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Established in 2007, Social Media Ltd is a leading digital marketing agency based in Farringdon, London. Over the past 6 years, the agency has built a strong client base including market leaders and industry frontrunners.
Social Media Ltd has a 95% client retention rate. The company's clients span a wide range of industries with an emphasis on Healthcare, Travel, B2B, Luxury Goods and Software. Having worked with a range of clients, from mid-sized companies to large businesses and organisations listed on FTSE and AIM, their strategic campaigns are thoroughly effective.

Social Media Ltd provides a range of digital marketing services to its clients. The company runs SEO, PPC, social media marketing and positive profiling campaigns for clients as well as website buidling and design services.

The businesses main aim is to increase its clients revenue and increase brand recognition. The company runs cutting-edge social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and a range of other networks. The business also uses its own popular blogs and forums to help boost campaigns and drive users to clients websites.

Social Media Ltd runs SEO and PPC campaigns for many big and mid-sized companies helping to drive traffic to their website and pushing their site to the top of Google search results.

With a team that includes 15 industry professionals, Social Media Ltd has an exclusive workforce, highly skilled at search and social media marketing.

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2 customer reviews

31 Aug 2012
I used this agency for the web design of a new site and found them to be reliable. They delivered on time and within the budget which is something I do not see very often. As our budget was really low, the design was value for money more than state-of-the-art but the site did the job.
7 Aug 2012
We used Social Media Ltd. For marketing my company online and despite being in another country, they understood our business and were able to help us. I would recommend them to any healthcare company.
Last Updated : 17 Dec 2012