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Operating from Basingstoke, ThinkDeal are an online discount retailer offering over 8000 products. The extensive and comprehensive range includes well known high street brands and quality non-branded products.
The aim to provide customers with, good value, products and services. To effect and to offer a consistent, safe and reliable online service that makes it easy to shop. With a range of online products appealing to shoppers both young and old. To achieve this ThinkDeal will develop staff, services, product range, and establish lasting relationships with all customers.

The firm sources various retail products that are quality items at fair prices and can help keep costs to a minimum. The products feature well known high street brands and quality non-branded items, making them appropriate for a wide range of customers, and they are available online from the website.

The company is managed by Ann Wakefield who has been involved in the Shopping - Retail industry for many years. Ann Wakefield is well trained to manage the company, having previously worked for a broad range of companies.

With over 8000 products, ThinkDeal has an expanding online customer base, located throughout the UK, including pubs, clubs and restaurants, schools, businesses, and the general public.

2 customer reviews

Isle of Man
7 Dec 2010
Having located the Canon original inks I want, and at the best price on ThinkDeal, I am frustrated that their website has been down since the end of last week, at least. Has the company folded? The ticks aren't relevant as I haven't been able to order any goods - but I had to enter something to write a review.
Company response : No we are still in business, but during our busiest shopping period our server crashed following a malicious hacking attempt that as forced us to remain down (despite the fact that we have lost precious sales) whilst we further review our security protocols. We will remember Xmas 2010 for years to come. However, we stress that no customer data was in any way threatened by the hack, it was purely a nasty attack aimed at bringing down our servers. We should be up and running again soon. Nonetheless, we apologise to our loyal army of customers for any inconvenience caused. Please accept our apologies and let us wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. ThinkDeal
15 Feb 2010
Good quality product, great price, nice staff, and fast delivery!
Last Updated : 4 Oct 2009