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Scruffy Pups Dog and Cat Groomers
8a Melland St, Off Borough Rd

Mon - Fri: 8:30-3:30   Sat: 8.30-12.00   Sun: Closed
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Based in the North-East of England, Scruffy Pups Dog Grooming Training Centre offers various courses from grooming your own pet to grooming for a living.
The only Accredited grooming training centre in the North-East, offering excellent quality training and able to offer a free City&Guild qualification in Dog grooming in our extensive courses.
The Tutor is City and Guilds qualified so all training is to that level and has a teacher training certificate and now holds a Licentiateship in Dog Grooming (LCGI). The company has a large client list so the student can expect to cover most breeds of dogs. A certificate is given at the end of any course and a digital camera is available to record your progress; also a extensive library is available as is a DVD collection.

A taster day is offered to let a student see how a busy grooming parlour runs and to see if this is definitely the career for them, if a student goes on to do a full time course(8 weeks) this money is deducted from the total cost. Many of their ex students can be contacted to express their views on the training they received.

Scruffy Pups are a member of the Pet Industry Federation and the British Dog Groomers Association.

Scruffy Pups are one of the main UK suppliers of the top quality K9 Competition shampoo range, available instore or online.

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11 customer reviews

Newcastle upon Tyne
28 Jan 2012
I trained with scruffy pups in october for 8 weeks. I had my reservations about what i could learn in 8 weeks but i have to say scruffy pups are an exceptional company and have not only trained me to the highest standard but helped me develop my buisness skills. I am now opening my own shop after one month of being trained and feel confident enough in doing so. I thoughly enjoyed my time at scruffy pups and would recommend it to anyone with. Read More
Newcastle upon Tyne
22 Aug 2011
I trained in dog grooming with scruffy pups in 2008 and have continued to attend there monthly demonstration days you cant put a price on what I have and continue to learn from scruffy pups.Your also taught what grooming is like in a real salon hands on and advice for starting a business is valuable as well. so pleased i chose scruffy pups.
14 Jul 2011
Took my toy poodle and staffie here staffie came out smelling and looking lovely and my toy poodle came out with a fab new hair cut and smelling lovely both loved it.
7 Jul 2011
I did an 8 week course with scruffy pups last year, i learnt enough to walk out and set up my own grooming business. during the course you learn to groom many different breeds of dogs, and learn the correct way to use different grooming tools. i would recommend this course to any one looking to become a dog groomer.
5 Jul 2011
My sisters dog was groomed here and the poor little thing was ripped to bits. Although she may have cussed whilst complaining the staff should have had some compassion and understood why she was so angry at the time. The vet would not send a report even though they were at fault because of the abuse my sister recieved, he didnt want to have to go through it aswell. Maybe she was over the top when she complained but she was extremely upset. I seen jack after his ordeal and he was covered in cuts. Would describe scruffy pups as butchers not groomers and i just hope they realise all the hurt and upset theyve cause our family. Read More
Company response : Complete rubbish !!!!!!.
4 Jul 2011
I took my puppy here on 27th June to have him hand stripped, he came back with bald patches, cuts under his eyes, cuts on his back and a cut to his belly button. He had to be given a steroid injection for the vet to reduce the swelling on his belly button. The owner/groomer took no responsibility for the mess of my puppy and tried to say his coat wasn't very good due to being castrated and that his cuts were from him scratching. I was extremely disappointed with the service and the outcome when complaining. I came away after a very heated arguement in tears. Read More
Company response : As this dog ( which is over year old) had never been handstripped before, only clipped by another groomer, which this customer also complained about, the dogs coat was of poor quality due to being castrated at an early age and hence had a few bald patches which were pointed out on departure and customer was happy and said "it will grow back dont worry". The nature of handstripping can cause, in rare cases,discomfort to a dogs skin, so the dog can itch and scratch if LEFT, the dog had NO cuts of any kind when it left our premises.The lady left the dog 4 days before going to vets, then came in effing and blinding like a woman posessed, we will not take abusive behavior like this from anyone. We are still waiting for the letter we asked for from the customers vets saying we are to blame..... we are confident this will not arrive !!
14 May 2009
I have just completed a training course with scruffy pups and i would like to express that i can't congratulate Shaun my trainer enough. I would refer anybody to him that wanted to groom dogs. You have to be prepared to put the work in but if you do and like working with dogs it is very rewarding. When working with Shaun you can tell that he has had 20 or more years grooming experience as he is very good. As a student i and the other students were only allowed to work on his nine poodles that he has until we really knew what we were doing, and only then would he let you do any other dogs if he thought you were ready. Read More
5 May 2009
I have been taking my Bichon to Scruffy Pups in Sacriston for a year since she was a pup, because of the grommer's credentials and its accessibility. Being a novice in looking after a Bichon I thought she was left in capable hands and the grommer would offer help and advice. I also did some research about the care and maintenance of a Bichon. On the whole, grooming has been good. However, I did have a few reservations. The most recent groom has been untidy and careless and falls short of professionalism. Coincidentally, this was done during the groomer's last week as owner of the business and has now returned to Darlington. Further research has shown that the Sacriston premises were used as a trining centre. I was not informed of this. I do not know if my dog was used for training purposes. On reflection, I am wondering! Yet I was always charged £30 for a professional groom!! Read More
Company response : This ladies dog was matted and knotty thru lack of basic care every time it came in. We give up on some people.
10 Jan 2008
If you want to receive excellent training then look no further than Scruffy Pups. Shaun is an excellent teacher and is always on hand to help when you take that step out into the grooming world after your training. Along with Shane and the girls they made the course a relaxed and friendly event.
28 Oct 2007
I have bred and shown Longhaired Dachshunds for over 30 years and having made up 5 Champions was rather miffed when my first week of training was bathing and drying dogs (I thought I already knew that!). However, it soon became apparent that there is more to bathing and drying than I had thought and I did learn a lot. I also learn't new methods of grooming and hand stripping and how to handle difficult dogs. As my own dogs have been handled and groomed from a very early age it was a complete shock to the system to find out that other dogs are not used to it at all and can be quite aggressive. By the end of my course I was convinced that I did not know anything to start with. However, all knowledge is good and here I am a year on and I am still learning. My experience at Scruffy Pups was a good grounding. Read More
North Shields
22 Oct 2007
I trained at scruffy pups in 2006. The training in my opinion was exceptionally good, I was made to feel very welcome by both partners, and was shown a broad range of grooming techniques and theory in the grooming business. The training was to a very high standard, allowing myself the confidence to start my own salon, with a growing repartition gained from scruffy pups. from the knowledge passed down to myself from both shaun and shane, i'm hopefully keeping to a very high standard of work. many thanks to you both for your patience and support to this day.
janice brown.
Read More
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