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Neil Williams at his Rhuddlan clinc

Park Therapy
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Based in Rhuddlan (Rhyl), Park Therapy provides remedial/sports massage treatments to clients throughout the north wales area.
Treatments are available for sports injuries, back problems such as sciatica, joint problems such as frozen shoulder, arthritic conditions and many other muscular skeletal conditions.
Park Therapy, Rhuddlan Clinic is ran by Neil Williams who was trained at The Northern Institute of Massage and is a member of The National Association of Massage and Manipulative Therapists. Neil is part of the Park Therapy group started by his father Barry Williams nearly 20 years ago.

Park Therapy treatments utilize Massage, Electrotherapy, Muscle Energy Techniques and Mobilizations to help reduce pain, increase mobility and improve quality of life.
Last Updated : 29 Mar 2010