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The Rug Seller Ltd
7 Trafford Moss Road, Astra Business Park, Off Guinness Road
Trafford Park
M17 1SQ

Mon - Fri: 9.00-5.30   Sat / Sun: Closed
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The Rug Seller Ltd offers buyers the opportunity to buy rugs online with an overnight home delivery service. Customers can find the perfect centre piece for their home with over 21,000 rugs available to buy online. The Rug Seller offers modern designs, traditional styles and designer collections by Brink and Campman, Calvin Klein, Louis De Poortere and Jeff Banks. Many designs are available off the shelf in sizes up to 300x400cm and they also offer a custom made-to-measure service for hard to find sizes.
You can visit The Rug Seller online or at the Manchester showroom where there is a large selection of the latest stunning designs and fashionable colours.

Choose from leading collections including Harlequin, Sparkle, Matrix, Plush, Vintage, Nourison plus many more, with huge savings against High St prices.

The Rug Seller works along side many interior design consultants so that ranges can be adapted to suit current and future trends and a specialised custom made rug service is also available to meet specific customer requirements. Many ranges are handmade by experienced weavers in India and China to a high standard.

The Rug Seller retails direct to the public along side it's trade accounts with shops, interior designers, insurance companies and housing associations.

As seen in House Beautiful, 60 Minute Makeover, The Telegraph and The Times Magazine.

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5 customer reviews

20 May 2014
We were looking for a shaggy rug for a while and came accross the RugSeller.
Received the rug, from the Me Gusta collection. We were very please as it matched our interior very well and the feel was really nice when bare feet.

The rug started shedding right away but were not too worried because all carpets tend to do that for some time and then this stops.

But after 4 months, this rug keeps shedding.. Dozens of hair are coming off the rug every day and spreading accross our flat. An absolute nightmare.

We contacted The RugSellers' customer service who have denied any fault with the product, hiding behind the small print which stipulate that : 'shedding is a natural characteristic of a deep pile rug and is not deemed to be a fault'.

But, how normal is that when a rug loses 20/30 hairs a day and that you need to vacuum your flat everyday if you don't want it too look cruffy? What will this rug will look like in 12-18 months? a bald, ugly pice of rubbish?

So, please be warned: AVOID those rugs that this company is selling and which do not stipulate 'NON SHEDDING' in the description, otherwise you will be in for a bit of a disappointment.

The company is still ignoring my requests for an exchange. I am not even asking for a refund, but an exchange? Is it too much to ask? Any retailer today would refund or exchange without blinking. But this company would not.

Buy at your own risks. Read the descriptions and small prints and shop around: more likely than not, you will find cheaper products from hassle-free retailers who will offer a solution if you are not happy.

NB: we paid £209 (not cheap is it?) for this rug and found a similar one from Ikea for £140.

On the company's response: this is facutally incorrect. We initiated contact with the RugSeller to report the problem on 31st March 2014 so 2 months after the purchase. Customer service has been stalling us for the last 2 months and has never offered either a refund or an exchange. The company is claiming that everything is fine with their product and that shedding is normal. I will be happy to forward photos to anyone wanting to make sure they are doing the right buy. I am sorry but no sane person would accept to have a carpet which keeps shedding day after day. And about the 'procedure' for cleaning the rug: that's exactly what we've done since day 1.... and guess what? It's shedding !
The company is saying that they are selling the Twilight rug. As a matter of fact in many messages (emails, Twitter)the company indicates to us that Twilight should be considered as an alternative. BUT never actually said they would offer an exchange. That's all we are asking ! Am I an inconsiderate customer? Asking for a 2 months (at time of first communication) rug that does not fit my purpose, to be exchanged?
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Company response : It is important to choose a product that is suitable for your purpose and some of the handmade, deep pile collections will have some shedding. It is important to regularly hoover rugs using the hand nozzle attachment as brushes are very abrasive and can break up the fibres which will result in excessive shedding. On this occasion we have advised the customer of the correct procedures for maintaining a long pile rug and that we would be unable to offer an exchange after 8 months of use. Handmade shaggy rugs do offer a unique look but are often less practical than machine woven rugs that do not shed as the fibres are woven into a wilton backing. We do sell the Twilight Shaggy rug collection that continues to be extremely popular with prices starting from just £48.99 at
12 May 2013
I ordered a rug, it was out of stock but delivery was expected by end of month, I was happy to wait, the consignment hadnt arrived by expected time so my money was refunded. The sales dept contacted me a few days later to say they had the rug in stock it was delivered within 24 hours, so far I have been delighted with the service provided, and the quality of the rug which was exactly as advertised. Read More
3 Nov 2012
I was told my rug would be with me on Thursday, I waited in all day and received an e-mail at 3:40 to say the courier had lost UK mail and they were trying to find it, I then was told it would definitely be here on Friday, it did not arrive, they advised they would send out a second rug today and guaranteed a delivery between 8-12, I've just been advised by the UK mail they never received either rug from the rug seller or they've been misplaced, either way I can't wait in daily I'm back in work on Monday so have asked for a full refund and contacted my card holder, this is rubbish customer services and won't be waiting in for days for a rug again, purchase locally it's safer and less stressful.
Donna Matthews.
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Company response : UK Mail claimed not to have received the initial rug. We followed their lost item procedure and sent an immediate replacement to the customer and this was left with a neighbour. UK Mail discovered the first rug and we would like to offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by the delay. We did react to the situation immediately and resolved the issue.
2 Sep 2012
Was happy to be able to select from a big range of rugs but when the two rugs arrived I noticed that they were shedding an excessive amount of wool. The big wool lumps were everywhere downstairs and even went to the next floor with our movements. I contacted the rug seller immediately but they just stated their return policy without addressing my concerns. After a number of emails to them and daily telephone calls( they never bothered to contact me themselves even when they promised to do so), they eventually said they will agree to refund of ONLY 40% of what I paid ( remember these were brand new rugs that I had only been walking on for a few days, and costky needless to say) and I would have to pay for the cost of returning these two heavy rugs!!!!!!! If you are satisfied with their rugs then you are lucky however if you are not they won't entertain this and won't be interested to hear anything from you. Very poor/ bad service, I will never ever buy anything from them again and I encourage every body to stear away. Go to a reputable seller and avoid the rug seller. Read More
24 Mar 2011
I found The Rug Seller website and was delighted to discover that they also have a showroom in Manchester. I visited the warehouse and viewed several ranges before choosing the Super Kashan range. The different qualities were explained and I was able to take the rug away in my car. I had tried many other High St stores but I was disappointed by the lack of choice compared to The Rug Seller.
Last Updated : 20 May 2014