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The Purr Company
10 Talbot Road
CO10 1WE
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Established in 2003, The Purr Company has many years experience in the Pet Supplies sector, and focuses on providing high quality products to customers throughout the UK. The business is situated in Sudbury.
With their own tribe of office cats and a staff who are deeply passionate about all things cat related, the company provides a wide range products and information to cat lovers around the world. The flagship product (Purr) is 100 percent guaranteed, offering a full refund if customers are unsatisfied for any reason at all.

Offering more than just their unique catnip alternative Purr, the company provides high quality cat products that are suitable for all types of cat and cat owner. Available on their website at competitive prices, the products are delivered to your door and can really help customers to enhance the quality of their cats' lives (all 9 of them).
Last Updated : 2 Feb 2009