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Their dog walking service.
Their dog walking service
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Second Chance Rescue & Behaviour
Dell Rd

Mon - Fri: 9:00-5:30   Sat / Sun: Closed   
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With over 10 years of experience in the Pets and Animals industry, Second Chance Rescue and Behaviour offers 1 on 1 training, behaviour training, dog walking and advice to customers throughout the UK. Established in 2010 after 10 years as dog handler, animal rescue officer and dog trainer, the business is based in Enfield.
The business offer services with a professional advice, trainings plan and personal trainer throughout the training and have facilities to come where ever and when ever is might suit You. The expert staff help clients to get a long loving relationship and life with their dog(s). The service is based on positive learning/training to give your dog the best experience every time.

The dog walking service: Comes and pick up your dog, walk it alone or with other dogs (after Your wish) for a min of 45min. The dog walking service includes free water, dog fouling bags, free treats and contact book telling what and where your dog have been on the day.

The company delivers reliable dog training and dog walking that are personalised for your dog and improves the understanding of dogs. The products feature personal training plan, call advice line, making them perfect for customers to use every day, and they are available only from Second Chance Rescue and Behaviour.

With a team of 2 full time employees, Second Chance Rescue and Behaviour has a professional team, qualified to highest standard and level.

Second Chance Rescue and Behaviour has tight relationship, with the clients in the local area, including kennels, councils and private dog owners. Furthermore the business works together with Oliver's a high standard dog food, made for every stage of the dogs life.

The company is managed by Thomas Gilsaa who has been involved in the animal industry for more than 10 years and trained by the best. Thomas Gilsaa is experienced enough to run the company, having previously worked as Dog handler for the armed forces, animal rescue officer for councils, personal 1 on 1 trainer.
Last Updated : 14 Oct 2010