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The Alteration Shop
74 Walmgate York
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With many years experience in the fashion and tailoring industry, The Alteration Shop is a long established business, offering all kind of clothing repair including wedding dresses and leather, with special services to hotels bed covers, curtains and other. The altertionshop also specialise to customers throughout and outside the local area. Set-Up in 1999, the business is located in York.
The business provides businesses and customers with a professional tailoring and fashion design and has on-site facilities. The expert staff help clients produce the right finished look. The service is intended to be cost effective every time.

The firm can supply long lasting zips, clothes and motorbike leather repair that is suitable for customers. Fantastic quality assured, the product range includes all clothing and sheets, leather and curtains. The products are available at an inexpensive price in the shop.

The company is managed by Abbas Salhab who has been involved in the Tailors industry for many years. Abbas Salhab is well trained to look after and produce the clothes, having previously worked for an important leather repair company.

1 customer review

25 Oct 2011
Great little shop in York!
Last Updated : 20 Jan 2008