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Sacred Oak Shamanism provides shamanic healing to clients, including soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, effigy work, divination, aura cleansing and extraction work. Jo Badger is a qualified and Insured shamanic practitioner and is located in Swalcliffe (Banbury). She began offering shamanic services in 2010 and has many years of experience in the Complementary Therapy business.
Jo Badger offers a sacred space within which clients can experience shamanic healing. All her work is heart-centered and spirit led. Optimum attention is given to ensure that the highest standards of professional care are offered to each individual. Quality time is given to ensure that each individual receives the spiritual help, guidance and information available to them through the work of Sacred Oak Shamanism.
Jo offers effigy work, divination, psychopomp, integration work and remote/ distance healing.

Jo offers regular shamanic drumming and healing circles that offer the opportunity to develop personal connection with ones own spirituality. Working with drums, rattles, percussion, movement, sound and vibration within a sacred space, you are offered the chance to step into the unknown and explore who you can be in community with companions.

Shamanism can be a profoundly healing and beneficial experience that can effectively deal with illness and a lack of vitality that affect quality of life.

Jo offers a Sound Bath experience using crystal bowl sound, drum, voice, rattle and copper sistrum.
This experience in sound and sound vibration may help to - Release energy blocks.
Free tension and stress.
Restore tranquility and harmony.
Calm the mind.
Relax the body.
Offer a chance for deep meditation.

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7 customer reviews

Middleton Cheney
10 Sep 2013
I went to Sacred Oak Shamanism for some day long shamanic work and was thoroughly impressed. Jo was very welcoming and the hospitality could not have been better. She is incredibly well informed and talented in what she does. I really enjoyed my day with her and fully intend to go back in the future!
Company response : Oh Julian I am so heartened and grateful that you got so much benefit out of your day here. It is wonderful to know that. It was my pleasure to meet and work with you. I look forward to another opportunity. Thank you so much for penning this review.. Your words have great meaning and I trust they will light a spark in the hearts of others who are following their spiritual path. Light, Blessings and radiant inner peace to us all. Jo
15 Aug 2013
What was clear to me initially working with Jo was her light as a human being. It was kind and empathetic as well as neutral and unbiased. It shone like a jewel. A safe and secure environment in which to experience something totally unique and sacred. I can't explain in words what I experienced as it was personal to me, but I can say that Jo totally believes and trusts in her processes. You sense it fully as her practice and rhythm's spill over into you leaving you in wonder about what lies beyond. It's only been a few days since my session but I feel a jolt forward and a feeling of liberation and change already. Read More
Company response : Thank you so much for your perceptive, subtle and descriptive appraisal Will. I am grateful and honoured at your clear vote of confidence and your favourable commendation of the work. Jo
23 Apr 2013
I give Jo 5 stars in all areas of work undertaken, value for money, professionalism, and quality.
My husband and I hired Jo Badger to do a Feng Shui blessing.
And healing for our new home and garden including a Geopathic Stress assessment and cure and shamanic healing for all energy requiring release.

We had moved into an old house with a complex history and I was having.
Strange dreams and feeling unsettled and unhappy in ways that.
Were completely out of character for me.

Jo worked by distance with our home and surrounding grounds over the course.
Of a week. I could feel the difference as soon as she began.

From feeling cold, huge and empty, even with all our furniture installed.
- our house became warm, nurturing and welcoming.
Friends have commented on how much nicer it feels than our previous.
(lovely) home.

We are leasing this property - but it feels more like 'ours' than any previous.
Dwelling - including those we have owned.

I recommend Jo's work wholeheartedly and will certainly.
Be using her services again when (if) we move in future.

Jasmine Sampson.
Conflict Resolution and Inner Peace Specialist.
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Company response : Thank you. It was my pleasure to work with you and spirit helpers.
13 Jan 2013
Excellent and effective healing work. Highly recommended.
Company response : Thank you Fiona. Your ongoing presence, participation, contribution and co-creation of Sacred Oak Shamanism healing circles is highly valued by me. Jo
16 Jul 2012
Jo Badger is an inspirational teacher who has enabled me to become more grounded and open as a human being living in this world. Her enthusiasm for Sacred Oak Shamanism is evident in every moment that you are working with her. Everything that can be gained from this work in our culture is a gift to ourselves and everybody around us.
Company response : Thank you for your positive comments Mandy. You have been able to open up to the shift that healing brought you. Bravo. Jo
5 Jul 2012
Jo helped me at a very difficult time in my life. She shifted something within me which has changed my life significantly. I walked in with skepticism and emerged a thankful believer. Thanks again, Gary Stevenson.
Company response : Thank you for your review Gary. I am delighted for you. More power to your they say. All the best . Jo
26 Jun 2012
I undertook Shamanic Healing with Jo Badger.
It was an excellent session and value for money.
Due to the nature surrounding my visit, I benefited greatly from the session and was giving various tasks to continue at our session and in the coming days and months.
I would recommend Jo as she "sorted" me out and I feel greatly healed from our session together.
I felt lost before I met Jo, but now I feel that I am back where I should be and the continuing exercises mean that I will keep on the right path.
There is still work to be done but Jo is on the other end of a phone if I need her and that is very reasuring.
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Company response : Thank you Chris. I am most grateful for your positive testamonial. I am heartened to know of your progress and that you are indeed establishing your shamanic healing into your every day experience. Working and re - working the techniques and exercises given is a sure way to bring your healing into your everyday reality and reap maximum benefit from the healing received. With my best wishes. Jo
Last Updated : 18 Sep 2013