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Spice Yorkshire
9A Beighton Road
S13 7PL
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Based in Woodhouse (Sheffield), Spice Yorkshire offers adventure and social events to adults throughout Yorkshire. Established in 1981 the company has 28 years experience in the event organising business.
Spice Yorkshire has a growing network of clients, situated all over Yorkshire, including people from all walks of life; single, married, widowed, divorced and in couples.

The firm offers exciting and fun events to members, which are designed to help people make new friends and try new experiences every day of the year. With over 28 years experience, the business also has experienced staff allowing members to have an amazing time in the company of like minded new friends.

1 customer review

23 Nov 2009
I can't praise Spice enough, I just wish I had joined years ago !!!, I have made some wonderful friends and been on some fantastic events, there is something for everyone, whether you are 18 or 80 there are events for everyone, what ever you want to do, whether it's white water rafting, rock climbing or a meal, theatre or walking, there is always something happening for everyone
Last Updated : 20 Nov 2009