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New King Street Breakers
Royal Street
Stoke on Trent

Mon - Sat: 9.00-5.30   Sun: Closed   
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Based in Stoke on Trent, New King Street Breakers Ltd break most cars and light commercial vehicles from 1985 - 2004.
The company also provides 24-hour recovery services in the Staffordshire area and use couriers to deliver spare parts across the country. Additional services include welding, mechanical repairs, accident repairs, salvage and spare part dispatch.

11 customer reviews

30 Mar 2013
Rung in this morning to ask for a part was told they have it in, been there waited for a few hours before stating its wrong part charged me money upfront no refund givin absolutly a nightmare very aggresive boss threatening I will have to send some lads down to show who I really am.
St. Helier
9 May 2012
I wish every body was as honest and friendly as this team they tried very hard to help me out and I would have no problems to get in touch again in the future, thanks keith.
21 Nov 2011
I recently contacted Lisa at New King Street Breakers regarding a used VW gearbox they had. I had several questions regarding the gearbox she answered promptly and honestly. She also made several phone calls on my behalf to find out if it was the exact box we needed. I gave her details for a £20 deposit to hold the gearbox over the weekend until we could find more info. Unfortunately I have had to cancel the request because there is more wrong with our car than we first thought. Lisa's attitude however was excellent, she understood, did not take the deposit and I have no hesitation in recommending them for their honesty and helpfulness Read More
30 Sep 2011
I bought an engine recently from here. The price was excellent, Lisa is charming and a delight to deal with, the goods arrived next day as promised all well packaged and labelled. First class service and given my wife's driving, i will definitely be dealing with New King Street Breakers some day soon.
9 Feb 2011
New Kings Street Breakers were the worst providers that I have ever dealt with. I needed to get a lock set for my car. Initially, when I phoned the woman she advised me to get a full lock set,and with the advice of my mechanic I did so for �70.00 instead of �40.00. However, when the set came it was incomplete and the mechanic could not use it, as my car had to be fixed urgently as it was unlocked he used alternative means. I then phoned them to explain, I was abused, shouted at, the phone was put down and I was accused of tampering with the goods. They have been awful to deal with, they reluctantly agreed a refund, and I complained about the awful service to 1st choice and was unable to resolve. I have been sending letters and emails which were ignored. I have sent the parts back, had to pay the cost to send it and was phoned to say they will not refund the �70.00. I would advise anyone reading this, do NOT use this company, they have extremely bad service and do not value their customers whatsoever. I am now in the process of taking this further, but have learnt my lesson !! REALLY BAD SERVICE AND REFUSED A REFUND AFTER PARTS SENT BACK !! Please do not make the same mistake ! Read More
20 Dec 2010
Rang new king street breakers for a pair of front calipers on thursday morning which i was told had to be removed from the car. I wasnt confident on the delivery due to the bad snow weather throughout the uk. However planes have stopped flying trains have stopped running. But my part came in two days which im delighted with. But bare in mind this breakers company had removed the part in the snow and temperture below 0 and went to the couriers to send. Now thats what i call a fantastic service keeping the likes of me on the road.

subaru dave

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11 Aug 2010
This is very good company despite the negatives i have read i bought from this company twice and both times received an excellent service dealt with a lady called lisa and also the 2nd time dealt with a gentleman called mick they were helpfull, professional and my parts arrived on time and they were all correct parts would definately buy from this company again.
23 Jul 2010
I bought a engine of this company i spoke to a womon who was very helpful at first.She promised to send me photos and video footage of the milage and engine running.I paid by credit card £445 and everythink changed
she could'n prove me the milage has the clocks were all of a sudden removed and she said we cant start the engine.she said that engine was a very good engine and once its in your car it will work.she said i will exstend the waranty for an extra two months and send u the invoice to say its done 57000k miles.They deliverd it and started work with my machanic with 18years exsperance.we changed fly-wheel,clutch,timing belt,spark plugs,oil filter,fanbelt and so on.costing me over £300 and hierda engine hiest more money.we fitted the engine that cost me to pay my machanic £300for two and half days. The engine would not start , ive rang them and they dont want to know.No invoie No collecting engine nothinkthis company is very very poor in there services Read More
14 Jul 2010
Excellent service matched my engine codes and delivered on time the right engine defo by from this company again!.
26 May 2010
We bought the gear box from them they send us the gear box 2 days later and it WAS NOT working. They took too long to take back the box nearly 3 weeks, so i booked my own delivery and send it back. They just wasted my time about 4weeks and they wasted my money, i had to pay my mechanic £300 for putting the gear box from NEW KING STREET BREAKERS which was not working. And i had to book my own delivery to send back the box to them which cost me £50. They Knew that the gear box was wrong but they send it to me and i had to spent for nothing £350 of their fault. They could not box back because i think they was waiting until the warranty finishes. VERY BAD SERVICE VERY BAD PRODUCT. Read More
22 Apr 2010
My order was places on the wed morning,and on the thurs morning i was fitting the part,that is what i call service,the price was very reasonable,so i would certainly buy from them again.
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