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Roadrunner Carz
15 Johnson Court Clinton Park, Tattershall

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Roadrunner Carz is a growing business offering taxi and private hire services to clients throughout the local area. The company, which is based in Coningsby (Lincoln), began trading in jan 2008 and has 3 years experience in the Travel and Tourism profession.
Roadrunner Carz has a satisfied network of clients, situated in and around Lincoln, including the city coucil, pubs, clubs and private clients.

Helping clients to get about throughout the year, the company provides businesses with a professional courier service. With reliable and capable staff, the service is designed to make travelling more reliable and affordable.

3 customer reviews

30 Nov 2013
I would not use this company again, we phoned up Friday afternoon and booked a taxi to take us home from tatershall country pub at 1130 that evening, at aps 10 past 11 I had a missed call and a txt message saying that the taxi had been waiting 10 min and could not wait any longer. I went outside but there was no taxi, phoned them up and was told eventually that there was a mix up and she had sent me that txt by mistake, I was assured at that time the taxi would still be there at 1130.

At 1145 my wife phoned the company to find out where it was and was told she would phone the driver to find out where he was. FInaly got a call at midnight to find that the driver had taken someone else in our car but there would be someone with us in the next 30-40 min.

We made alternative arrangements to get home and out of courtesy phoned them to let them know, when asked why we explained that it was not good enough to say that our taxi had been taken by someone else especially when it was in our name booked that afternoon and had our name and number and destination.

The women who spoke to my wife was very rude made it out to be our fault and just replied sarcastically when we told her we had got somebody more reliable whither yea what ever.
In my opinion the lack of communication the rude staff and very poor attitude towards customers is not except able by any means and I would suggest anybody booking with this company stay well clear and go with someone more reliable, respectful to customers. MR Johnson Metheringham.
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Company response : 6 years of happy customers occasionally it goes wrong funny when it does you end up up setting the ones that have got a lot to say. We are a small firm, offered a discount, 2 vehicles in a big county like lincolnshire things do occasionally go wrong, we have provided a night time service for many happy customers and upset a few. If only we were perfect like the people who slag us off.
10 May 2013
I needed a service to take my child to school because my health is getting bad and with the medication I am on, mornings are particularly bad for me.
Anyway roadrunners was available to use and this was meant to be a long term arrangement.
Unfortunately they were often late to turn up and made my child very late on a number of occasions.
One day they failed to show up and I had already taken my medication so risked having to take my child which made him late as we waited a reasonable length of time for them to come. When I came back from the school I phoned them up and spoke to a male who didn't know anything. He had no knowledge of my child's school run and no knowledge of anything except that all taxis were out so he told me that he would pass the information on that no one had come.
I expected a response but nothing even though they had my phone number.
I prepared myself the next day in case the taxi didn't show again and again the taxi failed to show for my child's school run so I took my child myself and have done ever since.
I have written asking for reasons why they stopped the service without warning and still have received no response at all.
My experience is that Roadrunners are unreliable, disorganised with little to no communication between them as a company or their clients.
Perhaps as you have responded to the last client that you accuse of lying then you can respond to me with some answers???
Also my child says that you would often pick him up, go back to your home, transfer him to another vehicle before taking him to school which is totally unacceptable. I look forward to your response!

About your response:
Thank you for responding. I am now very concerned. Your Manager is Debbie, yes? A person named Debbie made an arrangement with my Wife and I for Roadrunners to provide a taxi service for our child's school run.
We initially spoke to Debbie who said she could probably help and when she contacted us back she told us that if we didn't mind one of her trainee drivers taking our son until qualified then she could start taking our son when we wanted the service to start instead of waiting until this driver was qualified which we agreed to. We have had that lady driver whom you now inform me is unwell which I send my best wishes to only for a while and then it was a man who was picking our son up or the roadrunners mini bus. The only time a driver has been sent away was when the taxi arrived way too late and I had taken my child to school myself to avoid him being late. That was about 9:45am when the taxi arrived and our arrangement was for pick up at 8:20am There have been two occasions I have had to cancel a taxi and I phoned you both times at 7am to make sure that the service didn't turn up at the door and have a wasted trip when my child has been too unwell for school, the first time it was just a couple of days he had off and the second time it was a week he had off of school. These circumstances are unavoidable but we always informed you so it is a lie when you accuse us of turning a taxi away because our child wasn't being sent in that day because that never happened! I am worried as to why you are trying to distance yourself from being responsible for the service because that leads me to think, just who were you sending to pick my child up? I am also very offended that you are attacking my illness when you don't know what I have and what I have to take medication wise, you don't know me and you have never met me and with respect that means you can't compare me to your lady driver who you say is ill and isn't this all a bit unprofessional of you and playground stupidity. All I have done is express my view about the experience I have had regarding roadrunners but I am left thinking what is actually going on here? As for not having my number, considering Debbie has twice taken my details down and has been able to contact me at the beginning when we made the arrangement with you does contradict your claim that you didn't have my contact details. Also can I ask why Debbie hasn't actually been handling this as she is the manager and I don't even know who you are or what your role is. In comparison to the other person who wrote a review about you, up to now I had never experienced any issues with rudeness from Debbie but your response to me and attacking my illness is not what I expected and I have nothing to gain in writing this other than the fact that I guess your response will be read by other people here ... I wonder what they will think or this ?
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Company response : An answer O.K My wife explained that we were unable to provide this service for you but could find someone that would be prepared to take your child to school. Nothing to do with us, that is why the male you spoke to, me knew nothing of this arrangement. Very regularly this person that was taking your child showed up to be told your child wasn´t going in. The woman taking you is now more ill than you are and the phone no. you provided was the wrong number.
4 May 2013
I have used this company once, when I phoned up the lady on the phone was rude and arrogant, the driver they sent out was 30 minutes late with no apology whatsoever, i will never use these again.
Company response : A complete liar everyone who actually uses roadrunners know that the lady in question is never rude, an obvious liar.
Last Updated : 5 Mar 2009