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Painted to celebrate a Golden Wedding anniversary
A portrait of a littl girl called Poppy.
A family portrait.
A corporate painting.
A celebrity portrait.
A landscape painted from a client's photograph.

Pendle Portraits
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Pendle Portraits provides a high quality personal and corporate portrait service to clients throughout the local area and beyond. The business, which is based in Burnley, has only just become an official business in 2011 but the owner, Dave Priestley, has many years of experience as an artist.
He generally works in oils on canvas ranging in size from 20"x16" (inch) upwards and although he specialises in commissioned portraiture, he also paints animals (particularly pets) still life and landscapes too. Unlike many portrait artists, Dave likes to work from photographs, which means there's no need for someone to sit still for hours on end.

A good quality personal portrait is a 'one of a kind' gift that will be loved and cherished by generations of people and often becomes a valued family heirloom, or, the unveiling of a corporate portrait of for instance a retiring CEO, chairman or longstanding business associate could tie in with a corporate event, or be used to generate PR.

If anyone is interested in having a portrait painted of a loved one, pet, boss, business associate, or even a personal portrait, or has a particular landscape scene they'd like painting, they should feel free to contact Dave to discuss their needs and his prices without any obligation. Obviously prices vary depending upon the size of the painting required and amount of work involved, For instance, something with a plain background won't take as long to paint, and will therefore be cheaper than something with a complicated background and portraits of smooth skinned children tend not to take as long as portraits of the elderly who often have much more details to paint on their faces and hands.

Please note, it's always best to allow at least 3 months for delivery of the painting. A standard 20"x16" canvas with a fairly simple background takes around one to two weeks to complete and obviously larger paintings take longer, but oil paints take a long time to dry, and if a varnished finish is required the painting needs to be completely dry first.

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