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Angela B runs the Blackpool half marathon with Rob

Rob Woollen Personal Training
6 Heswall Avenue
M20 3ER

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Rob Woollen Personal Training provides fitness instruction in Manchester and North Cheshire in the gym, home or even the local park. The company consists of professional YMCA qualified personal trainers covering weight loss, endurance, strength training and health and fitness. With a choice of gyms to train at, or equipment provided for home based training, Rob Woollen Personal Training can realise your fitness potential. Kevin Sellars is a qualified sports masseur and offers this service at his facility in Radcliffe, whilst Rob is a licensed Boxercise instructor offering these specialist services to all his clients. Peter Stratton (Marlow) offers sports massage as well, and Rachell Crew (Heald Green and Stockport) offers a range or additional services.
Also provided are personalised progressive programmes for the experienced exerciser, with email support when required. Rob Woollen Personal Training has trainers operating across Greater Manchester, Trafford and Cheshire and now operating in Marlow and Maidenhead too.

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CIPD - Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
REPs - Register of Exercise Professionals

11 customer reviews

5 Aug 2011
I approached Rob in March 2011 with the aim of toning up, loosing some stubborn weight and improving my running performance. Like most girls my age I feel a lot of pressure to look my best, and with the bikini season approaching I turned my back on crash diets and wanted to call in an expert! After an initial consultation to assess my needs, Rob devised a personal plan for me which fitted around my hectic lifestyle. We trained once a week near my apartment and I quickly saw results. I found the sessions to be challenging and varied, and I felt that Rob responded quickly and adapted my training programme if I had any new concerns. Rob also encouraged me to keep a food diary, which uncovered that my calorie intake was too low and so I was given brilliant nutritional advice as well as fitness training. As a keen long distance runner, I was eager to improve my performance and Rob regularly incorporated interval running sessions into my routine to increase my stamina. Rob also put me in touch with half marathon event organisers and participation in such events has enabled me to really see the results of my hard work. In all I have lost around a stone in weight and am now a size 8 and my confidence has grown loads. Most of all I have been given the guidance and training to sustain my rejuvenated fitness regime in the future. Read More
4 Aug 2011
Rob is an exceptional personal trainer, having never had a trainer before I was imagining myself being shouted at a lot and nearly dying at the end of each session, but luckily for me it wasn't like that at all! At the end of each session all I felt was a sense of achievement and eager for more exercise, I felt so good, I could feel myself slowly becoming one of those annoying people who are addicted to exercise - a bit like Rob! ;-)

Each session is carefully thought through by Rob, and each session is different, which was great for me as I had a tendency to get bored before I started with Rob! What's even better each session was tailored to ME, unlike the trainers you find in gyms who give you a programme that isn't even tailored to your needs.

I had back problems before I started with Rob and he ensured that every exercise was carried out correctly, which for me was ideal.

The sessions were definitely value for money, and I achieved my goal of fitting into my wedding dress way before I expected, I couldn't have been happier with the results!
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2 Aug 2011
I first started working with Rob in 2008. My main goal at this time was to get in shape for my wedding. I had never used a personal trainer before so I wanted to ensure that I found the right one for me. Speaking to Rob made the decision easy as he was very professional, friendly and helpful.

I was apprehensive about what to expect from the training and was surprised at how much I was able to achieve in each 1 hour session and how varied each session was. I also left each session with a clear training plan for the week which made sure I stayed focused on my goals. I was so pleased with the results and my wedding dress fit perfectly.

In January 11 I started working with Rob again. Initially my goal was to lose weight. It was hard starting the training sessions again but Rob really helped to motivate me on the freezing cold, dark and wet winter mornings! Rob also gave me some great advice on food and told me about a plan that he and a colleague had trialled. This advice and plan really helped with my weight loss goal.

Rob made sure that each training session was full of variety and he had so much more new equipment that meant the session flew by and once again I actually looked forward to the next one even in the winter weather!

I decided to apply for the Manchester 10k run and my sessions became more running focused. I had a couple of concerns along the way including shin splints and trouble controlling my breathing. Rob gave me practical tips and advice for my breathing and strengthening exercises for my shin splints which meant they were soon forgotten. I completed the race in 55 mins which I was over the moon with.

Rob is very committed and his knowledge is amazing. I have picked up so many tips and new exercises that I can do whilst training on my own. I can't recommend RWPT enough.

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27 Jul 2011
I have trained with Rob for 12 months, first for a 100 mile charity bike ride and then for a triathlon sprint. He has produced easy to follow training plans for me and taught me how to complete exercises and use gym equipment correctly so I am confident at completing them on my own. I have especially enjoyed our outdoor sessions, either training on the bikes, or running, or using the jungle gym and sandbags for resistance and weight training. He has also improved my knowledge of nutrition and food during our sessions, and helped me mentally prepare for the events, which is above and beyond what I expected from my training sessions. I would strongly recommend Rob as a personal trainer to anyone in the Manchester area, especially if you like the idea of being outdoors away from the gym. Read More
8 Dec 2009
The Personal Training provided was of high quality and tailored to my needs and goals. One of my goals involved trekking at high altitude and Rob researched this subject to provide the best possible programme enabling me to achieve the goal. The programme was varied and always delivered in an enthusiastic, professional and supportive manner. Programmes were specific and easy to follow. Time and effort was spent by Rob in working out exercises to correct muscle imbalances. Overall I would have no hesitation in recommending RWPT. Read More
15 Feb 2009
I was a client of Robs for approximately 6
months at the end of 2007/start of 2008. My
main aims at the time were to improve my self
esteem but more importantly reduce some of
the stress of a pre existing back injury. After
6 months of training with Rob my back pain
practically evaporated due to specific exercises he had me doing and I'd actually
managed to gain some muscle for the first
time in my life. Had it not been for me going
back to University, I would still be a client of
Robs - I couldn't recommend him highly
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9 Feb 2009
Personal training sessions, one hour once a week. Motivational, friendly, informative and hardworking, a really good experience and one that has helped me achieve and understand my fitness goals. Rob's down to earth approach and willing to help attitude is very impressive and I would recommend him to all of my friends and family.
8 Feb 2009
Extremely professional, flexible whenever possible and a genuine positive influence. Easily the most knowledgable of all the trainers I saw before deciding... and 100% reliable.
8 Feb 2009
I had the pleasure of training with Rob Woollen Personal Training for several months whilst on a fitness mission. I was delighted to receive one to one tuition from Rob himself and despite my initial reservations I found myself truly looking forward to each training session, and striving to achieve more. Over the course of my fitness mission I went on to lose 5 stone and have succeeded in keeping it off 2 years later. As a doctor myself, I did wonder whether a personal trainer would have the knowledge which would satisfy my queries as to "why" I should do something, but I found Rob to be not only enthusiastic but amazingly knowledgable, to the point that I would trust his judgement about musculoskeletal medicine far more than I would my own! Rob is professional and personable but most of all a fantastic personal trainer. To anyone even considering the world of personal training, I would recommend RWPT wholeheartedly. To any doctors considering personal trainers I would say, go for it - Rob is more than a match for you and you'll find yourself asking him questions! I'm delighted with my results and know that in the future I would always be able to ask for help again as I get the impression that "once a client- always a client", and that I find very reassuring! Read More
8 Feb 2009
In 2006 I employed Rob as a personal trainer as I was entered in the London Marathon and was not very good runner. The plan he worked out for was suited to my needs and more appropriately, my ability. I completed that marathon in 6hrs and 10 mins, using Rob's plan for the run. Since then I have completed 2 more marathons and several half marathons, still using the techniques and methods taught by Rob, in each event I have been able to better the time to the previous one. Rob was always available to help me when I needed the extra help and everything he did was tailored to my particular needs. Read More
8 Feb 2009
The Service provided was excellent. Specifically, providing a perfect balance between substantially improving fitness levels (to marathon standards) whilst simultaneously supporting and motivating without 'breaking' spirit and confidence.
Last Updated : 9 Feb 2009