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Based in Bedminster (Bristol), Bristol airport parking provides airport parking and transfer services to the public for Bristol International Airport. The company has many years of experience in the airport parking business.
Park and Fly Bristol have exclusive facilities for parking near Bristol Airport at cheap and competitive rates. As a family run business with many years of experience in all aspects of travel, Bristol airport parking ltd have identified the need for a more efficient, more effective car parking service for travelers from Bristol Airport.

Helping customers to save money throughout the year, the company supplies the general public with a professional parking facility for Bristol International airport. With fast transfers and friendly personnel, the service is intended to make the client's journey as stress free as possible.

The company has an expanding customer base, situated throughout the UK, including wales and the southwest.

6 customer reviews

4 Aug 2014
Disappointed with the care they exercised over my car and then the lack of interest when I pointed out the damage they had inflicted. The service to be fair, was OK and we paid for the pick up drop off arrangement. I did not pay for then to abuse the vehicle and allow it to be damaged. They owe a duty of care and that duty was broken. If your car is damaged and you complain, like me, you will probably be offered a small bank transfer payment to keep you sweet. Don't trust them, it will not arrive! A small claim through the County Court is the route I'm now having to embark upon to get my car restored to the condition it was in when I left it with them. Read More
23 Jun 2014
Photo uploaded by John BradshawBristol Park and FLY aka WCP - DO NOT USE!!

Arrived back to Bristol airport on Tues 17th June 2014. I had left my car with Bristol Park and Fly or otherwise known as WCP Bristol Airport Parking. When they collected my car, they checked it over for damage and signed to agree all was good. The car is a 2 year old Range Rover Evoque.

On my return, I rang them when I had collected my bags and they were there within 10 minutes with my car. Before the driver, who was Polish left me, I insisted on checking the car over. To my horror, I found a scratch which was not there prior to them taking my car away. I pointed this out to the driver. He told me to take a photo and email it together with my compalint to info@parkandflybristol I would then get a reply within 24 hours.

A week has gone by and I have not received a reply, despite sending the email twice again. I have rung up every day and the person answering tells me that he is only the receptionist and it needs to be dealt with by either the manager or owner. When I ask for a telephone number for the owner or manager, I am told they don't have one.

Be aware of using this company.
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26 Aug 2012
If you are coming from the south its so far away from the airport, added 30mins to our driving time. This would of been fine but customer service terrible, first phone call ok, but on return operater was rude and unhelpful. When car was picked up they just said its over there but didnt know how to get to over there!! Would never use again even though they were slightly cheeper.
14 May 2012
Photo uploaded by Celia AndersonCheap but you get what you pay for. Had to wait longer than promised on my return to the airport and on my return my car was absolutely plastered in bird mess (See Photo) Staff were rude and uninterested.
22 Nov 2011
We left our car here for 5 days in September 2011, and initially thought that the price quoted was very reasonable.
However the car park is some distance from the airport, and the transfer process slow. They don't like to send the transfer bus with only one customer, and as we had a flight to catch and needed to leave quickly, we were faced with chasing around the site trying to get the driver for the bus to hurry up.
Upon our return we found that there was clear damage to the passenger door of our car. We reported this to reception, without mentioning exactly where the damage was on the car, only for the staff to walk to the exact spot on the car and inspect it.
The receptionist advised us to report the damage by email, and provide photos.
We did this, only for them to completely refute any responsibility for the damage, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
We were also rather concerned to find that the odometer had been reset on the vehicle, why would this be done?
Don't use this place..... ever!
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18 Apr 2010
Having used Park and Fly for the first time, we were initially pleased that they were easy to find with SatNav, were booked in quickly and smoothly and transfered to Bristol Airport quickly.

The problem was with our return. We booked the Park and Fly and the card we were given for ringing when we returned also stated Park and Fly. We rang the number given and were told that the bus would be 20 minutes, which was fine and they took our name. We were looking out for our pick up and missed the bus because their branding was very unclear.

My wife noticed the Park and Fly name ONLY in the smaller black domain name as the bus left but the large clear logos were for Flight Service Station. I rang and asked what the bus looked like and was told it had a blue airplane on it and they confirmed that the Flight Service Station bus was our bus. The operator said they would try to turn the driver around but they didn't call back and we actually waited for nearly 40 minutes before we were picked up. When the driver arrived he said that he noticed us there the first time but he obviously thought nothing of it. I explained to him that the bus wasn't clearly marked and he didn't apologise.

When we returned to the yard I brought this up with a gentleman there who said "well we are Flight Service Station" to which I replied that the booking and cards they issue with the contact number (for calling them at the airport) all say Park and Fly not Flight Service Station.

They didn't seem that bothered and didn't apologise either.

We weren't the only people who made this mistake, another lady with us did too and I don't think we were the first or will be the last to make the mistake.

If you're going to book with this company make sure you ask what their pick up bus looks like (when you ring to be collected) or look out for a Flight Service Station logo with a blue plane (logo on bonnet and sides).

Oh and when I went to my car, it was in an area that was coned off and I had to move the cones myself because none of their staff were around to do it.
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