishment needs to clients throughout UK. Established in early 90's the company has over 12 years experience in the commercial refurbishment and office fit out sector.
Enabling clients to transform their commercial environment with minimal disruption, the company supplies businesses with a professional commercial refurbishment. With highly experienced site staff and capable office personal, WT offer a professional service to meet all your needs.

WT Interiors Ltd has an expanding group of customers, situated throughout the UK, including QVC, Dewynters and Cowley Technical.

The company is managed by Martin Taylor and Gary Waterman who have worked within the Office Refurbishment market for many years.

WT Interiors Ltd is a member of FSB (Febaraton of small business').


FSB - Federation of Small Businesses
Last Updated : 29 Oct 2007