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Simply Dog Behaviour
Great Gates Road
OL11 2DF

Mon - Fri: 800-8.00   Sat / Sun: Closed   

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Dog behaviourist working on a one to one basis at a clients home or surrounding area helping deal with any unwanted problems that their dog may be showing.
This could be anything from mouthing, toilet training all the way up to aggression problems to dogs and people.

Based in Rochdale and cover the whole of the North West region with favourable prices and payment options to help all dog owners.

Positive reinforcement techniques and all training undertaken is in a kind and humane manner to help a dog learn right and wrong in an easy way. Problems are not glossed over by just explaining how to manage them, training is done to get to the root cause why the behaviour is happening and how to stop and solve the behavioural problems. This will then change the dogs life and the owners life for the better, thus creating a happy household.

The business offers an expert in home consultation to individuals, and is designed to suit any budget. The business is also friendly and polite, and aims to help clients to correct their dogs unwanted behaviour and to also give the owner confidence in dealing wit their dogs behaviour in the future.

Jason Devereux Dog Behaviourist has a growing network of clients, located in the local area, plus a number private clients around the manchester area.

The company delivers top quality dog training, featuring positive reinforcement techniques. To address a specific problem, the training can be individually tailored to suit the problem and can help change most unwanted dog related behaviours. The services available are shown on the website.

Simply Dog Behaviour is a member of Intuitive and Natural Training of Dogs and Owners (INTO Dogs).
Simply Dog Behaviour is a member of Pet Dog Trainers Of Europe.
Simply Dog Behaviour is a member of Pet Professionals Guild of Force Free Dog Trainers.

The business is run by Jason Devereux who has been involved in the Dog Training business for many years. Jason Devereux is experienced enough to run the business, having previously learned from some of the worlds leading dog trainers, behaviourist, etholigists and vetinarians.

With just jason working full time within the business, Simply Dog Behaviour has the knowledge, and is highly skilled in the art of training dogs and their owners that have behaviour problems.

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Last Updated : 2 Dec 2012