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With an office in Coleshill (Birmingham), Parrotlink and Xotic Birds provide hand reared baby parrots to customers throughout the UK. Established in 1989 they are breeders and rearers of birds with more than 20 years of experience in the parrot breeding sector. They are actively involved in the conservation of parrots in the wild. They often hold fund raising events and if customers are interested in attending one of these events please let them know.
With a highly skilled staff with a wealth of experience to refer to. They have a highly qualified professional team who have been schooled in bird training in the USA by Steve Martin of Natural Encounters. They are qualified bird behaviourists and are recommended by the Zoo veterinary group.

Parrotlink and Xotic Birds have a large network of clients, based throughout the UK and abroad. These include celebrity clients and foreign royalty.

1 customer review

25 Jan 2010
The baby macaw we bought was beautiful really cuddly. He did take a couple of days to adjust when we took him home but he has settled in and is really beautiful. Thanks so much for Jason. Jenny Long
Last Updated : 15 Apr 2010