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Building 1930's style Martin acoustic guitar

The Guitar Repair Workshop
c/o PMT Manchester, Red Rose Retail pk, Regent Road
M5 3GR

Mon - Sat: 9.30-18.00   Sun: 11.00-16.00   
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Based in PMT Manchester (formerly Sound Control Salford), The Guitar Repair Workshop offers set-ups, spares and repairs to clients throughout the UK. Free and easy parking, fast turnaround times and a wide selection of 'off the shelf' spares in stock - please call in for a free estimate.
Services offered include: Guitar set-ups, Fret Dress, Partial or Full Re-Frets, ReSprays - 2pack or Nitro Cellulose, All Electrical work, Headstock Repairs, in fact anything from replacing a single string to building custom designed instruments from scratch.

The Guitar Repair Workshop stocks and supplies parts by most of the UK suppliers including Fender, Gibson, Bare Knuckle Pick-ups, Fishman, Headway and many more. Please call anytime for details.
Last Updated : 12 Sep 2008