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Shake That Weight provide premium VLCD meal replacement shakes, at the lowest possible prices to customers throughout UK. The company specialise in very low calorie slimming shakes, with a high protein, low carbohydrate and calorie count per serving.
Each shake is specially formulated to meet your daily requirements, with added vitamins and minerals and less sugar and fat from carbohydrates than most of its competitors.

Shake That Weight is the UK's leading supplier of dieting shakes and they strive to ensure their product meets the highest standards and outperforms other diet brands in the market. Shakes are available from 2 pound 83 pence per day, that's just 95p per meal!
Please visit the website for more information.

Featuring a choice of flavours, the vlcd shakes are sourced by the shake that weight company are suitable for anyone who is serious about a fast and safe approach to weight loss. Available on the website, the products are manufactured to the highest standards to meet VLCD guidelines and help you Shake That Weight.

The company is managed by Andrea Cooper who has been involved in the slimming market for many years. Andrea Cooper is experienced enough to take good care of the organisation, having previously being involved in managing distribution of dieting products from big name brands in the slimming market.

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Last Updated : 5 Feb 2013