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Established in 1990, Remap Science has many years' experience in the engine tuning profession, and provides ECU remapping services to customers throughout Bradford and the whole of yorkshire. The company is located in Bradford.
Remap Science offers customers a custom tuned ecu remap for their vehicle, Remap Science remaps are all done in house and don't use any generic files.

With a team that includes many agents, Remap Science has professional staff to cater for your needs.

4 customer reviews

NEW9 days ago
Took my Audi S3 1.8T here for a remap earlier this year… they had on offer at the time a 'custom' remap + rolling road runs for £250. Seemed like good value for money.
Upon getting there I seemed to be kept in the dark about anything that was going on… the car was given a few runs on the rolling road, I achieved 202bhp on the standard map (car should be 208bhp so not too bad for a 14 year old motor)… after the map was supposedly carried out I was given a sheet of laminated paper which showed new figures of 243bhp (funnily enough the exact bhp that a generic S3 remap should provide). Still… 41bhp is quite an increase and I was happy.

However, the car barely felt any different power wise. I tried getting back in touch with them but every time I did contact them I heard nothing back… If I called I was told the person was not available who carried out my map.

Since then, the car has never felt right… it seems to surge or be hesitant… very inconsistent to be honest. I've replaced various valves and sensors, at great expense I might add… only for there to be a minimal difference in the running of the car.
Today I've bought a unit which gives detailed, live statistics of the car and its performance, torque, boost levels etc… My Dad also has an Audi S3 1.8T which was remapped by a company local to us (but without a rolling road). I connected the unit to my Dads car and his is producing very close to the 240bhp that he was originally promised when he parted with his money. My own car however is managing just 208bhp, which when considering all the new valves / sensors I've had fitted the car is only just hitting what it should be on a standard ECU file.

My opinion…. The car was never remapped!
You don't get to see any screens from the waiting room that you 'MUST' wait in… you just get handed a sheet of laminated paper which shows a few lines going through a graph with numbers for torque and HP… but considering the car never felt any quicker after the map I'm inclined to believe it has never been tuned.

I have since booked my car in with a company from Hinckley, Leicestershire who come highly recommended… I'd like him to examine my original ECU before carrying out any work on it to determine for sure if any changes have even been made to it.

I would not recommend this company purely on the fact that you're completely kept in the dark, the maps are not 'custom' but generic files (a good custom map should achieve 250bhp+) and when you have a problem you get fobbed off.

Just for the sake of proving what this company is all about… I contacted them again using a different email address, enquiring about another car, on the same day I contacted them about my own car being rubbish to drive. I got a speedy response to my 'sales enquiry' but absolutely no reply to my after sales enquiry.

I would advise caution.
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29 Oct 2013
Had a 'custom' remap carried out by this company 14/10/13 and it has been a disaster!

After being told on the phone that they could tune without changing the hardware within the ecu, when I got there they said they had made a mistake and had to replace a chip in the ecu.

Car ran terrible immediately after and a when booked back in they advised to change 2 things in the car. I carried out their instructions at great cost, time and effort only for the car to be the same!!

Now they wont return my calls or the person I need to speak to is never there!!

Based on my experiance I would avoid at all costs.
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19 Sep 2011
I have just had my audi done from these guys well pleased with the map and service and it was a custom map not a generic one and very nice guys 10 out 10.
30 Jun 2011
i had my vauxhall zafira 1.9cdti 150 remapped on Tuesday and it is awesome,power is increased and the town fuel economy has gone from 32mpg to 40mpg,well worth the money,brill Simon
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