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Our front toddler and crawler area, can be hired out for kids classes
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Our diner area at Sportykids
We do Nerf parties too!

Sportykids Softplay Ltd
Unit 3, 6 Hopehill Road, Maryhill
G20 7JN

Mon - Fri: 09:30-18:00   Sat / Sun: 10:00-18:00   

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Sportykids Westend Softplay offers a bright, clean, safe and fun environment for children of all ages (especially pre schoolers) to play and explore. We also have a fantastic diner where you can sample excellent home cooking from our experienced chefs. As much of our food as possible is made from scratch on the premises and we are very strict about what products we use. And as if that's not enough we also run amazing, stress free parties!
Take a look at our website for more information and don't forget to like us on Facebook because we're always posting fab offers and letting you know what's going on. We have the Frozen characters visiting, Peppa Pig and loads of others. If you fancy a class pop down on a Tuesday to Jo Jingles or if you've got older kids you cannot beat our Nerf parties! Not forgetting the wee ones of course, we have amazing teddy bear picnic parties where our little ones can pour their own tea (juice) and mini sandwiches to share with their teddy bears. Fun for everyone that's our mantra, we even keep a supply of the latest magazines and newspapers if you get a minute for a coffee and a read!

We introduce new menus every 6 months at our diner and are always trying out new specials. Fantastic place to meet friends and their kids so you can relax over lunch and know they're safe and happy. And if you run kids classes we have a lovely gated area which you can rent out (including option to stay and play).


Olaf from Frozen is visiting Sportykids Westend

4 customer reviews

4 Aug 2012
First visit and wouldnt rush back. Far too many big kids in the baby area jumping about. This area was an empty space which had nothing to play with, cant see the point in that. The other toddler area was also used by big kids and was not safe becouse of this. I think a lot of parents just dump the kids and let them go wild without any supervision at all. People wandering around with hot drinks and plates of food and kids running in amongst it all, an accident waiting to happen. Read More
28 Feb 2012
I attented sporty kids with my three year old niece and one year old nephew. We where told to leave as our two hour seshion was over even though we had since finished playing and the children had just got their lunch. I was informed by Lorna that she had a que and we where holding it up. I explained we had finished playing and having lunch but was met with an unreasonable wall unflexibility. I think that the staff should inform customer if the 'session' does not include the time to eat the food you have payed for. I left with two upset and hungry toddlers. Wont be back. Read More
20 Jan 2012
My boys age 4 & 5 love spory kids, they go there at least 2 times a month and we also arrange the Birthday parties for the boys with them. I have only started trying to arrange a Birthday party for next week and they are trying to accommodate my request yet again, and at such short notice i find that very impressive. The cafe is really good and provides you with a good variety of food, my older Kids come along because they love the food they are 20 yrs & 22 yrs but they also go along because they are allowed to play in the soft play as well. Read More
11 Jul 2011
We attended Sportykidz Southside Sat 9th July 2011 and it was awful. Our child is on the spectrum for autism and exhibited autisic behaviours at the soft play. The staff were unhelpful, rude and very ignorant of this social disability. Similarly, parents who attend were also ignorant and staff 'joined in' with them to collectively condem our child rather than give us the opportunity to deal with the problem appropriately. The soft play was too small and badly designed to be able to see children well and remove them quickly if there was any bad behaviour going on. As a side note, when my godson entered (for his party that his parents had paid for), the owner asked him (a four year old) if he was comfortable with this sexuality due to him wearing a t shirt with a few sparkles on it. All in, it was a very negative experience and I could not recommend this facility to any parent. Read More
Company response : Hi Alison
I'm very sorry to hear that you had a unhappy trip to Sporty Kids. Let me start by saying that we in no way discriminate against children with any sort of additional needs and try as far as possible to accommodate. I have spoken to the staff on duty that day and they said that they had to keep intervening because your child was hitting other children. This is a difficult situation for both parties as your child was obviously distressed by the level of noise etc in the softplay and lashed out as a result. On the other hand we have a duty to protect all children in our softplay and thus have to try and control the situation. We have been trying for a while to set up an evening session for children with additional needs where it would not be so busy and where other parents/carers were more aware of your son and other's needs. We'd be more than happy to discuss such a session with you if you were interested and knew of any other parents in a similar situation. One of my very close friends has a son with autism and has said she would welcome such an opportunity (unfortunately she doesn't live nearby). Finally I have spoken to Ian, one of the owners, about what he said to your godson and can I just say that he was really upset that his comments were takent the wrong way. He was being chatty to the parents and in no way meant to be offensive - his son had the same tshirt which was the reason he brought it up. He apologises profusely if anyone was hurt by his comments. Kind regards, Sarah Booth
Last Updated : 20 Jun 2014