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Opening mines for bronze wedding pack.
a 65mm shell lights the sky at Johnson tiles display
Napthalene charge from athlete video.
A walk in the woods.
More explosions in the wood.

SM Fireworks
33 Prince's Street
ST15 8HY

Mon - Sat: 9:00-5:30   Sun: Closed
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With many years' experience in the fireworks sector, SM Fireworks is an expanding business that provides high quality affordable firework displays to clients throughout the UK. They have displays for all occasions whether it's a wedding, a corporate event, a product launch or just a good old bonfire party. All displays are inclusive of all labour, costs, site clearance and liability insurance as standard The business is based in Stone (Staffordshire) however covers the entire United Kingdom.
With just a handful of qualified employees, SM Fireworks has small but dedicated team who are trained to a very high level of expertise in the pyrotechnic industry.

The company is managed by Mick Thorpe and Simon Taylor who have been involved in the fireworks trade for many years. Having previously worked for one of the UK's largest display companies, Mick is experienced enough to manage the display side of the company, whilst Simon runs the research/design side, especially designing customised pyrotechnical effects and Special effects for the television and film division.

The company provides high quality professional firework displays that are tailored to requirements and designed to suit the event and venue. Their products feature low noise displays for built up residential areas which makes them ideal for small local events in the towns or city and are available from their website at competitive prices. The company also supplies high quality indoor/stage pyrotechnics as well as SFX for film/television and music videos.
With their very own research department they can even custom make certain effects so whatever the requirements just ask.

SM Fireworks has an expanding network of clients, located throughout the UK, including Stoke City council, British Gas, Johnson Tiles and numerous private clients and schools. They also provided stage pyrotechnics for the world kickboxing title in Wigan and also the recent performance of Little Voice at the Stoke Rep Theatre. Also to their credit they have supplied SFX to various film companies including all the pyrotechnics for the Athlete video "black swan song" and "the deserter" movie by Callum McKinnon films. They also supply battlefield pyrotechnics for re-enactment societies in fact if it explodes, smokes, burns or flashes they probably supply it.

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Last Updated : 11 Jan 2013