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The Country Show '09

Skylark Showground
A141, March Bypass
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Based in Wimblington (March) Cambridgeshire, Skylark Showground hosts a wide range of events and a massive Sunday morning carboot to the general public within the UK.
The showground was established in 2005 and is now very well known from being featured many times on the BBC TV Show Carbooty and its events that have brought together many celebrities now to them.
The shows for 2010 include a International Motorbike Show, The Country Show and Heart Radios Fire Works Night.
All of these bring together live bands, food stands, 1000's of public, bar and lots of other additional entertainments...

Skylark Showground has a growing network of clients, located throughout the UK, including several large organizations.

Skylark Showground makes sure that all regulations are met and strives to make sure that the next event is always more exciting and more fun than the last.
Last Updated : 30 Mar 2010