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SuperStars Day Nursery
12 Goldshill Road
B21 9DJ

Mon - Fri: 07:00-19:00   Sat: 08:00-18:00   Sun: Closed
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Founded in 2011, SuperStars Day Nursery has many years of experience in the Nursery Schools sector, and the staff has a good partnership between with the parents ensuring a safe and happy environment.   All of the staff are highly trained and experienced and SuperStars Day Nursery regular review our staff training programs to meet with EYFS guideline. SuperStars Day Nursery promise is to continually provide safe, stimulating, loving care and attention for your child in friendly, homely surroundings within Birmingham. The company is located in Handsworth (Birmingham).
When choosing Superstars Day Nursery for your child, parent can be sure to enjoy the confidence, satisfaction and security that is demanded. SuperStars Day Nursery gives every child the social skills and confidence they need in their formative years, providing them with a sound platform for transition into school life.

All off the staff are highly trained and experienced and SuperStar Day Nursery regular review the staff training programs to meet with EYFS guideline.

SuperStar Day Nursery are committed to continually improving provision for all children. We want parents/carers to feel confident about the quality of care that is provided for their child without concern for their child’s welfare and CCTV installed for security.

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9 Oct 2013
A great and reliable place for your young ones to spend time when you are away, very friendly and experienced staff. Recommended.
Last Updated : 22 Jan 2014