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Remap Science
Barnard Road
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Established in 1990, Remap Science has many years' experience in the engine tuning profession, and provides ECU remapping services to customers throughout Bradford and the whole of yorkshire. The company is located in Bradford.
Remap Science offers customers a custom tuned ecu remap for their vehicle, Remap Science remaps are all done in house and don't use any generic files.

With a team that includes many agents, Remap Science has professional staff to cater for your needs.

3 customer reviews

29 Oct 2013
Had a 'custom' remap carried out by this company 14/10/13 and it has been a disaster!

After being told on the phone that they could tune without changing the hardware within the ecu, when I got there they said they had made a mistake and had to replace a chip in the ecu.

Car ran terrible immediately after and a when booked back in they advised to change 2 things in the car. I carried out their instructions at great cost, time and effort only for the car to be the same!!

Now they wont return my calls or the person I need to speak to is never there!!

Based on my experiance I would avoid at all costs.
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19 Sep 2011
I have just had my audi done from these guys well pleased with the map and service and it was a custom map not a generic one and very nice guys 10 out 10.
30 Jun 2011
i had my vauxhall zafira 1.9cdti 150 remapped on Tuesday and it is awesome,power is increased and the town fuel economy has gone from 32mpg to 40mpg,well worth the money,brill Simon
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