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LaCie hard drive that failed due to overheating.  Many of LaCie's products are incredibly badly designed, with no consideration for cooling.  This, combined with the drives being packed so closely together is a recipe for data loss and disaster.
Damaged read/write head and slider from a failed Seagate Momentus drive supplied in earlier MacBook computers that failed in their droves.
Damaged platter from Seagate Momentus hard drive supplied by Apple in their earlier Macbooks, and which had an incredibly high failure rate.  These drives were generally not recoverable.
Microscopic photograph of platter scratch damage due to failed read/write heads and slider.
Maxtor delivers data suicide.  PCBs mounted right next to each other. The PCB typically gets hotter than any other part of the drive.
Burnt PCB from a drive that was in a LaCie housing with no cooling.
Catastrophic, non-recoverable hard drive damage.
One of our typical data recovery systems.

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Retrodata is a solid, established data recovery services company with a global client base, specialising in RAID data recovery. They recover data from all RAID storage devices. Other services provided are Windows server recovery, MS SQL Data recovery and MS Exchange Server. Retrodata work with all operating systems, and all file systems from Apple HFS to ZFS. A unique, bespoke Raid Recovery System developed by the company is capable of calculating parameters and extracting data from the most complex RAID storage media, and they regularly receive storage devices from other Data Recovery companies who have been unsuccessful.
Client data is treated with total confidentiality. With clients the likes of Merck Sharp and Dohme, the National Nuclear Corporation and the BBC, as well as Government and the Military, Retrodata maintain high levels of security.

Retrodata recover data from all NAS devices, including Buffalo LinkStation and TeraStation. Retrodata also provide comprehensive Data Conversion services, and are able to perform Dicom data conversion and recovery, as well as the rare multifile plus database recovery and conversion.

Retrodata has a formidable list of clients, Government departments include the NHS and the TDA.

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Last Updated : 3 Sep 2010