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Based in Warrington, Phil's School of Motoring provides motorcycle training from beginner to advanced to clients throughout Warrington. Formed in 2008 Phil has many years experience in the motorcycle training business.
With very high civilian graded qualifications friendly polite professional instructors, Phil's School of Motoring has an exceptional pass rate, and ready to add many more to that list.

The firm aims to supply individuals with a professional structured development course and has on-site facilities. The expert staff allow clients to develope exceptional riding skills. The services are intended to be relaxing and enjoyable every time.

The company is managed by Philip Dennis who has been involved in the motorcycle training for many years. Philip Dennis is more than able to take good care of the trainees, having previously trained to very high level of instructional techniques.

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DIA - Driving Instructor Association

8 customer reviews

5 Nov 2012
First of all I would like to thank Phil and Richard for their patient's in teaching me how to ride a bike. I had never been on a bike before or known anybody who had a bike. So it was quite nerve racking and all new to me when I first got on a bike. They were both very professional and over a short period of time they got me through my CBT, MOD 1 and then finally my MOD 2. They both helped me every step of the way and answered all my questions I had and also helped me in achieving my almost life long goal.
I'd also just like to thank Ste who put himself out and reunited myself with my document's on test day. I would have had to forfeit for test had it not been for Ste getting them to me so quickly.
Finally, I would definitely recommend Phil's school of Motoring to anyone who wants to learn how to ride a bike safely. Phil bend over backwards to accommodate me with lesson time's to suit my shift work, which was much appreciated.
I really enjoyed my experience and had a good laugh along the way.
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28 Oct 2012
Phil is an excellent instructor who knows how to get the best out of his students. I found him to be curteous, professional, and patient. I passed my cbt mod1 and mod2 with phil. I would like to thank Mr B and Richard for all their help and support. I would recomend phils school of motoring. He helped me achieve my dream.
25 Jun 2012
Can't praise Phil's teaching abilities enough, completed my CBT and have now moved up to a 500cc to continue my DAS training. His knowledge and the way it's put across to the student is exceptional (even though I was told I looked like something out of Exorcist while doing lifesavers! Keep up the good work pal.
15 May 2012
Very professional, excelent service, no messing around. 1st class.
28 Jul 2011
Very friendly, professional staff and service. Phil accommodated me for renewing my CBT at fairly short notice and even worked outside his normal operating hours in order to get me through it again before the expiry date of my first one. I will be using Phil's school again to do my full license and would recommend him to anyone who needs training on two wheels :-)Thanks Phil !
27 Jun 2010
Disappointing to see the first review. I was told when I booked that any anomolies would be non-refundable - at the end of the day, if training cannot be delivered then a space was wasted that could have been used by someone else.
I found the instructing style superb, hugely knowledgeable and covered far more than the minimum level required. I started in April on the Direct Access Scheme (CBT, Theory and Hazard Perception, Big Bike Module 1 followed by Big Bike Module 2) and passed them all first time with no faults in Mod 1 and only a couple of minors in Mod 2 - the examiner was suitably impressed and that's all down to Phil's expert tuition. Read More
23 May 2010
I turned up and paid cash £125

they told me my photocard was out of date
( it was ) but the counterpart was in date

They told me I could not have any money back and couldn't take my CBT
Was more interested in looking like the big man to his mates than looking after his customers.

In fact all I needed was a valid photo ID ie passport and my valid counterpart licence

another CBT centre is training me for a cheaper price next weekend
and without a valid photo ID card
using my passport as photo ID

THEFT, and frankly very poor knowledge of licensing requirements for someone supposedly training
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Company response : for starters it was not me but my cleegue you spoke to! and yes your licence was and is out of date.. it is and will always be your responsibility to keep it up date... the information we are given frm the DSA is that no training must be done with an out of date licence.. the card and the counterpart are issued at the same time and if one is out of date then so is the other... furhter more "I" am not a dishonest person just ask the countless people i have trained and see what they think it's not my fault you don't adhere to the rules like the rest of us...!
5 Mar 2009
I have just completed a enhanced rider scheme course with phil in snow, rain, cold, bad conditions.Despite these conditions i found his instructional manner,abilities,overall aproach and attidude to be of the highest standard as is his own riding skills which he convyed in a cheerfull way at all times. I would use phil again and highly recomend him to all other bikers or wanna be bikers. Learn the right way first time it saves lives especially yours, good luck bikers have fun!!!! thanks phil from dave. Read More
Last Updated : 7 May 2009