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Needle FX Piercing and Tattoo Studio
7/9 Ferdinand Street
Camden Town

Mon - Sun: 10:00-22:00
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Established in 2008, Needle FX owners and crew have many years' experience in the body piercing and tattooing profession, with the focus on providing body piercing, tattooing and others to a diverse range of customers within the local area. The studio is based in the heart of Camden Town (London).
It has very passionate professionals working in. That undertake any kind of job. From custom ideas to more standard jobs.

Using only the highest quality materials and technics from jewellery and ink to needles and tools, as well as operating hospital grade sterilisation.

Needle FX has a professional team, qualified in the art of body piercing and tattooing.

The studio creates diverse art works that are custom made to fit every personal needs of the person getting the work done. The products feature safe and high quality materials, making them appropriate for any person even with delicate skin, and they are available any time all together with full aftercare, advice and information any time before, during and after the process.

Needle FX has an expanding customer base, located in and around London, including regular customers and visitors from all over the planet.

5 customer reviews

4 Mar 2010
When I first went to Needle fx was in january 2009. I went to have my clavicles done with surface bars. They got well very quick in a month the main freshness was gone and after 3 months was completely healed. Manu the piercer works very finely. He does customize the bars for each customer. Takes all the time in the world to be sure everything is as it should be before even thinking in start the procedure. When everyone is happy with the results he starts.
Every part of the procedure is undertaken with extreme hygiene and systematical methods. From opening the tools until disposing of them. And always with a very helpful and understanding ways.
Since then I came back to Needle fx to get 2 wrist microdermals implants (may 2009), vertical bridge (aug 2009) and my last acquisition 3 microdermal implants from under my belly going down towards my pubic area (jan 2010). It feels like I haven't left the studio since I started going there. If is not for my own check-ups is to make company to some friend that is getting something done. I like it.
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18 Feb 2010
When I went there I really feel good with the people I speak to I can't remember his name (sorry dude) anyway was very nice. He really make me feel at ease. He did my piercing very quick and precise even doing it freehand. It healed up pretty quickly as well. Very happy with the whole lot.
14 Feb 2010
I was in Needle FX last christmas.
I had done a scarification by Manu.
It is an M.C. Escher geometric design on my legs.
I'm very happy with the work he did and how it has turn out.
Manu was very handy he explained everything about the experience.
Also how to take care of it and give me his full support over the healing time.
Definitely I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good place to have their artwork done.
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12 Feb 2010
I went to needle fx last summer. I had my nipples and scaffold pierce in there (in 2 different occasions). Manu it's a cool dude very passionate and knowledgeable about was he does. My piercings were heal in a matter of 3 months. And I'm getting a corset for this Valentines Torture Garden special. I already book my appointment with Manu... Naughty weekend...
18 Sep 2008
Hi there.
I was in Camden Town this weekend, I was walking around looking for someplace to make my surface piercing in the collar bones and a dermal implant in the clevage. I found a lot of choice out there but some of them were overpriced like the studio just before them and i didn't trust them or any other around.
The atmosphere is quite chill they are working just two people that own the studio. They werent in a rush for getting my money, like it appeared to me in the others studios. The piercer ,Manu, showed me his portfolio and talked to me through all the time i was there( I have many piercings already but every time i feel the same knot in my belly) Helping me decide the place to do it.
After we both were happy with the placement, he start making the custom bars in ptfe. After sterilize them we did it was incredible soft hand, much better than i thought at the beginning. And the result has been very good . I'm very happy with my new "friends" i hope they stay there for long time. And definetly i'll be back to needle fx.
Thanks guys. Lol
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