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Self-Defence Demostration at the International Womens Festival in Manchester
Self-Defence is important for everyone.

Wing Tsun Kung Fu Liverpool
Mello Mello, 40-42 Slater Street
L1 4BX

Mon: 18:00-21:00   Tue: -   Wed: -   Thu: 18:00-21:00   Fri: -   Sat / Sun: -   
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Wing Tsun Kung Fu Liverpool offers martial art classes for self-defence and confidence to all abilities welcome from ages 16 and up. Improve your fitness and your ability to protect yourself while interacting with friendly instructors and other students.
Wing Tsun Kung Fu does not rely on strength or speed and benefit can be gained by anyone regardless of personal ability.
Bi-weekly training is provided in the Wing Tsun Kung Fu martial art as well as regular seminars with high level instructors with the opportunity to train with other practitioners from with the same system.

Wing Tsun Kung Fu Liverpool has a growing network of clients, situated throughout the UK, including university students, professional adults and several charitable and youth organisations.

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Last Updated : 23 Jun 2011