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Psychic Nights
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A delighted lady at one of Roz's demonstrations of Mediumships
'Psychic Night' ~ Roz hosting one of her 'live' shows!
Here to relay messages from loved ones
Another surprised member of the audience!
Roz can be so funny!
Psychic Night
One of Roz's latest written reviews (Dec 2012) from the lovely Brenda (Burgess Hill)
Thank you card from a lovely lady called Angela from Littlehampton/Sussex
This fantastic photo was taken deep inside Clapham wood! This is a Norman soldier sent to protect us while in the wood investigating - Very spooky indeed!!
This is Albert - He worked on the land in and around Clapham village

Medium Roz
BN11 2QY

Mon - Fri: 10:30-18:00   Sat: 10:30-16:30   Sun: Closed   

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Psychic Medium Roz provides memorable 1 to 1 sittings/readings in person, group/party bookings and web-cam sittings for clients who live too far away, be it in the U. K or Worldwide. Roz also hosts her very popular Psychic Night events (demonstrations of mediumship) to the general public.
Roz is based in Worthing near the city of Brighton on the south coast of England.

Roz's clients are from all walks of life. Her sittings are held in strict confidence. For 18 years and over.

Medium Roz recognises the new EU legislation for psychics, tarot consultants and clairvoyants.

Please read her many reviews to help you decide.

IMPORTANT :- To book a sitting or to ask for availability please call Roz Tel: 07895 999095 ~ If Roz is unavailable please leave your details/text and Roz will call you back!

For Roz's full Terms and Conditions, please go to http://psychicmediumroz. Com.

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Psychic Night ~ Demonstration of Mediumship
Mind Body Spirit Fayre - 12/10/2014
Psychic Night nr Littlehampton

212 customer reviews

10 Aug 2014
Meet Roz for the 1st time, lovely lady and very talented. Really happy with my sit, scarily accurate loved it and would highly recommend xx.
Great Yarmouth
9 Aug 2014
I have had a couple of readings from Roz and both times, I couldnt believe how spot she was. She coukd no way have known ANYTHING of what she was telling me because she didnt know me at all or any of my family. Plus the things she was telling me, I didnt even know until after the reading and that is when I asked my mum etc and found out that Roz was actually spot on. I was definitely a sceptic beforehand but I am most definitely not now.
My sister had just died 2 days ago and at first, my sister didnt want to come through. Roz said that it is because she had only just died but when she did, my sister told Roz alot of stuff and its only been 2 days since she passed away. I cannot honestly believe how accurate she was with EVERYTHING. I am so unbelievably gobsmacked by Roz's ability that when I finally kick the bucket…. I will be visiting Roz to hopefully relay my messages to my loved ones.100% recommend Roz…she is THE BEST.
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4 Aug 2014
Fantastic and so accurate! Has definitely answered many questions.
2 Aug 2014
Had an amazing reading with Roz. I must admit that I was a bit sceptical at the start, but Roz connected with me amazingly well. She provided me with accurate information about what has happened in my past, and gave me plenty to think about for my future. I would certainly recommend Roz, she is fantastic! ??
24 Jul 2014
last year we went to see Roz at the lancing center and we were very impressed, unfortunately there was a group of 6 people who spoiled the whole experience for us with there drinking and constant chatter until they were being called by roz then nobody could get a word in, going back last night 23rd wed, we arrived at 7 10 to be greeted by the same people at the bar , we took our seats in the 3rd row ,15 minuets later a lady from this party told us to move as the seats were reserved for them by the man on the door we refused. He came and asked other people to move which they duly did the show started but so did the group of people chitter chatter all night except when roz was speaking to them then, it was the same as last time plus, the smell of the drink was quite nauseating. Enjoyed the show very much but not the group who again managed to spoil the night for us. So sorry for the revue but when roz is in flow people should keep quite could this be looked into as other people also were heard to remark about it. If seats are reserved please put a sign on them. Read More
Company response : Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention.
I'm so sorry you had a negative experience in my 'Psychic Night' with other members of the audience....I do ask that alcohol be kept to a minimum in my public demonstrations and that people be quiet for others to hear what I say.
In my next 'Psychic Night' I will make it very clear that members of the audience have respect for others and that if anybody has a complaint they should please go and speak to Chris on the door so he can have a quiet word with the people in question.
Please note: Reserved tickets for seats paid for, for late comers, will be available at the door.
Roz x
27 Jun 2014
Photo uploaded by Christopher FrecknallAbsolutely amazed by Roz, her manner is charming I felt so relaxed and at home within minutes.
The reading was so accurate that it has re enforced my belief that we do indeed all meet up at the end of our lives and meet our loved ones again. Roz made contact with my dear old Mum and she gave Roz so much information about me that was 100% accurate.
My visit to Roz was in the hope that she may have been able to contact the wonderful son that I lost just before Christmas, although that didn't happen the reading was incredible, she was told many things about me and my life by my Mum that were so exact and correct. I spent nearly one and a half hours with Roz and it just flew by, I was totally amazed. If you want to have a reading I would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone wanting to boost their belief in life after death. Since my visit I feel so much happier knowing that I will see all those that have passed befor me again at the end of my life. Roz said that my son just isn't ready to come through yet and I believe that to be the case as everything else was so very accurate.
Sorry if this is a bit of a mess, I'm just about to go to work. But yes ! Roz will amaze you.
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7 May 2014
I visited roz on the 5-5-14. The reading was brought for me as a gift as something I have never done before, I entered into this with a open believing and non believing attitude, roz only knew my first name, had never met me before, a true total stranger. Firstly I must thank her for her welcoming, relaxed and very friendly enviorment, had a nice tea, sitting in her front room on the couch, very relaxed and carrying person, as for the reading? She told me all my friends names, where I grew up, my farther who has passed, told me about his friends, major events in our lives not even my closest friends know, how he passed, where, the date, the people and events roz told me about, even to my first car, left me amazed and emotional by the comments, I have so many things I could continue to say, but based on the fact she only knew my first name, I leave with nothing but faith and confidence in her ability, she is a truly genuine carrying and amazing person, I would recommend anyone with a faith in the ability, also anyone who is sceptical to try, be amazed and leave as I did, full of every possible feeling along with amazement. I would like to thank rozagain and very much look forward to my next sitting. Thank you. Stuart. Read More
3 May 2014
I had a reading with roz recently. She was so lovely and made me feel comfortable as I was very nervous as never been before, she was brilliant and brought a lot of comfort to my family. Will defintely be recommending her. Thanks Roz.
2 May 2014
Had a medium party (6people) we were all well and truly blown away with the accuracy and the details Roz gave us. A lot of us got the closure we needed.
She turned an anxious atmosphere into a warm comforting atmosphere and didn't rush any of us (at times emotional). Didn't rush to do a reading for everyone just took her time and was patient with us and the spirits.
Such a lovely lady, easy to talk to and listen to. Would highly recommend her to anyone she is amazing. Read More
30 Apr 2014
Absolutely amazing reading, spot on. Roz has an amazing gift :).
1 Apr 2014
A lovely, sweet lady with a special gift for us to benefit from. I have had readings before, but I quickly realized that Roz was like no other medium I had ever met. I felt totally at ease with her, - almost like I had known her before. The value for money was exceptional, and was way above my expectations. I have already recommended her to members of my family.
30 Mar 2014
I visited Roz shortly after Christmas Day in 2013 and was surprised to discover such a real, warm and caring person. I was feeling a bit uneasy at first, not sure what to expect, but as she explained what she did, and how it worked, I started to feel at ease and the room I was in just began to feel spiritual. I felt that I was in the hands of an expert, like when boarding a plane, and listening to a captain reassure passengers before takeoff. She began to paint a picture of me and those around me, and I had the feeling that there were a whole load of entities there in the room, assisting her. I had never experienced anything like this before. Some things she said really hit home, while others didn’t at all and when I pointed this out, Roz insisted what she was saying was relevant to me. After the session, I relaxed more, and we chatted. It was then that some of the stuff she said that seemed blurry suddenly came into focus. Roz went out of her way to help me and I really appreciate it. If you’re unsure about something, or just want to find some meaning to something that’s happening in your life, see Roz and I’m sure she’ll put your mind at ease. Read More
16 Mar 2014
I had a reading and most of my reading was spot on, somethings I couldnt make sense of, but that is prob becacuse some ppl had passed that I didnt know, she make me really welcome like an old freind, would recomed her totally,.
Great Yarmouth
7 Mar 2014
I think Medium Roz is a very good medium. I had a private reading with her followed up the next evening with a party booking of 10 people. I recommend Roz to anybody that wants to have a private reading as I have seen her bring comfort to others. Her service is 100%. I will definately book her again for a private reading in the future.
Great Yarmouth
1 Mar 2014
I had my first ever one to one with Roz this week on the same day as my friend Caroline. I had been to a few Medium ship evenings before and was not very impressed with most of what I witnessed. Roz was different, I felt very at ease from the off and Roz was very accurate , I have never had a reading before but the first time I saw Roz I knew I would be having this reading with her, she is a good, wise, caring soul who does this for all the right reasons, so glad that my family choose Roz to make our connection and overjoyed that my friend Caroline had a good sitting also. I know how important this was to her. X Ronnie. Read More
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