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Paul Bryan Hair Salon
Asprey House, Sta Georges Terrace
Newcastle upon Tyne

Mon - Sat: 9.00-5.30   Sun: Closed   
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Paul Bryan Hair Salon is a premier hair salon that provides unsurpassed service and style to clients throughout the country. The UK salon, which is located in Jesmond (Newcastle Upon Tyne), was set-up in october 94, following Paul's rapid sucess working with both John frieda and Nicky Clarke, using the unique cutting system he was trained in, Pauls' creative team aim to deliver sheer brilliance in hairdressing everytime.
They have a satisfied customer base that are situated in and around Newcastle Upon Tyne, including local footballers, TV personalities and people who just want great hair.

The company provides high quality hair care through the regional salon exclusive of Seah, also Paul has his own range which features the renowned sos styler. Use the sos to boost volume, create style, smooth or curl, the product is essential for anyone who wants to take control of their hair and can apply to clean wet hair before styling. The products are available currently from the salon but they are about to be launched at retail in 2007.

5 customer reviews

20 Aug 2011
Ihave tried every top salon in newcastle and couldnt quite find anyone to give me the cut or colour i wanted.These people actually take the time to listen to you and guess what i got exactly what i wanted.Paul cut my hair and leanne done the colour,i felt like a million dollars when i walked out that salon,thankyou sooooo much,ile definately be back and will recommend to my friends
Newcastle upon Tyne
24 Jan 2011
Couldn't disagree with the guy below more. I am a third year student myself, tried out the salon for the first time today on recommended from my housemate. The service was great and the cut was superb. I will be booking myself in again for my next cut.
Newcastle upon Tyne
16 Jan 2011
Had my hair cut there the first time on the recommendation of a friend from uni.

The guy who cut my hair was nice enough, had a good chat with him. But I'm pretty certain that he had no idea what he was doing when it comes to cutting hair.

I normally have it short on the back and sides and have it long and thick on the top. I tell him not to take it up too high and he decides to bring the razor all the way up to the top of my forehead and half-way up my crown instead of slightly below like every other barber/hairdresser I've had in my 22 years of life. So I've got a tuft of hair sticking up where my crown is.

As he chops away at the rest of my hair, it isn't so bad until after I had left and noticed afterwards that he also had no idea how to cut a fringe! My fringe tends sway towards the left. After my haircut I noticed that the left side of my fringe was pretty much shaved short like my sides, whereas the right side was a good 2 inches longer! It wasn't even evenly cut, it was like a zigzag so I can't even have my fringe down the way I normally do. I'm going to have to wait a good month or so for it to grow out and then cut it again to make it even!

Absolutely horrendous place to get your hair cut for guys.

Turns out, quite a few other lads who have gotten their cut there have had similar problems. If only I'd heard from them first, I'd have stuck to the good old barbers near Tesco.

I have really thick hair, so it takes a really bad attempt at a haircut to mess it up and somehow I managed to pay £20 for the liberty! I'm not adverse to paying good money for a good hair cut (such as Mops and T&G in the city centre), but paying good money for a horrendous haircut?

I don't normally write reviews for places I like, nevermind places I dislike. But for the sake of Paul Bryan's hairdresser, I'll make an exception. I've had bad haircuts in the past, none were as bad as this one.
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18 Oct 2009
I have just returned home after having my hair cut and blow dryed by paul bryan,I felt the whole experince was exceptional high standard from arriving to walking out feeling amazing my hair has never looked so good I will deflintly be returning to paul as he did a fantastic re-style which made me feel ten years younger.
Newcastle upon Tyne
3 Aug 2009
I have been having my hair cut at this salon for about 15 years. Exceptional style all round. Always have a good cut and style - Very professional - Staff very friendly. Beautiful salon. Advice on how to care for your style given which always helps when you get home. New range of products - My hair has never looked better. Will not be changing salon anytime soon!
Last Updated : 5 May 2007