Building 4, Imperial Place, Elstree Way, Borehamwood, Herts
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Simarc is many years' established business offering property management services and negotiate individual freehold sales and lease extensions to clients and leaseholders throughout the UK. The company, which is located in Borehamwood, began trading in 1983 and has many years' experience in the all day to day management issues in this business.
The firm aims to supply businesses with a professional service and has quotes for purchase of freehold reversion, quotes to extend a lease, detailed deed of covenant forms, and more. Simarc expertise allows clients to click n pay for ground rent receipt, or other leasehold information including breach of covenant reports and copy leases. The service is designed to meet regulations every time.

Simarc has a large group of satified customers, based in the UK, including private clients and blue chip companies.

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Last Updated : 2 Oct 2009